Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Our Senior Couple "Kids" Will Be Here Saturday

Alright well this week is going to be really different!  We only worked one day this week and so as far as the work goes in our area it was kind of held to a stop!  This week was pretty crazy as far as everything goes in the offices!  And this week coming up isn't going to be much better!  I am glad to announce that I am going to be a dad again! Elder Olson and I are giving birth on Saturday to Elder and Sister Nebeker!  We are pretty excited to meet and work close with them!  They will also be assigned in our ward which will be awesome for the work we will have! They will be dedicated to the offices but will attend our ward and our meetings and we will take them to eat and everything occasionally!  We are really excited to see how it goes!  So that will be Saturday going to pick up our kids!

Alright so Monday we went and played soccer with our youth again! It is great for our exercise I feel skinnier every time we play! It just makes me feel super out of shape though!  Because I totally am!  My skills are getting pretty average though! I am going to be able to give Jordan a run for his money when I get home!  The only problem is Olson is too good so I don't like to play with him or with any of the youth because they are also too good but me with like the unathletic kids thats when I do good!!  Then we just ate hot dogs and had a good day!  

Tuesday was a day that we were going to go and work but then we had some problems here in the offices and so we went to the food and came back! We had to make a bunch of payments to make sure things would all turn out good!  So that is what we did then after Elder Ibarra and Elder Murray got home with stuff from three houses so we were helping them get that all organized and unpacked and start to get work done!  and now our house is full as full gets and we have the task of getting all of that put away here before the senior couple gets here.  

Wednesday we went and started cleaning out houses out in Paraiso! So this was a full day process we were pretty tired! I also don't know why but all of these houses and I swear they were all on the fifth floor and they all had four matresses in them! So we were pretty tired with all that and everything that is going on!   However in the morning we went and had an awesome capacitation on teaching repentance and batizing converts! It was awesome! It was led by Elder Nielson the seventy that came to our mission and so we had kind of already heard a lot of it but it was still amazing!!  He talked about how to work with less actives to have success and that what we teach is for people to repent and be baptized obviously! But it was awesome! I was able to learn a lot!  So that was our whole day!

Thursday the same we went and started to get houses cleaned out! We went far away this time! All the way out to Texcoco!  It was an exhausting day but it felt nice to finally finish and just get everything over with!  However things got a little out of hand by the time we got home! I wish I would have taken a picture to show you how full of stuff we are!!  We literally have zero room for anything anymore!!  

Friday was a polanco trip!  So we headed out in the morning like always to get all the stuff done that we needed to!  We dropped our papers off and we found the Secretaries from the East Mission who are our homies and so we just hung out with them and it was fun!  It was nice to talk and catch up with them and just talk about life!!  It was a good time!  This is one of the few missions and secretaries that like us down here so whenever we see them we always chat and they are great!

Saturday was finally a day we could work so we left and were stoked to get out and start going at it! The only problem is everything fell on us!  We ended up going with two less actives and found a new that is as chosen as it gets!  The problem is he lives in Tijuana.  We are really good at finding people the only problem is very rarely do they live in our area right now!  It is kind of frustrating but it has to be for a reason! Right?  So basically after that we went home because the food made us both really really sick!  I knew it was going to be a problem when we were sitting at the food and one of the sisters says, ¨Mom I don't want to eat the main plate last time it made me really sick¨....  Needless to say we got really really sick!

Sunday we didn't go to church until Sacrament since that was last! We spent the morning pooping our guts out! I would have puked but I had zero food in me so that was good!  So we just went to take the sacrament and then we were going to head back! And well one of the cooler things from my mission happened and I will use what Elder Olson wrote in this part 

A few months ago, my companion Elder Orchard and I were looking through the ward lists for less-active members to visit. We found a name that had 2 members, and an 18 year old daughter that hadn't been baptized. They lived on the same street as some investigators we were teaching so we decided to drop by on the way to a lesson with them. When we got to the door, they said "Oh it's the missionaries.." through the window but they decided to open the door. An older gentleman came out and greeted us, and we began to contact him. As we talked, he told us that he had been inactive for the better part of 13 years, and had no desire to return to the church. Elder Nielson had recently visited our mission, and told us that we should try asking the members if we could practice the lessons with them. So, that's what we did! We asked the brother if we could practice teaching the lessons with him, and he accepted. We put a date to go back one morning, and then went to teach another family.

