Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Sun is Really Hot

hello everyone! today I don't have much time I am going to have to make it quick!  Alright well tuesday was a really really good day! We were able to talk with a few good families and we really hope that they can progress!  We also went and saw santos who is just progressing really well and reading and doing all that stuff! Hopefully things will continue to go well for him before his baptism next week!  If everything turns out right we will be baptizing about five next week!  Hopefully things go as planned!    We also went and saw Luisito and Paloma who also will be baptized next week! (pending an interview with the bishop for their dad)  Hopefully things turn out the way we want and hope!  Also they are doing really good they have everything now we are just waiting a little to try and teach them!  But they invited us to a family night with them and to Luisito's birthday! Pictures uploaded.

Wednesday was really really slow! We haven't really had much plans and it has been pretty hard to get things rolling the past few days.  The sun is really really hot right now and so we just get drained of energy walking around!  I am just working on my tan though so that is good!  We also had a cita with someone we thought we could baptize this week but we started walking to her house and her boyfriend passed by with her and so it was just kind of well I guess we won't be visiting her! Kind of sad! Hopefully next cycle she can get baptized!

Jueves was a good day as well!  In the morning we went and saw a graduation for one of Elder Lopez's converts.  I just stayed in the offices with the Nebekers so it was nice to see them and to hang out with them again! They are always a blast!  Then we went and ate tacos in the tianguis because I have missed them in the time that I have been out here!

Then we just headed back to be able to get some lessons in.  Also kind of a rough day but we are trying!  We then just finished with our meeting with the ward mission leader!

Friday we had mission counsel which was super cool! We were able to learn all sorts of stuff about how we can help our zone! Hopefully we can get things better out here! I don't know what is going on but people are not doing what they need to be doing.  They are not having tons of success and it is hard for us to see that!  Then we went and ate with a cool family and we went to visit santos.  He told us that he couldn't stop smoking and so he would let us know when he was done smoking.  Pretty sad we had tons of hope but I am sure that he will still be baptized but it is going to take a little while.  Then we headed off to the family night and we met some super cool new investigators and we had a great time playing games and having fun with the family.

Saturday was just more getting things done! We went to a primary activity for kids day.  Yes I am not joking it is an actual holiday here.  We took our investigators there and we played for about an hour with the primary.  then just went and tried to find more people before the birthday party of Luisito.  We had a good day and were able to find some more news so it was a pretty good week.

Sunday we had most of the people come we were waiting on but we are having a little bit of a problem as a zone.  We had over a third of our investigators in church and people just aren't committing them the way they should.  We don't really know how to help them right now but we are trying! We have already done a lot but now they have to be problem solvers and figure it out for themselves.

Alright well I love you guys!  Have a great week and I will talk to you on sunday! I might not write next monday since we will have just talked!  but I guess we will find out right!

Elder Orchard

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