Monday, September 28, 2015

Not Your Normal Week in the Mission

Elder Orchard was called by his mission president on Tuesday and asked to move into the mission home (he usually lives at the mission office) for the week to help with some mission business.  I won't discuss it because of the sensitive nature but it is a week he will most likely never forget.  He was given a variety of assignments including cooking and cleaning!  It looks like he did a pretty good job to me:)  If I were to guess, I would say he is making chicken fettucine alfredo.  It looks delicious!

Mad cooking skills most likely learned from his mother!

Not sure if Elder Olson helped cooked or was just there to assist!  For some reason this looks a little like a hospital room with that tv and all of those cords on the wall.  It looks like Elder Olson is handing tools to the dr!:)
All of his regular "missionary" schedules were abandoned while he served in whatever capacity he was asked to.  I was sent the sweetest note by his mission mom about what a blessing he was to them this past week.  How grateful I am that he is working hard and willing to do whatever he is asked.

The words of Sister Stutznegger:
We are just two.  We often have to rely on a few of our missionaries to do some “other than missionary” work.  Someone has to pay bills, arrange for VISA’s, gather referrals, and order supplies.  These missionaries split their time between both duties.  We have to rely on our Assistants to go with us to teach, make myriads of phone calls, and be examples of righteousness.  They do this along with missionary work.

This week was one that we taxed the strength of these missionaries.  Elders Olson, Orchard, Hixon, and Cuscagua – here is a shout out to you!  We love and appreciate all the time you stood by us this week.  In years to come, this week will always be one of those that we will remember!

The words of Elder Orchard:
"yeah it was a rough week we are exhausted but we are done with it and this week we will have time to go work in our area a little bit"

Monday, September 21, 2015

Mexico's Independence

Alright gueros we had a really good week this week!  Well kind of! With the new family we found things are going awesome!!  Julio is doing great! He is the guy that wants to change his life!  So we went back and he had read everything we left and a little bit more!  He has really strong drug and alcohol addictions and so we said anytime that you feel the urge to smoke or drink just pick up the Book of Mormon and start reading!  It doesn't matter where just start reading!  We invited him to pray and everything and he was like yeah I pray at least three times a day and all sorts of great things!  This week was really a challenge for him because of Mexican Independence Day!  What do most people do on this day?  Hang out with their families and get drunk.  So we were kind of worried but knew that it is early on hopefully he can stay strong! So we get to his house and we are like how was your holiday?  He was like I went out and said hi to my family, drank a Coke and then came in to just read the Book of Mormon!  I went to bed and then just hung out with my family it was good!  So we were like really excited for him!  He also took down all of his Santa Muerte statues (Santa Muerte (Spanish for Holy Death), is a female folk saint venerated primarily in Mexico and theSouthwestern United States. A personification of death, she is associated with healing, protection, and safe delivery to the afterlife by her devotees.[1] Despite opposition by the Catholic Church, her cult arose from popular Mexican folk belief,Santa Muerte generally appears as a female skeletal figure, clad in a long robe and holding one or more objects, usually a scythe and a globe.[6] Her robe can be of any color, as more specific images of the figure vary widely from devotee to devotee and according to the rite being performed or the petition being made.[7] As the worship of Santa Muerte was clandestine until the 20th century, most prayers and other rites have been traditionally performed privately in the we are seeing awesome improvement with this man!  He is doing great.  So we put him to a fecha for the 17th of October!  That seems like so far away! I can't believe it!  We definitely got blessed with him!

Well, Tuesday afternoon we weren't going to work, right? (Mexico's Independence Day.  To be cautious, the missionaries were asked to stay inside that day)  So we woke up and got to work in the offices and we just weren't going to leave the offices all day.  Well, two misisonaries went home and so Pres took them to the airport and they would both be home at like 10 ish.  Well we get a call at about 11 from one of the kid's dad.  He told us  hey my son went home today and his flight got canceled, when is he coming home?  And we were like crap!  So then Elder Olson´s phone blew up with calls and somehow the missionary finds Elder Olson´s boss at the airport picking up missionaries coming in to the MTC.  So then Pres calls figuring out what we know and then he was like okay go just buy him a flight and get him home!  So we left and got all that figured out and just hung out in the airport with him until his flight then came home!  It was quite the crazy turn of events!  It was cool though.

The Family Alva.... Well we are not too happy with them! We really just don't know what to do anymore!  They have everything and everything is good (we think) but they just won't get baptized.  But more than that we just can't get them to come to their interviews!  They blew us off all week and we are so upset about it.  They were supposed to have their interview on Wednesday but couldn't, then again on Friday they left.  On Saturday they couldn't go and then they didn't even go to church on Sunday!  We just don't exactly know anymore!  It is just so frustrating because they are so close!  They have worked so hard and done so much they just won't commit completely to it.  We are struggling with that but hopefully things will get better. The goal is to baptize them this week... just need to get them interviews.

Also we think we finally are getting close to getting this family married so that way they can get baptized.  That is exciting.  Other than that we have been pretty sick in our stomach which isn't all that fun but we are moving along with it.  I think that is about it for this week!  Love you guys!


Monday, September 14, 2015

The Temple Dedication

This week was kind of crazy!  We have had a crazy time! 
Tuesday I was feeling really sick and so we just stayed in the house and got better!  Not really anything to report on that!  