Finally the day came to go back and visit them. We went back, and started by getting to know them a little bit better. Turns out, the father had been a Stake Counselor, Ex-Missionary, and had worked in the church school Benemerito. His wife had been an Ex-Relief Society President, and had held several other callings in the church. They quit going because they felt like their callings were consuming their lives, and they didn't have enough time for their families. Over time their testimonies that once had been very strong, started to weaken. We invited them to pray, and they accepted but weren't willing to personally offer it. My companion and I would say them to start and finish the lessons. They would answer our questions honestly, but never really wanted to open up. As we got to know them more, we realized one of their best friends in the ward was the bishop! They started to ask about their family and how they were doing, and we were able to schedule a family night with the bishop and his family. 

We kept teaching them for several months, and it felt like we were making no progress. We thought we were feeling the Spirit strongly in the lessons, and that we were seeing a change in their lives, but they still couldn't find the desire to return to the church. Last Sunday, I woke up super sick. We have Sacrament meeting last, and we planned on just going to take the sacrament and see who went of our investigators. We showed up a little late, and hurried and sat in the back. We were just listening to the messages, and we saw a family we didn't know. We texted the first counselor to ask who they were, and he sent us back a message that we never expected. "The Camacho family. They showed up today by themselves." 

The feelings that my companion and I experienced this day were amazing. It is something I will never forget.

I just wanted to cry I felt so happy! They are so great and they can really really help our ward!

Alright well this weeks spiritual thought comes from a chapter I was reading in the bible!  I really loved it and what it says!  It is found in 1st John chapter 3 Verses 16-18

 16 Hereby perceive we the love of God, because he laiddown his life for us: and we ought to lay 
down our lives for the brethren.

17 But whoso hath this world’s good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him?

18 My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth.

This is something I love!  It says that God Loves us and we know he loves us from his actions!  And then I love what is says in 18 that we should do the same!  I was reading Preach my Gospel and it said that we should teach by example and loving!  I loved what I could learn from this!
I love you guys! Have a great week!  

Elder Orchard

Monday, January 18, 2016

Down Another Pair of Pants and No Colonoscopy!

Well this was a really busy week for us here in the offices!  It seems like just yesterday I was writing you!  Lets see how this weeks roundup goes! 

Tuesday we Had a really good day! In the morning we headed out to Polanco because it was the first day that Visas and such was all opened. We waited in a super long line until we could get in and get the stuff done!  It is always the worst though because we travel so much that we get back just exhausted!  We went to the food and the members we ate with had invited someone to learn about the Gospel and so we had a good lesson at the food!  It is awesome when the ward actually starts to work how they should work!  We have a lot more success!  Then when we had finished eating we went for Daniel one of the counselors and we went out to teach Julio with his Cousin so that way she could listen to the lessons as well!  So that was about all that we had that day!  It was short and simple but it was good!

Wednesday we had a pretty slow day as well. The morning we started working all good and then pres showed up and he was like hey we are painting your office today so lets get everything moved and taped and lets get going! So that was a little curveball into the plans!  It kind of shut down office work for us for two days in what it took to get everything put away and all taped and painted and all that stuff!
Elder Orchard ripped out his pants while working on the office.  To my knowledge, this is pair #3!

So that was what we did in the morning and then headed out for the food and ate with the Family Macedo! One of my favorite families here!  They are a family that when I got here were in the process of getting active again!  They getting ready to enter the temple and get sealed and we are so excited for them!  Hopefully we will be able to go with them!  So after the food we weent and saw our ward mission leader and had our Correlacion meeting! It was good and our ward mission leader is the biggest stud!  We started a calender so that way we can have family nights with the members and that they can invite their friends and families!  With him we went and saw Julio and had a really good lesson with him! He has really been struggling! His dad took away his Panadaria and so he kind of hit rock bottom again.  It is something that is really sad!  But it all makes sense! One thing that Elder Nielson said when he was here is that the Laws of the commandments don't just go for members!  The example that he put is Tiger Woods.  He said ever since Tiger had his affair he hasn't won a tournament! It was very interesting! Apart from his family and his money and everything he lost he also lost his golf swing is what Elder Nielson said!  And it is so true!  This is one of the things that we were able to see with Julio this week!  Ever since he started getting money he had been struggling with the word of Wisdom.  And his dad just came and took everything from him because he hadn't been doing what he was suppose to! It is so sad when we are trying to help and he won't let us help him!  It is getting really hard for us because he has so much time and gets so close but he just doesn't do it!  I don't really know how to help him anymore!  After the appointment we were going to go to our favorite tacos but it was a four hour wait and so we didn't get any!  It was sad!  I was waiting forever to eat them again and it was a huge line! So we just went home!  

