Wednesday, July 27, 2016

An Amazing Temple Trip

Alright well this week flew by just like every week!!  I didn't take any pictures sorry but it is okay!  It was a really good week we tried to work hard and we saw tons of benefits!  We contacted a bunch the second half of last week and so we were able to see the blessings the first part of this week!!

Tuesday we were on Divisions with the Zone leaders from Los Reyes.  We had lots of good plans to find some people and our goal was to contact a lot with them!  They kind of struggle contacting so we were really really focused on helping them with that!  So we headed out and we sure were able to kill it!!  We had a really good day! My comp ended up finding 8 news and so he killed it and I was able to put a fecha that we were really stoked about! He was a guy that has had an amazing change and would love to get baptized now! He has come a long way!!  Here in a few more weeks and he should be baptized!

Wednesday we were able to find another seven news! It was a super rewarding day! We have been working as hard as we possible can and we are seeing all sorts of benefits!  we were also able to get some good contacts done and all sorts of good stuff like that before heading into the offices so that we could go to the temple with the people that are finishing their mission!  It was fun to see all the people that I have been with for so long So that was good!

Thursday we went to the temple.  It was such a good experience!

I felt the spirit really strong and had an amazing time there!  It really helped us to keep working so hard!!  Then we went to lunch and that was good! We went to a buffet and so that was good for me to gain a bunch of weight again!

Then we went and had a testimony meeting which went really good!  All in all was a really spiritual day!

Friday we had mission council and that went good! Pres had to leave half way through and so we were in charge for most of the time! We were really able to talk about all sorts of good things that our mission needs! We really need to find more news as a mission and so we talked a lot about that and we have put some goals to try and find a lot more people here in the next little bit of time that we have!  We are hoping to see lots of changes here! We are working hard and hope the missionaries can see that! We were also able to put another fecha today!  

Saturday we had another amazing day! We were able to start off by putting two fechas with a family that we had found last week!  We have had some amazing lessons the past little while! We have seen our area change from not having anything to having a little more than before! WE also had some english classes and found a super cool Family! The only problem is at one point in the lesson the mom looked at her husband and then just started yelling that he was satan and so it was super awkward! Other than that though everything was good!  Wish it could have turned out better than that but sometimes it doesn't! 

Things are looking really good here though! I am super happy and we are just working hard trying to see some blessings!  We have sure seen a bunch but we know that there are many many more people here in our area that we need to help!  One cool thing from this week is we had everything fall one morning and my comp felt impressed to go with a family that we had contacted!  Well we had just contacted the boy one Friday he said we could go on Saturday but then we couldn't find him again! Well he felt impressed to go I said I trust you lets do it and also got some spiritual confirmation! The likelihood of everything working out was really really slim!  It was a 13 year old boy that we had contacted and the chance that his parents will let him was just too bad!  We get there and the grandma comes to the door and says oh come in! It was a cool lesson and they are planning on presenting us to their family this week to meet the rest of them! They seem chosen but I guess we will see how it goes from here!!

Have a great week! 


Elder Orchard

Friday, July 22, 2016

Some Legal Problems, A Baptism and We Overhead Plans for a Robbery!

Well this week was a pretty long week that is for sure!  We really worked really hard and we saw lots of lots of blessings! We worked really really hard that is for sure! We worked all week and we contacted a bunch!  We had some legal problems!  We had some interesting conversations!  It was great.

Tuesday we did divisiones with the zone leaders from Ixtapaluca 2.  We had a good day and we started working hard but then I got a call from President.  Well we had opened a house in Fovisste a little while ago and we are having tons of problems out there.  The dueña is accusing her of keying their car and having tons of parties and all sorts of stuff and so we had to hire some lawyers to finish the contract and according to the sister missionaries it was really bad and she was a terrible lady!  Well this day I had to go to the office twice to get things signed and talk with people since I was the one that signed the first contract!  So that ended up taking all day!  

