Monday, May 23, 2016

One of the Coolest Days of My Life

Alright well this was a really difficult week for us!! we had all sorts of plans but nothing really happened.  Everything kind of just fell and we were pretty sad about it but we didn't let that stop us from working.  We had a really really rough week though!  WE had such high expectations but everything went south!  But that is okay this week we know is going to be better!
Tuesday we had interviews but I was super sick and so we didn't leave until the food.  Then we worked really hard and found some people that had some potential to progress.  We just kept going even though we both felt pretty sick!  However my interview with the Pres was super good! It was nice to see him again and be able to talk!  I sure miss not seeing him everyday! It is different that is for sure but we are out here working hard and loving every second of it!  

Wednesday we spent a lot of time out in the sun!  We did a nice service project in the morning and then we went out to the food! The sister forgot again so we waited there a little while.  Then we tried to find all the plans that we had made and we really didn't find anything!  Finally at night we went to an investigators house and she opened right up.  She told us all about the questions that she had for us and it was really good! I am really positive that she will be able to get baptized here in the next little bit!  Then we went with a less active in a house where we have a ton of people that are also potential investigators.  Things went good!  

Thursday we planned for the week and we were talking about what we could do to get better!  we have had tons of little things happening in the zone that we need to fix and it all starts with us!  So we did that.  then we went out to try and contact some people to try and get a new teaching pool.  the people that we have had have not been progressing!  We felt like we had a really slow week with everything.  we only found one new but we hope that her and her family can really progress.  

Friday was kind of our best day.  We planned really well and we had everything just kind of fall into place.  we went in the night and saw our investigator that had all the questions and she accepted a baptisimal date.  that was the first time she has accepted in two years.  we are hoping that we can be the lucky missionaries!  Well will be working hard because we fell like we have really gained her trust!..  It was a super cool lesson and we could definitely feel the spirit!  I am very grateful for the spirit especially as a missionary.  we couldn't do anything that we do without it!  There is just a difference between when you teach with it and when you teach without it!  There is a scripture I love that I will share at the end that talks a little bit about all that though!

Saturday was a day that I didn't teach but it was probably one of the coolest days of my life!  We went to the Sealing of the Family Macedo.  I was crying as I watched them kneel and get sealed for time and all eternity!  It was super super cool!  It was an experience that I will never forget.  

(I had a chance to correspond with Sergio and Lizzy via Facebook.  I wanted to share what they had to say.  I think Elder Orchard will want to remember this always.  It makes it easier to have your son gone when you get messages like these:))

Jenny Sproul Orchard I'm so glad Elder Orchard got to attend. He absolutely loves this family❤️ Sergio MacedoLizzy Lix, what a wonderful day😊💜
Lizzy Lix Fue una gran sorpresa y una gran bendición que Elder Orchard llegara a nuestro sellamiento, él es muy especial para nosotros, jamás le olvidaremos, realmente lo extrañamos por ya no tenerlo en nuestro barrio, tiene un pedacito de nuestro corazón. Saludos y besos a ustedes hermanos.
It was a great surprise and a great blessing that elder orchard came to our sealing, he is very special for us, I will never forget him, I really miss you around I don't have it in our neighborhood, has a little bit of our heart. Greetings and kisses to you brothers.Automatically Translated
Sergio Macedo Gracias hermana Jenny Sproul Orchard!!! Nosotros estamos muy felices y agradecidos de conocer a su hijo, él es un gran misionero lleno de amor y dedicación, y lleva el apellido "Orchard" con mucho honor, nos ha ayudado a cambiar nuestra vida y nuestro sellamiento es fruto de su trabajo. Gracias por su hijo, le amamos!!!
Thanks Sister Jenny Sproul Orchard!!! We are very happy and grateful to meet your son, he is a great missionary full of love and dedication, and carries the last name "Orchard" with much honor, has helped us to change our life and Our sealing is the result of his work. Thank you for your son, we love you!!!

Thanks to you, great missionaries of the church of Jesus Christ of the saints of the last few days for your love, dedication, sacrifice and perseverance in the missionary work. Thank you because your work paid off, thanks to your effort and love to our family is that we have had such a great blessing. We'll remember you and eternally grateful for.
"how beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith to Sion: Thy God reigneth"...Sergio Macedo

It was so nice to see everyone from that ward again!  The good news is everyone said that I was so skinny so I guess all the little weight I had gained is slowly going away! I am going to take my pants to someone to bring them in since they are kind of big now.