Thursday we got out of the house late and so it was kind of a not very productive day it felt like! We ate at Daniel's house and so we kind of taught his cousin again without really teaching her straight up!  And then after we went and got to know someone who was a less active that is looking to change his life and we put an appointment for Saturday so that way we could teach him and that he would go to church.  Then we headed off to our PEC meeting.  Where yet again the Hermano Macedo was just killing it!  He is trying to get things going for our ward! I think that he is going to be the bishop here before too long.  Our Bishop has lots and lots of time as our bishop and it is time for a change! And the Hermano Macedo is just a stud!  We planned a temple trip as a ward and an activity for the priesthood!  He did visits with our Ward mission leader and they decided that they are going to start contacting the part member families to put us in contact with them so that way they can get baptized as well.  Then we just finished some little things before going home!

Friday was kind of an interesting day! I had a doctors appointment in the night and so we were going to go to the food and then head home and that was the plan.  So we worked in the morning and then headed out to the food! We are walking to the food and we find the sister who is going to give us to eat.  and she is like Elders they just Cut everyones light but don't worry I am about done! Lets go get some soup and head back to the house! So we get the soup and get back and she had just run out of gas! So now we are without light without gas and all the food is like kind of made! Not enough to eat but too done to just throw it into the fridge!  The worst part of all is she is pretty poor.  She doesn't have enough to give us to eat and so another sister gives her money to cook for us.  So we just went to like a little kitchen thing and we bought her food and we just ate there together for a little bit and talked!  It was quite the experience we had!  Then we went with Pres and went to the doctors.  Things went good I guess. All my tests showed up normal except for one and now they want to check because the one that turned out bad was the one that has to do with the things in your stomach and intestines that fight off sickness like this and so I have some hope that it will be this. It sounds like an easier fix for us!  I don't have to have a colonoscopy which is the good thing!  Then we went out with pres for tacos and it was good!  

Saturday we got to the offices at about 10 and we started working! We went and got the house for the senior couple paid for.  We got the keys so we could start moving in on monday!  We went to Correos de Mexico and go stuff done there!  Then to Walmart for the usual trip the day before the assistants get there.  And just got all the que haceres done!  Then we went to the food  with Laura and that was fun! Then we went for some presentacion that the young women were doing at the church to support people!  Then we went to Our investigators birthday dinner and ate some really good food and taught her a little bit!  Then from there we went and taught Julio again and he seemed all ready to go the church!  Just waiting for tomorrow to see exactly what happens!

Sunday we went to church and actually had a really good turnout!  Things went well but the saddest part is that Julio didn't go!!  I guess it is just at the point now where we might have to consider dropping him!  It is going to be hard but it is something that might have to happen!  That was about it for us this week!

This week I have been studying this talk given by Neal A Maxwell about Patience! It is an awesome talk and I will add the link!  It talks all about patience and how it can help us in our live and what it means to truly be patient!!  One scripture I love and pulled out comes from James. As missionaries we read a lot from James and I never knew this exisisted before I started reading the talk!  

 2 My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations;
 3 Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.
 4 But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.

It is saying that we need to be patience and that will go slowly forming us into perfection!  We have tons of different trials that are always presented to us and if we can suffer them patiently God will bless us immensely!

I hope that you can have a great week!!  I love you guys!!

Elder Orchard

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

¨If you were to put a bunch of cats into bagpipes and then repeatedly step on it, it would sound a lot better than our choir.¨

Wow it feels like just yesterday I wrote you guys and now I am here again!!  So this week has been kind of crazy!  It seemed like we weren't going to do missionary work this week and then before I new it we had 20 lessons which is a pretty good week for us!  Especially in a changes week!  We were exhausted and we still are but we are going to get through this week and see how it goes!

