Friday, July 8, 2016

A Busy Week of Zone Conferences

Expiration date is after he gets home!
Hello everyone! Well this week has been wild!  We were doing all sorts of stuff with zone conference and so we were super busy and we didn't get all that much time in our area but we were able to see all sorts of success!  We were able to find some more new people that were able to progress really well!  They are already going to church and they have hermanadores and everything and we are so stoked!  We really got blessed this week and we are hoping to be able to find lots of more people this week when we actually get to work!  We already have planned to go with some of the references this week and so that will be good!  Also we are going to capacitate all the district leaders this week so that way we can work more smoothly!  We found a new family this week from some recent converts and so we are excited to see what they can become!  I am sorry this feels really lame already I am just too busy thinking about Americas birthday!

But I guess here is how it went

Tuesday we went to Zone conference in la Perla it went really well!

We changed up our capacitation and we had a lot more success with the missionaries! Once we finished there we headed home and started to talk to the people that had a fecha! We moved one for the next week because of her leg but she is doing really well!  We also tried to talk to the mom of one of our investigators and it didn't really work all that well but we are hoping that she will be able to get baptized! She has the desire but who knows what will happen with her!  Then we just went home and reported with everyone!

Wednesday we were in Neza which also went pretty well! 

We had a ton of people say that we had done good with our capacitation.  so we felt good about it. Then in the afternoon we went to Costco with Pres.  It was super fun! Then we went to Pres' house and started working on changes! We have tons of people that are going home this cycle and so that is why we had to get started right now! Tons and tons of stuff going on!  Then we went to tres coyotes! 

That is such a good taco place!  Then that was it for the day!

Thursday was the last day of Zone Conference! We were out in Los Reyes!  

President Stutznegger on the streets of Mexico.  
It was super good though! It was nice to get them done because we are exhausted! But in the morning before the conference we had to do some special changes because someone was going home and we had a couple problems and so we worked those out quite nicely! Then we went with the missionary that was going home to say goodbye to a few people before we went to the area to be able to visit all the people we needed!  Then we headed to tacos tepalcates!  

The best tacos in all of Mexico city!  We went with the Elder going home and with the Nebekers!  They loved it so that was good!  Apart from that we headed back to the offices to be able to get him ready to go home the next day! 

Friday was our killer day!  We were so tired but we were up and at it early because of the airport! We left about 6:30 and headed out!
Airport Perk!
Then once we got the Elder sent on his way we were waiting for Pres' kids to get here! It was cool to see them and talk for a few seconds! Then we just headed home and went on working and finding some people!  We found a lot of people and had a really really successful day!  

Saturday was our most successful day we were able to find most of our news this day and we were able to go to the temple with some investigators which was nice!  It was a good day!

Well this is my last week with Elder Ostler! He is going to have changes next Monday! Not really 100% sure in the area yet but ready or not here we go!  It will be fun! I will be with my next comp for the next six weeks and then will have one more for the last three weeks! We basically have this week kind of off from morning things and meetings so we should get a lot of work done! We are also planning on a baptism!  Then the next few weeks with be really crazy with changes and getting everyone trained and all that good stuff! I love you all have a great week and a great fourth of July! 


Elder Orchard 
No explanation but I'm thinking this is his apartment.

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