Wednesday we went in the morning to get the contract done and take the things out of their house! Everything went over quite well!  In my opinion none of this was really that necessary and the dueña was super nice and she would have been able to fix the problems! Besides we paid a lot of money in getting them out and in paying the lawyers and getting everything resolved but I guess it happens sometimes! But we took forever cleaning the house and getting everything out and taking it to the new house! It was a whole lot of work and their house is so small that literally there was no room for anything there!  It looked like a storage garage honestly!  It was terrible!  We then went out for hamburgers with Pres and the Nebs so that was cool!  Then we went and talked with our investigators and got all that figured out with them it was a good day!  

Thursday we went and found some cool inactive guy and we started to work with him! He has part of his family and all that that aren't members and we are hoping we can get some people from him! WE also just started doing a ton of contacts and trying to find lots of people to teach! We did about twenty contacts a day and so that was rough but we were able to see some success out of it!  

Friday we started out and had a lot of good lessons and we worked hard!  and then we just went with some people that we were trying to make news and we were able to do it! 

Saturday we went out to a baptism in ixtapaluca and it was good then we just went with the contacts that we had found and we started to talk with them but really we didn't find many people that were really interested

Sunday was kind of the best day! We got super blessed and a family that we had contacted came with us to church!  It was really cool. they came and they were super stoked about it.  Also we went to a baptism and I baptized santiago which was cool again!

 I really love that family and they are doing well.  they went back to church which was really cool too and Tania should be baptized again!  

Alright so one little funny story for this week!  We were walking away from a cita and we were on a really busy road and we have two guys that definitely look like some scetchier guys right there were obviousy delinquents.  so we are there doing our thing and we start listening to what they are saying and the one guy said okay so we get into the taxi and you just stay with him there and hold him down so he doesn't leave and I will go out and collect the stuff from the people we decide to take from.  and all the plan that they had so they were planning how they were going to rob all the stuff it was pretty funny honestly!  They got it all planned out!  Gotta love Mexico!

Have a good week! 


Elder Orchard

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Miracle and a Trip to the Zoo

Well this was just a really really cool week!  At the start of the week we didn't have much!  We had put the goal to baptize five people together and this was our last week to be able to work and get some success so we took off to work with not much!  We found a family last week and they weren't sure if they were members or not so we decided well we better see if they have any registros!  So we headed off to get that done in the offices and I just got a text Tuesday afternoon from mother Nebs saying, you are stoked they don't have any cedulas!  So there we were happy as could be but we still had to get them interviewed let them know and convince them to get it done this week!  SO that is quite a lot of work for one week but it definitely isn't too much to ask for!!  Especially if you work hard enough!  So we just happened to be on divisions the night that we went to look for them and we had taken the zone leaders with us! So we end up finding them and they were super super excited to get baptized! We didn't even have to try and help them to want to!  Then they got their interviews done and that was super cool! The zone leaders said it was a super spiritual experience for them to have!  So that was a miracle we saw this week!  But I guess I will get on with the week!

Tuesday we went and worked hard! We finally got an investigator to commit to getting married now we just have to figure out the date that they are going to do it! so that was really cool!  and we went with someone else we are trying to baptize but they wont go to church but we had an amazing lesson!  And we used something that pres had implemented that really seemed to work for us!  

Wednesday we went and trained all the district leaders on what they were suppose to do!  That went pretty good!  It seemed to work!  Then we went and we tried to find the family which we did and got all their stuff done and we had ward council which was super cool!   They work really well!  And then like always we went for tacos at tacos tepalcates!  It was super good! 

Thursday we had weekly planning and we came into the offices to send something to pres and then headed out to work with the people that we had! We went with all sorts of people today and had a pretty good amount of success! We also met another member of the family that we were going to baptize and we hoped to get him baptized too but then he didn't actually want to do it! So hopefully he will want to get baptized here soon!

Friday we had everything going good and we decided we needed to go out and get things figured out with the pila (font) since it was still full! Well we did that and we got it all drained but we had to take stuff to a house in one of the areas because they had to get out of everything!  Then we were going to go to our special interview so someone could get baptized!  It went good because then we went and put another fecha!