Tuesday changes day!  Changes day is always just pretty crazy for us! Sometimes we make it to the area and sometimes we don't!  Usually we try not to plan anything this week because for no reason at all sometimes we are just out of commission so it takes a great amount of planning to make everything work out!  Tuesday we woke up and started studying and then left at 8:30 to go to the Stake Neza.  We got things set up for the most part until Elder Ibarra left some agendas here.  Well with the new zones he had to do a lot with cell phones so I came back in a taxi to pick everything up and head back out!  We got there and everyone was getting flu shots and changes and it was super super busy with everything. it just felt crowded and like I was running around crazy!  Probably because I was!  So then we finally get everything done and put away so we were free to go back to the offices.  Well when we get here we figured out that many people that were going out to Iztapaluca had left all of their bedding in their old houses?!  I don't know how they did it so we loaded up a taxi and headed back out to Neza.  Finally we made it to the food and we ate.  Then from there we went out to the temple to buy some things that were very necessary and then we went to a few houses to close some contracts and drop off money and all sorts of stuff that would only happen to us!  Then we came home because the day was over at this point!  

Wednesday we packed up and headed out with Pres to drop off some stuff in Iztapaluca and go and pick up some houses that had to be closed by this day so that way we didn't have to pay the rent.  So it was a long day like always when we go out there like this.  We got to the house and for the first time ever it was actually all clean!!  We didn't need to clean or take things apart or anything like that!  We just simply threw all the stuff in the van and headed off!!  It was awesome!  So we got to the offices about four thirty and we had to make it out to a house by about 6:30 to talk with the owner and so we showered and waited an hour for a taxi but it never came so it was already too late to make it anywhere before we had to be back inside so we just planned for the week and called it a day.

Thursday we headed out with not very many plans.  We left early because we had appointments starting at 10 in the morning.  We were going to go and find some news.  So went and they left us hanging.  So we were just out there early and didn't have much to be able to do.  So we went and did a service project taking down a ladies christmas tree and had an awesome lesson with her!  We are going around with people trying to get service from them to be able to know them and get references!  So we had an awesome lesson with this lady who is pretty sad and bitter right now about somethings that had happened in her life.  So we could really feel the spirit while we were teaching!  One thing that I have learned is that as missionaries the best thing we can do is ask questions.  But good questions that are guided by the spirit!  When you ask good questions you can really see people coming to know and teaching themself.  a lesson that we ask good questions is better than anything we could teach investigators.  I still have to work really really hard at being better at asking questions but I hope I am slowly getting better at it but that is what we are here for right!!  Alright so then after this we decided to go with the Family Alva because there compromiso is up now and so we are going to see if they really want what we have talked about and what we have taught them!  Then to finish off the day we went to PEC!  This was the first PEC I have ever heard of in Mexico and I was super excited about everything!  Our Bishop is doing good and he is working realy hard we are just trying to figure out how we can work more as a ward as a team!  Hopefully we can continue to see some good things happen here in this short time that we have left together in this ward!  

Friday we went and saw Abraham and he is doing really really good!!  He is progressing really well and we are really happy about that! Then we went to a members house where we have someone that we have been trying and trying to put citas with!  So we told her hey we want to teach you and she was like no I just don't want to because missionaries have tried and I won't go to church and all that stuff!  and we were like okay that is fine!  Well she really wanted a book of Moromon in English and so we got her one because being secretaries we can get them in any language that the book of mormon is translated to!  So we got that and she was super excited and we were getting ready to leave and teach Julio with our first counselor and he is her cousin so we just invited her to come with us and she is like sure I will go with you!  So her name is Kathia and she knows tons and tons of things about the church she just won't get baptized or go and so we had a cool lesson with Julio and it was like a changing point!  So on Saturday we just invited her to go to church and she was like if i can sure! So we were like well that was a nice no right!  Well then she tried to get a hold of Daniel (the counselor in our ward)  but he didn't answer and so she didn't end up going but she had everything ready she just didn't want to go alone and she found out too late to make it.  So hopefully this next week she will come!  She knows like everything all we needed was her to feel the spirit strong and she taught a part of the ten commandments and did awesome and I think it help her tons!!  It was one of the cooler stories yet!  It is crazy awesome to see the spirit work in the lives of others!