Well i was going to share the scripture but the computer is so terrible slow that I don't think I will put it! It is found in second nefi chapter 33 verses 1 and 2.  it explains a little bit about what the spirit will do in our lessons if we have it and how it can help us!

 And now I, Nephi, cannot write all the things which were taught among my people; neither am I mighty in writing, like unto speaking; for when a man speaketh by the power of the Holy Ghost the power of the Holy Ghost carrieth it unto the hearts of the children of men.
 But behold, there are many that harden their hearts against the Holy Spirit, that it hath no place in them; wherefore, they cast many things away which are written and esteem them as things of naught.
I love you all have an amazing week!


elder orchard

Reunited with the Nebekers and Elder Olson.  Brazilian BBQ.  Thank you for the picture Sister Nebeker:)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Another Great Week in the Mission

We had such a good week this week! I appologize in advance that there will not be pictures I am at the place that I can't upload.  However things are going great!  My companion is Elder Vite.  He has 8 months in the mission but he is an amazing missionary!  He really understands how to work and we have been working really hard!  We already got a miracle baptism this week and we were able to put four fechas in total.  We saw a ton of blessings and we are so grateful to be here right now and be together.  We are hoping to continue to see tons of success and just keep working hard. He is actually from Mexico City our area is a little over two hours away from his house! However the good news is he doesn't have a crazy girlfriend that comes to church to see him so I am lucky!

Monday we had the changes but we were told to go out and work at night and so we went out and started to do some contacts to get a whole new teaching pool for next cycle.  We found a few news and we were able to work hard!  

Tuesday we had a district meeting in the morning and then from there everyone went out to work.  Turns out a kid from our ward never got baptized but he goes every week!  And his parents were down to let him get baptized and so we hurried and got everything worked out so that way we could have his baptism on Sunday.  It went perfect.  Then we started divisions in the night and we had a really really productive day! WE did a lot of contacts all week because we need tons of news!  Really the whole zone does!  But we need to put the example!

Wednesday I was still on divisions and so we just went crazy with antiguos and recent converts to try and start to get some references.  What was super cool is that we were trying all last cycle to try and find a family that was a reference and we could find them ever.  But finally in the night we found them.  After more than six weeks of looking we were able to find them! it was a blessing and they have lots of niños magicos!!  So be ready for baptisms this cycle from them!  Other than that things went pretty slow!

Thursday I ended up taking a missionary to the hospital.  It took forever but it was good to go and see what he had! He needed it though because he has been really sick.  We have one missionary that has typhoid and another one that they had no idea since his typhoid test came back negative.  So thats what I did! I was also able to go and see Sister Stutz which was cool!  She seemed to be doing better but I think she till has a ways to go!  She has a pretty sweet battle scar though.  It matches the burn mark on my arm.  Maybe we should get matching made in Mexico tattoos.

Friday I was able to make my way back to the area and then we started to keep working! This was really the slowest day of all! It seems like nobody was in there house and so that makes it hard to do missionary work but i am not complaining  tooo much!!

Saturday we also had another really cool miracle.  We set out looking for a less active that had contacted us and she gave us her direction.  Well we looked the entire street and found nothing.  We knocked every door and nothing.  So I finally gave up and we went and did some more visits.  Well a little later we were walking and I was like what street are we on?  My comp was like Labradores.  I then said okay if there is a house number sixteen it is going to be renalda.  sure enough there was a house number sixteen.  sure enough she lives there!  It is awesome how the lord will put you in the right place at the right time!!

Sunday we were able to get many investigators in church and we put more fehas there.  it was a really good week!!  I know my spelling was super off but that is okay!  The computer is super slow so I just type and like five minutes latter it shows up and it gives me a lot of laziness to change it all so I hope you have a great week!! I will talk to you guys next week! love you all!!

Elder Orchard

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I Got To Throw Around A Baseball!

Well this week is now over!  Sorry that it didn't really work all that well last night!  (My very short Mother's Day phone call)  But I am doing good!! I am just getting on to write really fast since today is technically P day but we had changes and so I haven't had much free time!  Elder Lopez is now gone and so that is kind of sad but Elder Vite is a stud and we are really really excited to work really hard this cycle together!

Last Monday we went to the Guarda!  It is a ranch that the church owns here and so we went and had our district meeting there since it is in our stake. It was super fun we went and played capture the flag and basketball and soccer and football I even got to throw around a baseball for a little bit! It was honestly super fun!  We will hopefully do it again!  