Saturday we went to Chapuletepec with the Nebekers! We went to the zoo and the castle and it was just such a good time! It was fun to go and be with them the whole day! 

Then we went to zocalo and picked up my comps suit and all that good stuff! It was a successful day!  Then we headed back and had our baptism! 

It was a super cool baptism!  One of the ladies got up and bore her testimony and had said that she was praying and asked God for an answer and asked for him to forgive her and then we showed up and said she had to get baptized and that would take away all their sins and she just started crying it was super super cool!  We felt the spirit a whole bunch!  

Then on sunday everyone came we were waiting on!  That was cool and we had a lot of fun!  My comp was there for his last week and so he was just saying goodbye to everyone and we had everything going good!  

Well I love you guys! Have a great week!

Elder Orchard

Friday, July 8, 2016

A Busy Week of Zone Conferences

Expiration date is after he gets home!
Hello everyone! Well this week has been wild!  We were doing all sorts of stuff with zone conference and so we were super busy and we didn't get all that much time in our area but we were able to see all sorts of success!  We were able to find some more new people that were able to progress really well!  They are already going to church and they have hermanadores and everything and we are so stoked!  We really got blessed this week and we are hoping to be able to find lots of more people this week when we actually get to work!  We already have planned to go with some of the references this week and so that will be good!  Also we are going to capacitate all the district leaders this week so that way we can work more smoothly!  We found a new family this week from some recent converts and so we are excited to see what they can become!  I am sorry this feels really lame already I am just too busy thinking about Americas birthday!

But I guess here is how it went

Tuesday we went to Zone conference in la Perla it went really well!

We changed up our capacitation and we had a lot more success with the missionaries! Once we finished there we headed home and started to talk to the people that had a fecha! We moved one for the next week because of her leg but she is doing really well!  We also tried to talk to the mom of one of our investigators and it didn't really work all that well but we are hoping that she will be able to get baptized! She has the desire but who knows what will happen with her!  Then we just went home and reported with everyone!

Wednesday we were in Neza which also went pretty well! 

We had a ton of people say that we had done good with our capacitation.  so we felt good about it. Then in the afternoon we went to Costco with Pres.  It was super fun! Then we went to Pres' house and started working on changes! We have tons of people that are going home this cycle and so that is why we had to get started right now! Tons and tons of stuff going on!  Then we went to tres coyotes! 

That is such a good taco place!  Then that was it for the day!

Thursday was the last day of Zone Conference! We were out in Los Reyes!  

President Stutznegger on the streets of Mexico.  
It was super good though! It was nice to get them done because we are exhausted! But in the morning before the conference we had to do some special changes because someone was going home and we had a couple problems and so we worked those out quite nicely! Then we went with the missionary that was going home to say goodbye to a few people before we went to the area to be able to visit all the people we needed!  Then we headed to tacos tepalcates!  

The best tacos in all of Mexico city!  We went with the Elder going home and with the Nebekers!  They loved it so that was good!  Apart from that we headed back to the offices to be able to get him ready to go home the next day! 

Friday was our killer day!  We were so tired but we were up and at it early because of the airport! We left about 6:30 and headed out!
Airport Perk!
Then once we got the Elder sent on his way we were waiting for Pres' kids to get here! It was cool to see them and talk for a few seconds! Then we just headed home and went on working and finding some people!  We found a lot of people and had a really really successful day!  

Saturday was our most successful day we were able to find most of our news this day and we were able to go to the temple with some investigators which was nice!  It was a good day!

Well this is my last week with Elder Ostler! He is going to have changes next Monday! Not really 100% sure in the area yet but ready or not here we go!  It will be fun! I will be with my next comp for the next six weeks and then will have one more for the last three weeks! We basically have this week kind of off from morning things and meetings so we should get a lot of work done! We are also planning on a baptism!  Then the next few weeks with be really crazy with changes and getting everyone trained and all that good stuff! I love you all have a great week and a great fourth of July! 


Elder Orchard 
No explanation but I'm thinking this is his apartment.