Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Miracle and a Trip to the Zoo

Well this was just a really really cool week!  At the start of the week we didn't have much!  We had put the goal to baptize five people together and this was our last week to be able to work and get some success so we took off to work with not much!  We found a family last week and they weren't sure if they were members or not so we decided well we better see if they have any registros!  So we headed off to get that done in the offices and I just got a text Tuesday afternoon from mother Nebs saying, you are stoked they don't have any cedulas!  So there we were happy as could be but we still had to get them interviewed let them know and convince them to get it done this week!  SO that is quite a lot of work for one week but it definitely isn't too much to ask for!!  Especially if you work hard enough!  So we just happened to be on divisions the night that we went to look for them and we had taken the zone leaders with us! So we end up finding them and they were super super excited to get baptized! We didn't even have to try and help them to want to!  Then they got their interviews done and that was super cool! The zone leaders said it was a super spiritual experience for them to have!  So that was a miracle we saw this week!  But I guess I will get on with the week!

Tuesday we went and worked hard! We finally got an investigator to commit to getting married now we just have to figure out the date that they are going to do it! so that was really cool!  and we went with someone else we are trying to baptize but they wont go to church but we had an amazing lesson!  And we used something that pres had implemented that really seemed to work for us!  

Wednesday we went and trained all the district leaders on what they were suppose to do!  That went pretty good!  It seemed to work!  Then we went and we tried to find the family which we did and got all their stuff done and we had ward council which was super cool!   They work really well!  And then like always we went for tacos at tacos tepalcates!  It was super good! 

Thursday we had weekly planning and we came into the offices to send something to pres and then headed out to work with the people that we had! We went with all sorts of people today and had a pretty good amount of success! We also met another member of the family that we were going to baptize and we hoped to get him baptized too but then he didn't actually want to do it! So hopefully he will want to get baptized here soon!

Friday we had everything going good and we decided we needed to go out and get things figured out with the pila (font) since it was still full! Well we did that and we got it all drained but we had to take stuff to a house in one of the areas because they had to get out of everything!  Then we were going to go to our special interview so someone could get baptized!  It went good because then we went and put another fecha!

Saturday we went to Chapuletepec with the Nebekers! We went to the zoo and the castle and it was just such a good time! It was fun to go and be with them the whole day! 

Then we went to zocalo and picked up my comps suit and all that good stuff! It was a successful day!  Then we headed back and had our baptism! 

It was a super cool baptism!  One of the ladies got up and bore her testimony and had said that she was praying and asked God for an answer and asked for him to forgive her and then we showed up and said she had to get baptized and that would take away all their sins and she just started crying it was super super cool!  We felt the spirit a whole bunch!  

Then on sunday everyone came we were waiting on!  That was cool and we had a lot of fun!  My comp was there for his last week and so he was just saying goodbye to everyone and we had everything going good!  

Well I love you guys! Have a great week!

Elder Orchard

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