Wednesday, January 13, 2016

¨If you were to put a bunch of cats into bagpipes and then repeatedly step on it, it would sound a lot better than our choir.¨

Wow it feels like just yesterday I wrote you guys and now I am here again!!  So this week has been kind of crazy!  It seemed like we weren't going to do missionary work this week and then before I new it we had 20 lessons which is a pretty good week for us!  Especially in a changes week!  We were exhausted and we still are but we are going to get through this week and see how it goes!

Tuesday changes day!  Changes day is always just pretty crazy for us! Sometimes we make it to the area and sometimes we don't!  Usually we try not to plan anything this week because for no reason at all sometimes we are just out of commission so it takes a great amount of planning to make everything work out!  Tuesday we woke up and started studying and then left at 8:30 to go to the Stake Neza.  We got things set up for the most part until Elder Ibarra left some agendas here.  Well with the new zones he had to do a lot with cell phones so I came back in a taxi to pick everything up and head back out!  We got there and everyone was getting flu shots and changes and it was super super busy with everything. it just felt crowded and like I was running around crazy!  Probably because I was!  So then we finally get everything done and put away so we were free to go back to the offices.  Well when we get here we figured out that many people that were going out to Iztapaluca had left all of their bedding in their old houses?!  I don't know how they did it so we loaded up a taxi and headed back out to Neza.  Finally we made it to the food and we ate.  Then from there we went out to the temple to buy some things that were very necessary and then we went to a few houses to close some contracts and drop off money and all sorts of stuff that would only happen to us!  Then we came home because the day was over at this point!  

Wednesday we packed up and headed out with Pres to drop off some stuff in Iztapaluca and go and pick up some houses that had to be closed by this day so that way we didn't have to pay the rent.  So it was a long day like always when we go out there like this.  We got to the house and for the first time ever it was actually all clean!!  We didn't need to clean or take things apart or anything like that!  We just simply threw all the stuff in the van and headed off!!  It was awesome!  So we got to the offices about four thirty and we had to make it out to a house by about 6:30 to talk with the owner and so we showered and waited an hour for a taxi but it never came so it was already too late to make it anywhere before we had to be back inside so we just planned for the week and called it a day.

Thursday we headed out with not very many plans.  We left early because we had appointments starting at 10 in the morning.  We were going to go and find some news.  So went and they left us hanging.  So we were just out there early and didn't have much to be able to do.  So we went and did a service project taking down a ladies christmas tree and had an awesome lesson with her!  We are going around with people trying to get service from them to be able to know them and get references!  So we had an awesome lesson with this lady who is pretty sad and bitter right now about somethings that had happened in her life.  So we could really feel the spirit while we were teaching!  One thing that I have learned is that as missionaries the best thing we can do is ask questions.  But good questions that are guided by the spirit!  When you ask good questions you can really see people coming to know and teaching themself.  a lesson that we ask good questions is better than anything we could teach investigators.  I still have to work really really hard at being better at asking questions but I hope I am slowly getting better at it but that is what we are here for right!!  Alright so then after this we decided to go with the Family Alva because there compromiso is up now and so we are going to see if they really want what we have talked about and what we have taught them!  Then to finish off the day we went to PEC!  This was the first PEC I have ever heard of in Mexico and I was super excited about everything!  Our Bishop is doing good and he is working realy hard we are just trying to figure out how we can work more as a ward as a team!  Hopefully we can continue to see some good things happen here in this short time that we have left together in this ward!  

Friday we went and saw Abraham and he is doing really really good!!  He is progressing really well and we are really happy about that! Then we went to a members house where we have someone that we have been trying and trying to put citas with!  So we told her hey we want to teach you and she was like no I just don't want to because missionaries have tried and I won't go to church and all that stuff!  and we were like okay that is fine!  Well she really wanted a book of Moromon in English and so we got her one because being secretaries we can get them in any language that the book of mormon is translated to!  So we got that and she was super excited and we were getting ready to leave and teach Julio with our first counselor and he is her cousin so we just invited her to come with us and she is like sure I will go with you!  So her name is Kathia and she knows tons and tons of things about the church she just won't get baptized or go and so we had a cool lesson with Julio and it was like a changing point!  So on Saturday we just invited her to go to church and she was like if i can sure! So we were like well that was a nice no right!  Well then she tried to get a hold of Daniel (the counselor in our ward)  but he didn't answer and so she didn't end up going but she had everything ready she just didn't want to go alone and she found out too late to make it.  So hopefully this next week she will come!  She knows like everything all we needed was her to feel the spirit strong and she taught a part of the ten commandments and did awesome and I think it help her tons!!  It was one of the cooler stories yet!  It is crazy awesome to see the spirit work in the lives of others!

Saturday was a interesting day. We had lots of plans of things to do in the morning and they all canceled on us! The good news was we hadn't left yet and so we just hung out here and did office stuff.  Then even the food cancelled so we ate and then we headed out to clean the church because the person who is in charge called and told us that nobody else could go with him so we went and helped!  Then we had to go to the stake center to see a broadcast that the area presidency wanted us to watch.  but when we got there they didn't have anything ready and it was really bad! It started at 6 they showed up at 6:30 and finally got it working at 7 so we said the closing prayer and left because it had ended!  It was a hassle enough to get them to put it for us and then it didn't work and we were actually really excited to see it!  So that is how our day ended and we were pretty sad about it!

Sunday we had just a normal day!  We had four people in church and three fechas and so that was nice it just felt like a slow sunday!  It was just hard!  Then we went to a meeting with our ward missionleader and headed back to the stake center to practice for some choir that we are going to sing in and it was super bad!  We kind of had absolutely no idea what to sing or what was happening and we asked for help and she was like just listen and sing with the other you guys can catch on!  Turns out we are singing a three song melody where the girls start by singing josephs first prayer then the guys come in singing praise to the man and then somehow we all end up on we thank the O God for a Prophet.  Needless to say it was interesting! The arrangement has tons of potential but I would like to describe our sound with a phrase that Dallas once used to describe his choir.  ¨If you were to put a bunch of cats into bagpipes and then repeatedly step on it, it would sound a lot better than our choir.¨

Alright well I was a little confussed on what my spiritual thought of the day would be.  But last night at our zone meeting we talked about how the little things make a difference in our lives.  We didn't have a very good week as a zone because we didn't do the little things that we can control. maybe we can't control if people go to church but we can control that we teach them the little and important things that they need to learn!  Maybe we can't make them read the Book of Mormon but we can help them to understand the why of everything!  There is a scripture that I love in Doctrine and Covenants that fits perfectly with how important it is to do these little things and it reads like this

33 Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great.

Maybe we have stopped doing daily scripture study, maybe we have stopped praying who knows!  Because they seem small but i know that by doing these small things will help us see the big differences we want to see in our lives!  Especially in this new year if we can look and do these small important things we will see great blessings in our lives throughout the year!

Have a good week I love you all!! 


Elder Orchard

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