Wednesday, January 6, 2016

One of the Coolest Days of My Mission

Alright I am trying to get on early to get this email sent before everything goes all crazy!  Changes week is something else!  Especially opening up this new zone who knows what we have in store!  I will try and give a nice little detail of everything that happened this week to keep you all caught up! I am sure next weeks email will be something else!!  

Monday we went and played soccer with the youth of our ward!  We didn't have as great of a turn out for this activity but we still had fun!  We played for a few hours and then headed to the Young mens Presidents house to eat hot dogs and have a little more of a spiritual experience!  After that we came home and wrote for a little bit and then went and saw some people in the night with our ward mission leader!  We went and saw a recent convert and we found out that his family wants to listen to the lessons!  So we put a cita to go and teach them in the next week!  He is doing great he is not a terrible convert but he hasn't been to church since he got confirmed.  We were scared of that but he seems to be continuing just has been kind of sick!  But we were able to find some new investigators this way and we have loved going to work with our ward mission leader! After this we just headed home!  It was a really busy P day and we worked a ton!  It was different than any other P day I have had in my mission until this point!

Tuesday in the  morning I was working to get my cards closed off for the year and so we were here until about three then we went to the food!  We ate and headed out with our ward mission leader.  He had this awesome idea this week to try and help us to get more references.  so he decided that we would go around to everyone's house and we would ask them to think of a service we could do for them by the time we came back in two weeks.  Then we would invite less actives to go with us and get the stuff done.  That way would could try and activate families and get everyone to know each other.  So we started that today.  We visit two families a day with him and then all the other visits that we do with him as well!  So today we got lots of awesome service oportunities set up for us.  We have a couple this week we just need to find the people we want to take with us!  So we went and saw some cool families like that this day.  We also found some cool Less actives that we taught.  They seem pretty cool the only problem is everyone here says they will go to church but they never do!  It is hard sometimes!  After these lessons we went home so I could finish getting my cards closed off.  

Wednesday was problably one of the coolest days of my mission!  We planned on Sunday that we were going to go out with the jovenes and do visits to all the less active youth and that we were going to go visit our investigators with them.  So we split up into two teams, we had team Orchard and team Olson and we each took two Jovenes and a leader and off we went to visit people!  We had sooooo much success today!  We were able to pound out ten lessons today!  We found a new got a reference and had four lessons with a member and all the jovenes have the goal to get someone baptized.  We are working with our priests more so that they can baptize some people in the ward before they leave on their misisons.  It was awesome!  We were able to see all of our investigators and we were able to work with the Jovenes which is part of our plan del area for the last year!  Besides the jovenes we went and visited some less actives.  We tried to really work hard since we knew that this would be kind of a short week for us with the new year!  

Thursday we had a lot of planning that had to happen.  We have to get everything ready for Iztapaluca so we started to get everything figured out for this.  There were tons of interviews so we just hung out until the food.  Then we went and ate with our ward mission leader and his mom made us some of the best tacos that I have ever eaten in my life I think!  They were suadero and I was in heaven!!  After that we had a mini meeting with Rogelio (ward mission leader)  about what we can do! He also came up with another idea for references! He said I think that we aren't use to giving references as members so we are going to help them get use to it and almost trick them into helping us with references! Every week we are going to pick four people to draw a name out of a hat.  Their job is then to call and put an appointment with the less active whose name they drew and then go with us to visit them.  After doing this for a while the people will get use to reaching out to people and inviting them to meet with the missionaries! Honestly I love Rogelio! He is the most amazing ward mission leader I have ever seen!  He works hard and you can really see the love he has for us and for the Lord!  He is amazing!  Once we got home we were allowed to watch animated Disney movies and so we watched meet the robinsons.  and stayed up until midnight to celebrate the new year!  With Presidents permission obviously!  

Friday was a more relaxed day we were going to leave after the food and work but some things happened and we ended up not leaving so we started mainly to just clean the house and get some studying done for the week and have some plans made!  It was a good day!

Saturday we went to the temple to pick up some things that some missionaries needed from the temple.  Then we went and got food for the news that came today.  We went and ate with Laura and she is just amazing! She actually just got back from oaxaca and she brought us these cool shirts that I attatched the picture of!  After we ate with her we went to do an English Interview! So we get there and we thought that they were going to be less actives and it turns out we were right so we start doing the test and it turns out it was a little family that wasn't members so we taught them and ended up finding four news! It was awesome!  Then we committed the less actives to go but they didn't but it was an good lesson we had!  Then we went and saw Julio because we had only seen him once this week and he was doing good! He was pretty sick and so he said he wouldn't be able to go to church because of how sick he was!  So it is okay there is always next week right!  All in all we had a very very successful week again! It was awesome to see all of the progress we made!!

As far as numbers go this is probably the best week I had in the offices.  Our numbers went like this
27 lessons in total
10 with member
10 with less actives
6 news
14 less actives in church
3 investigators

Alright so this weeks spiritual experience was something we taught with Felipe the recent convert so we were teaching him and he was like okay well I have a question for you guys why is it that I see people who are members drinking and smoking and doing things that you guys taught me not to do?  And so we had a great little chat about agency and everything and it was a pretty good lesson!  However he told us that he felt at first a little let down and sad and I really didn't want to go to church anymore.  "Because of the example that other people had put for me I didn't want to go back but now I have realized that what I really need is to be a better example to others that know I am a member so that way they can get baptized!"  So then I thought of the Scripture that is in First Timothy chapter four verses twelve and thirteen
12 Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an exampleof the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.
 13 Till I come, give attendance to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine.

I hope that we can all remember how important in our lives our example to others can be!  I have taught a few people that won't get baptized because they know people who did things they shouldn't do and so I know that being an example to everyone at all times is very important I hope we can all go forward putting the example that needs to be put! 

We had a good week and we hope that we can have lots of success in our last cycle together.  I love you all and hope that you have an amazing week!!


Elder Orchard

We didn't get a picture of the shirt from Laura but we did get these with no explanation.  That bowl of bugs has me a little curious!

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