Wednesday just a normal day of work!  We went and saw the Family Alva and they are doing good!  We put their fecha for next Saturday!  They are doing good and we are just hoping they will be good converts!  We have worked for a long long time with them and so hopefully things are good!  Griselda is still being kind of difficult but we think she will still get baptized on Saturday and if not then we will just baptize everyone but her!

Thursday I don't remember really but I am sure that it was a really good work day!

Friday we went to Polanco and it was also Olson's birthday so he bought a suit and we picked up green cards and such! It was a good day but we just hung out there while we waited for everything!  It was really good we had fun and he had a good birthday so that was awesome!

Saturday we went and worked and we visited a ton of people!  We went and saw the cultural event (for the temple dedication) and that was really really good!  One of our counselors was in it and he did really good! Then we kind of just got ready for the temple dedication!  Laura loved the event and she is excited to go to the dedication tomorrow!

Sunday was the temple dedication, that was great.  Elder Holland came and President Eyring and they both did a great job!  We only went to two of the three sessions because we went to eat and couldn't make it back in time!  So that was kind of crappy!  But we had a cita with someone that came to the church Saturday night and we ended up finding some cool news! It is a family and the guy has had tons of problems and so we are trying to help him.  We have an appointment on Thursday and so hopefully he has read and done everything we need him to do!

I love you guys have a good week!


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Hard Week of Working Hard

Elder Orchard was pretty busy this week.  He didn't find time to write his normal family email but he was an awesome big brother and made sure to send a few words to Stockton and Mason.  I did get this from him:

The temple dedication is this next week!  Who knows what we are going to do with that!  There are three different sessions we will see what happens with it!  This week was really really crazy!  We didn't have much time to work in the field but we did lots of office work!  Changes weeks are hard!  So we are going to rest today and see if we can get feeling better!  We have been exhausted!

The rainy season is pretty much always, it slows down in like October ish but this week has been Crazy!  There was so much rain we were walking around and the streets like flooded and we were walking around up to our knees in water! We were cold and I may have ruined a pair of shoes!  We will see how it turns out! 

....I honestly have not been in the offices all day sorry!  We just got back we had to put the sister's house together and go out to a far area of the mission it has been super busy!

I am not sure which Elder this is but I love seeing a glimpse of my boy in the background with his arm around a fellow Elder and a smile on his face!

Watch out- hole in the road!
He sent me his companions email just so I knew what was going on.  Here are a few thoughts from that!  Thank you Elder Olson!  It's nice to hear your perspective of the week:)

Tuesday: Changes!! We got there early and got set up and then some kid that was going home never showed up. So I called him and turns out the guy bringing them in's car broke down and they got stuck an hour away. So they had to come straight in to the offices and then we took him in Metro to President's house for the goodbye dinner and got invited to stay hehe. So awesome. It was funny. Then we ate and sat in on their testimony meeting.  Then we came back and I went with the ward mission leader to a cita with Lucina and Orchard went with the youth presidents to visit the family Alva! 

Wednesday: Today we went to the food early and then went out to Texcoco to help Blotter get a house.  Anyway we got back at around 8 and had our ward mission meeting and that was about it haha.  But that was pretty much it haha. Just signing contracts and walking around looking for RENTING signs :/

Thursday; Today we were in the offices until 4 with the assistants making first aid kits for the whole mission. So tedious. So boring. But it had to be done :/ Then we went and ate like at 5, and then had a lesson with a less active and came back to get more stuff done in the offices :/ So busy.

Friday: Today we went to Migration and I got my green card renewed weeeee. I'm legal again! It's funny though because I can't do any of my paperwork without a green card so Orchard has to do it hahaha. Poor kid. Then we ate and worked today! We had a bunch of stuff fall. We found a new family though! They seem cool! They've been going to the English Classes for about 2 and a half months in the stake center and those trolls never told us... we just contacted into them by chance. They go "Hey Elders how are you guys??" And I was like what? And he goes yeah I know the missionaries from English class! They've been teaching us a little! And I was just like PIRATES!! Hahaha. Anyway we got that all figured out and it should be cool! Then we had a good cita with Alva. We were going to get on Griseldass (the grandma) case but she wasn't even there... so we got the other three all excited for their baptisms. I don't know what we're going to do with them. This week we're probably going to be like look, you three can get baptized but you can't Griselda because you don't do anything. The others read, pray, are willing to go to church, and she just does nothing. So we'll see how that goes.

Saturday: Today we went to the Temple! It was super fun :) We went with a family we just reactivated! They're so cool but now their in the other area so we never see them :/ Then we ate and had a cita and then came back to do office stuff. 

Sunday: Today sucked. No one came. Griselda flaked out. We're totally going to lay down the law this week over there and be like look stop impeding the others from progressing. But we'll see how it goes! Then we had like 3 meetings with housing landlords and then finally got back from all that like at 8:45 :/ 

Today: Todayyyy I haven't done anything so far haha. But our plans are buy food, move the girl's into their new house, and then I don't know haha. We'll see how long everything takes! 

Have a good week!
Elder Orchard (courtesy of Elder Olson:))

Sister Stutznegger saved the day with pictures.  I sure do love her!  All of the pictures in this post are courtesy of the sweetest mission mom ever that Facebook's photos of her missionaries.  What an awesome tool!  I love getting mid week pics of my son, especially on weeks where he doesn't send any home:)

The words of Sister Stutznegger:  These two were comparing their "food babies."  These Elders are something else!  They are quite the comedy team together!