Saturday was a interesting day. We had lots of plans of things to do in the morning and they all canceled on us! The good news was we hadn't left yet and so we just hung out here and did office stuff.  Then even the food cancelled so we ate and then we headed out to clean the church because the person who is in charge called and told us that nobody else could go with him so we went and helped!  Then we had to go to the stake center to see a broadcast that the area presidency wanted us to watch.  but when we got there they didn't have anything ready and it was really bad! It started at 6 they showed up at 6:30 and finally got it working at 7 so we said the closing prayer and left because it had ended!  It was a hassle enough to get them to put it for us and then it didn't work and we were actually really excited to see it!  So that is how our day ended and we were pretty sad about it!

Sunday we had just a normal day!  We had four people in church and three fechas and so that was nice it just felt like a slow sunday!  It was just hard!  Then we went to a meeting with our ward missionleader and headed back to the stake center to practice for some choir that we are going to sing in and it was super bad!  We kind of had absolutely no idea what to sing or what was happening and we asked for help and she was like just listen and sing with the other you guys can catch on!  Turns out we are singing a three song melody where the girls start by singing josephs first prayer then the guys come in singing praise to the man and then somehow we all end up on we thank the O God for a Prophet.  Needless to say it was interesting! The arrangement has tons of potential but I would like to describe our sound with a phrase that Dallas once used to describe his choir.  ¨If you were to put a bunch of cats into bagpipes and then repeatedly step on it, it would sound a lot better than our choir.¨

Alright well I was a little confussed on what my spiritual thought of the day would be.  But last night at our zone meeting we talked about how the little things make a difference in our lives.  We didn't have a very good week as a zone because we didn't do the little things that we can control. maybe we can't control if people go to church but we can control that we teach them the little and important things that they need to learn!  Maybe we can't make them read the Book of Mormon but we can help them to understand the why of everything!  There is a scripture that I love in Doctrine and Covenants that fits perfectly with how important it is to do these little things and it reads like this

33 Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great.

Maybe we have stopped doing daily scripture study, maybe we have stopped praying who knows!  Because they seem small but i know that by doing these small things will help us see the big differences we want to see in our lives!  Especially in this new year if we can look and do these small important things we will see great blessings in our lives throughout the year!

Have a good week I love you all!! 


Elder Orchard

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

One of the Coolest Days of My Mission

Alright I am trying to get on early to get this email sent before everything goes all crazy!  Changes week is something else!  Especially opening up this new zone who knows what we have in store!  I will try and give a nice little detail of everything that happened this week to keep you all caught up! I am sure next weeks email will be something else!!  

Monday we went and played soccer with the youth of our ward!  We didn't have as great of a turn out for this activity but we still had fun!  We played for a few hours and then headed to the Young mens Presidents house to eat hot dogs and have a little more of a spiritual experience!  After that we came home and wrote for a little bit and then went and saw some people in the night with our ward mission leader!  We went and saw a recent convert and we found out that his family wants to listen to the lessons!  So we put a cita to go and teach them in the next week!  He is doing great he is not a terrible convert but he hasn't been to church since he got confirmed.  We were scared of that but he seems to be continuing just has been kind of sick!  But we were able to find some new investigators this way and we have loved going to work with our ward mission leader! After this we just headed home!  It was a really busy P day and we worked a ton!  It was different than any other P day I have had in my mission until this point!

Tuesday in the  morning I was working to get my cards closed off for the year and so we were here until about three then we went to the food!  We ate and headed out with our ward mission leader.  He had this awesome idea this week to try and help us to get more references.  so he decided that we would go around to everyone's house and we would ask them to think of a service we could do for them by the time we came back in two weeks.  Then we would invite less actives to go with us and get the stuff done.  That way would could try and activate families and get everyone to know each other.  So we started that today.  We visit two families a day with him and then all the other visits that we do with him as well!  So today we got lots of awesome service oportunities set up for us.  We have a couple this week we just need to find the people we want to take with us!  So we went and saw some cool families like that this day.  We also found some cool Less actives that we taught.  They seem pretty cool the only problem is everyone here says they will go to church but they never do!  It is hard sometimes!  After these lessons we went home so I could finish getting my cards closed off.  