Tuesday we had a normal work day.  We went with the Family Trejo and got everything ready for their baptism! The sad thing is we also found out that we had another fecha fall from last week! The guy we were going to baptize was hitting his wife and turns out he is kind of a big druggie and so it is a good thing we didn't baptize him!  I don't know why they always touch me to teach them but it kind of seems to happen a lot!  But other than that things are all good!  We got their baptism all planned and they were really excited!  

Wednesday we ran around trying to find some new people and get some more teaching pool!  We didn't have tons of success but we are sure that this week coming up we will have tons!  We are just working hard and trying to get the blessings from it!!  We also headed out to the offices to be able and take things to the new house we are opening in our area. We are going to have eight misisonaries in our ward and so we had to get things ready to be part of the moving crew!  It wasn't the same as the O boys but it was still a typical office stay.

Thursday we woke up at four in the morning to be able to get everything done with the house.  The problem here was that the car we were using could only drive until ten and we would have to take two trips.  It was the typical put a full house in the taxi and lets go thing we have gotten so good at.  But like I said if we were out past 10 in the morning they would take away the car and we would be in a hole world of trouble.  So we just hurried and got it done.  Then we headed back to the house and got ready for the day and went out and worked.  It was a good day but we were sure tired!  I slept like a baby though that night!

Friday we had the baptism interviews and so it was getting ready for all of that and getting the baptism clothes and everything planned.  They passed like we had hoped.  We also made Ice cream with some members since Lopez was getting ready to go home!  Then we got everything done! I don't really remember it was a lot of saying goodbyes to people!

Saturday we went to the offices. Lopez had his interview and so we were there for a little while. I also got a card from Japan.  Then we got done and headed out to our baptism.  Everything went good and then we headed to the last family night!  It was a really good day and we were blessed with this family!  THey are awesome and they will be forever remembered!

That was a short email but that is kind of how they all have been lately!  I will try better next week!  I love you have a great week!!

Elder Orchard

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Sun is Really Hot

hello everyone! today I don't have much time I am going to have to make it quick!  Alright well tuesday was a really really good day! We were able to talk with a few good families and we really hope that they can progress!  We also went and saw santos who is just progressing really well and reading and doing all that stuff! Hopefully things will continue to go well for him before his baptism next week!  If everything turns out right we will be baptizing about five next week!  Hopefully things go as planned!    We also went and saw Luisito and Paloma who also will be baptized next week! (pending an interview with the bishop for their dad)  Hopefully things turn out the way we want and hope!  Also they are doing really good they have everything now we are just waiting a little to try and teach them!  But they invited us to a family night with them and to Luisito's birthday! Pictures uploaded.

Wednesday was really really slow! We haven't really had much plans and it has been pretty hard to get things rolling the past few days.  The sun is really really hot right now and so we just get drained of energy walking around!  I am just working on my tan though so that is good!  We also had a cita with someone we thought we could baptize this week but we started walking to her house and her boyfriend passed by with her and so it was just kind of well I guess we won't be visiting her! Kind of sad! Hopefully next cycle she can get baptized!

Jueves was a good day as well!  In the morning we went and saw a graduation for one of Elder Lopez's converts.  I just stayed in the offices with the Nebekers so it was nice to see them and to hang out with them again! They are always a blast!  Then we went and ate tacos in the tianguis because I have missed them in the time that I have been out here!

Then we just headed back to be able to get some lessons in.  Also kind of a rough day but we are trying!  We then just finished with our meeting with the ward mission leader!

Friday we had mission counsel which was super cool! We were able to learn all sorts of stuff about how we can help our zone! Hopefully we can get things better out here! I don't know what is going on but people are not doing what they need to be doing.  They are not having tons of success and it is hard for us to see that!  Then we went and ate with a cool family and we went to visit santos.  He told us that he couldn't stop smoking and so he would let us know when he was done smoking.  Pretty sad we had tons of hope but I am sure that he will still be baptized but it is going to take a little while.  Then we headed off to the family night and we met some super cool new investigators and we had a great time playing games and having fun with the family.

Saturday was just more getting things done! We went to a primary activity for kids day.  Yes I am not joking it is an actual holiday here.  We took our investigators there and we played for about an hour with the primary.  then just went and tried to find more people before the birthday party of Luisito.  We had a good day and were able to find some more news so it was a pretty good week.

Sunday we had most of the people come we were waiting on but we are having a little bit of a problem as a zone.  We had over a third of our investigators in church and people just aren't committing them the way they should.  We don't really know how to help them right now but we are trying! We have already done a lot but now they have to be problem solvers and figure it out for themselves.

Alright well I love you guys!  Have a great week and I will talk to you on sunday! I might not write next monday since we will have just talked!  but I guess we will find out right!

Elder Orchard