Tuesday, April 19, 2016

We Needed A Place to Put The House of Prayer

My shoes after walking through the pueblos
Well we had a pretty alright week! We didn't do a whole bunch and we were really focused on other things to help the zone but things turned out really good for the most part! However we do have some really exciting news!  We are going to get a branch started in a pueblo in our ward!  We are super excited about it! Most of this week was spent trying to find members and get people excited about it! We are hoping we can get sent another companionship so that way we can be able to work it really really well but we know that this branch is going to give us tons of success!!  

Alright well Tuesday we went and worked like normal! We had a few appointments with people that are progressing.  We also had to do some special changes in the morning and so we went to that and got everything there figured out! We welcomed the new missionary into the zone and sent him off to work!  We are super excited that Elder Onofre is here with us! He is a very powerful missionary and he really understands his purpose here!!  It was awesome to see how excited he was and how hard of a worker he is!  So then from there we went with Luisito and Paloma which are two of the fechas that we have right now! They are doing really good! They are reading and progressing and just killing it! Their dad is doing really good and preparing himself to be able to baptize his kids!  They will be getting baptized on the 7th of May along with their cousins and uncle who we are also teaching and who is progressing really well!  We are having tons of success with this family! There are just a few people that we are missing from the family to complete it!  But when you have about 50 brothers it is hard to track everyone down!  Not all with the same woman though don't worry guys!

Wednesday we had to do some follow up on the special changes and so we headed out to one of the areas in the morning! From there my comp felt really really sick so we stayed in until the food! we went to the food and went and saw a few investigators and families and then headed out to the church for a baptismal interview!  Pretty cool I did my first interview and it went really well! The kid passed which is the most important part right!?  Then we headed to see another one of our fechas but when we got there we were pretty upset.  The mom had taken her daughter to her boyfriends house because she was mad and said here she is yours now.  So now we haven't seen her all week because she is currently living in a union libre (living with the person without being married)  So that kind of threw a curveball into our plans.  We are still upset and we don't know what to do at the moment!

Thursday we had a meeting with the President in the morning to talk about how we could work better here in our zone and how the other missionaries could progress. he was worried about some of the areas and all that stuff.  Well we also talked about the branch and Pres was super stoked about it and so we went all day to start to get stuff ready for it.  We started contacting looking for people and we had tons of success out there! We are super excited for what is to come in the future out there!!  

Friday was kind of a busy day. The morning we went to check things out for a new house to be able to move into for a companionship coming and more contacting and getting to know people.  Cool experience from today we were talking about how we needed to find news and how we needed a place to put the house of prayer.  So I did a contact with another missionary and she let us in and we talked and she was like interested but not all the much.  Well we get to the end and we say we are going to put a church here close because we know that you guys are really far and she just lit up and said a I have a property that I am not using you guys could use it for free if you want! It is amazing to see how the Lord puts the right people in our path to be able to fulfill with what he wants us to do!

Some pictures of where the branch is going to be.

Saturday was a busy day! We went to an activity at the stake center to try and find new investigators well it didn't really work but that is okay!  Then we went to our baptism and dilan finally got baptized!!  So then it was just finding new investigators to be able to keep baptizing and we had a lot of success that day!!  

Sunday most of the people came but a lot still never made it there!  It is pretty sad!  I just wish people would all come to church! 

Well that was about it for the week! this week I studied a lot of Elder Hollands talk from conference and I really liked the scripture in Joshua 3:5 It was something I am trying to apply this week! a lot of times we want to see miracles as missionaries or people but we don't do what we need to do to be able to receive them.  So that is my hope today is that we can all do the things that we need to do to prepare the way for miracles!!

I love you all have a good week 

Elder Orchard

What I eat almost every night which is a quesadilla but an actual one, not like what we have at home.
I asked Douglas to compare where he is living now to something from home I could identify with. This is what he said: "I live in something like Manti but there isn't anything to compare the rest to. A camp ground."

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