Wednesday was problably one of the coolest days of my mission!  We planned on Sunday that we were going to go out with the jovenes and do visits to all the less active youth and that we were going to go visit our investigators with them.  So we split up into two teams, we had team Orchard and team Olson and we each took two Jovenes and a leader and off we went to visit people!  We had sooooo much success today!  We were able to pound out ten lessons today!  We found a new got a reference and had four lessons with a member and all the jovenes have the goal to get someone baptized.  We are working with our priests more so that they can baptize some people in the ward before they leave on their misisons.  It was awesome!  We were able to see all of our investigators and we were able to work with the Jovenes which is part of our plan del area for the last year!  Besides the jovenes we went and visited some less actives.  We tried to really work hard since we knew that this would be kind of a short week for us with the new year!  

Thursday we had a lot of planning that had to happen.  We have to get everything ready for Iztapaluca so we started to get everything figured out for this.  There were tons of interviews so we just hung out until the food.  Then we went and ate with our ward mission leader and his mom made us some of the best tacos that I have ever eaten in my life I think!  They were suadero and I was in heaven!!  After that we had a mini meeting with Rogelio (ward mission leader)  about what we can do! He also came up with another idea for references! He said I think that we aren't use to giving references as members so we are going to help them get use to it and almost trick them into helping us with references! Every week we are going to pick four people to draw a name out of a hat.  Their job is then to call and put an appointment with the less active whose name they drew and then go with us to visit them.  After doing this for a while the people will get use to reaching out to people and inviting them to meet with the missionaries! Honestly I love Rogelio! He is the most amazing ward mission leader I have ever seen!  He works hard and you can really see the love he has for us and for the Lord!  He is amazing!  Once we got home we were allowed to watch animated Disney movies and so we watched meet the robinsons.  and stayed up until midnight to celebrate the new year!  With Presidents permission obviously!  

Friday was a more relaxed day we were going to leave after the food and work but some things happened and we ended up not leaving so we started mainly to just clean the house and get some studying done for the week and have some plans made!  It was a good day!

Saturday we went to the temple to pick up some things that some missionaries needed from the temple.  Then we went and got food for the news that came today.  We went and ate with Laura and she is just amazing! She actually just got back from oaxaca and she brought us these cool shirts that I attatched the picture of!  After we ate with her we went to do an English Interview! So we get there and we thought that they were going to be less actives and it turns out we were right so we start doing the test and it turns out it was a little family that wasn't members so we taught them and ended up finding four news! It was awesome!  Then we committed the less actives to go but they didn't but it was an good lesson we had!  Then we went and saw Julio because we had only seen him once this week and he was doing good! He was pretty sick and so he said he wouldn't be able to go to church because of how sick he was!  So it is okay there is always next week right!  All in all we had a very very successful week again! It was awesome to see all of the progress we made!!

As far as numbers go this is probably the best week I had in the offices.  Our numbers went like this
27 lessons in total
10 with member
10 with less actives
6 news
14 less actives in church
3 investigators

Alright so this weeks spiritual experience was something we taught with Felipe the recent convert so we were teaching him and he was like okay well I have a question for you guys why is it that I see people who are members drinking and smoking and doing things that you guys taught me not to do?  And so we had a great little chat about agency and everything and it was a pretty good lesson!  However he told us that he felt at first a little let down and sad and I really didn't want to go to church anymore.  "Because of the example that other people had put for me I didn't want to go back but now I have realized that what I really need is to be a better example to others that know I am a member so that way they can get baptized!"  So then I thought of the Scripture that is in First Timothy chapter four verses twelve and thirteen
12 Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an exampleof the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.
 13 Till I come, give attendance to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine.

I hope that we can all remember how important in our lives our example to others can be!  I have taught a few people that won't get baptized because they know people who did things they shouldn't do and so I know that being an example to everyone at all times is very important I hope we can all go forward putting the example that needs to be put! 

We had a good week and we hope that we can have lots of success in our last cycle together.  I love you all and hope that you have an amazing week!!


Elder Orchard

We didn't get a picture of the shirt from Laura but we did get these with no explanation.  That bowl of bugs has me a little curious!