Thursday, October 9, 2014

Home, Again

This is not Elder Orchard's latest letter home.  This is his mom:(.  On Monday I got a call from Elder Orchard asking what time would be convenient for me to pick him up from the MTC.  I was disappointed to say the least but after his letter last week I knew this was the direction we were headed.

This super awesome group of missionaries walked him to the car.  They inherited him a week ago when his district headed out to their intended destinations.  They were a great support and strength to Elder Orchard.  He mentioned how nice they all were and how they fasted together last Sunday for  his knee to be healed.

While at the MTC they did x-rays and an MRI.  Both came back normal but the knee was sore, swollen and not getting any better.  On Friday, Douglas was given crutches to get around.  On Monday night he was released as a missionary.

Tuesday we met with an orthopedic surgeon.  He reread the MRI and believes that everything is structurally sound.  The possible problems are either a strained MCL which will heal without surgery or a knee cap pulled to the side which may heal or not.  There's always the chance that something is torn and is not showing up on the MRI.  That does happen but we are optimistic that is not the case.  He prescribed 2 weeks of physical therapy and that felt like the right plan of action so we started that right away.  Although Doug's knee is sore from the hard work, he has made significant progress in his ability to walk.  He is no longer using crutches and walks without a limp...that just after 2 therapy sessions.

Things are pointing to a quick recovery.  We continue to pray for Heavenly Father's guidance and spirit for us and for Douglas.  I have no doubt he will lead us along if we rely on him.  I hope to resume posting letters from my missionary soon!

Friday, October 3, 2014

STILL at the MTC

My P-day changed to Friday.  My new unit number is 358.  With all of the moves I have made it is just like I am practicing for transfer day in the mission field.  The plan for if I go to Mexico is I will leave a week from Monday if I am able.  The doctor told me on Tuesday that we were going to give it another week.  I go back on Tuesday and if there is no change in pain and symptoms I will be sent home.  Part of the concern is that I fail all the physical tests for an MCL and Meniscus tear so that's one of the big problems.  He said the MRI's are not always correct and so that's why there is this delay.  The doctor upped my medication and it should have helped but hasn't.  If I go home then I am supposed to take it easy for two weeks and then if nothing is getting better I will have to have surgery (the scope) on my knee.  I am having faith, I have gotten blessings and now it is just waiting.

I am repeating my classes again but starting at week four.  That means I will have done everything in the MTC twice.  My companions are good and we get along.  One is from Orem and one is from California.  It is weird because I sleep with one district but I go to class with another.  That is just how things work out space wise.  It is crappy to think I have been here as long as the Asian speakers and I have been making the joke that I am just going to start learning a new language every few weeks but I am still here just plugging along!

So this week has been totally crazy!  Factor in all the moving that I have done now.  It is like I have already done my first set of transfers.  I will, yet again, be moving into another room, probably on Monday so this is a lot of packing and unpacking!

Sunday we had the opportunity to listen to Elder Allen and everyone loved him.  He was really funny but really spiritual and he was definitely a crowd pleaser.  I guess he spoke just like five weeks ago and everyone loves him.  One really cool thing that happened this week was when I found my new teacher.  He had subbed for us before and I didn't really think he had the best Spanish.  I was pretty judgmental even though I shouldn't have been.  I was upset when I found out he was my teacher.  However, he had me be an investigator so he could demonstrate teaching and I felt the spirit so strongly in his lesson!  It completely changed the way I felt about him and it was definitely mind opening and something I needed.

I'm a little bummed out because missionaries get to sing at conference and since I was supposed to leave I didn't fill something out saying I wanted to be a part but now that would have been a nice thing to do I am thinking!  Funny enough, I got the same investigator for TRC and so she was pretty excited and confused when I walked in but all in all it was really cool.  I am trying to keep a good spirit and just keep trekking on while here and looking for people in my new district that I can help in some way.  You guys all have a good week and I will talk to you again next Friday!

Elder Orchard