Tuesday, April 26, 2016

We Ran Out of Water for Our Baptism

Alright I am pretty short on time so I will make it fast but I am doing good and that is the most important part!!

Tuesday was an alright day!  Things went good and we were able to see a bunch of people that we had been waiting for.  We also had a talk with Axel and he is ready for his baptism.  So we planned it for this Saturday!

Wednesday was pretty slow.  We had a bunch of things get changed and it was a super super slow day!

Thursday we planned and also had a rough day!  It was kind of a rough week we just couldn't find people in their houses so it was hard to have success when the people weren't there and ready! however today Axel had his baptism interview and he passed so things are ready for that!

Friday I went on divisions and had a really really successful day witht he elder I was with!  we had tons of lessons and found news and just did everything we should do as missionaries it was nice!!

Saturday this was really the weird day of the week!  We go to get everything planned for the baptism and we start filling the font and everything and then out of nowhere we run out of water!  There was literally zero water left in the whole church!  So we were like well what do we do now! We have to find a pila somewhere so that way we can baptize!  So we start calling we finally found one that was already full.  So now we run into the how do we get everyone there?  We called a buddy and he was like yeah I will bring my combi and we will take everyone out.  Sweet well he was working though and so we had to pay him and he was a super homie about it which was good!  So we get there and we had left the clothes to baptize and so it was all just a show but we finally got the kid baptized and we were all really happy!  

Alright well two more stories from this week one funny one one spiritual one!  

We had a sister call us on tuesday saying elders my roof in my business fell down.  I remember that in one of the pamphlets you gave me it said you guys give away tiles. Well I need you to give them to me and then come help me fix my roof and so I was like okay I will talk with my comp and see what we can do.  Well we are thinking what is she talking about nowhere does it talk about service or anything we can do!  So we get there and she says yeah in this one it says it.  Well they are tiles of Jesus and his life and we just started busting up laughing.  And she was mad but it was so funny she was like you guys need to be more specific but we were like it says from the life of Jesus Christ and his ministry how much more clear could you want it! We were just busting up laughing!

And last but not least we have this champ of an investigator.  He has been chosen since the first day we met him! Well this week he told us that he had something he needed to tell us. Oh no.  Well he said about a week before I started talking to you I had a dream.  in this dream an angel came to me and said Santos soon two angels will come and talk to you.  they will teach you everything you need to do in this life and so listen to them and pay attention. do whatever they ask you to do! Well he heeded that advice and he is progressing really really well.  He will be baptized here in two weeks but we are so blessed and were so grateful for the chance we had to meet him and help him in this process!  There is a scripture that I love in the book of Mormon that talks about this and says that angels are preparing people for us! And I sure can testify of this now!  I hope you have a great week!


Elder orchard

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