Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Instead of the Cops Taking Our Money They Gave us Some!

Well this week was pretty crazy we have been working hard in this little ward that we have!  We were suppose to have a baptism last saturday but it fell I guess I will mention that a little more later!  But I guess here we go!

My companion is super cool he is from Veracruz and he goes home this cycle.  He is an amazing missionary and we are working really hard together and we are having a ton of success!  It is going good! He is going to go and study in BYU which is cool I will be able to see him.

Living conditions are alright.  Every five days we get water so we have to make it last.  I am more out in the country and I love it but my shoes are suffering like always.  Lots of dirt roads and rocks and all sorts of stuff like that. 

Monday we went and worked like a normal day since we were going to the temple!  So we had a good day!  Honestly I don't fully remember everything that has happened or the days because it has all just kind of blended together!  But we had a really good day with lots of lessons which was good!  
Tuesday was temple day! Well that took a long time sine we are really far away! But a cool little experience comes from on our way home.  We thought we got off the metro in the right place turns out it was one stop too early.  we were pretty sad and we didn't want to pay again to use the metro well turns out it was quite a ways walking and so we are walking and the sidewalk just runs out.  So we are like walking on like the curb while traffic is just wizzing by us and out of nowhere a police stops and says to one of the missionaries who we were with who is the Senior comp?  Well it was that kid but he was so scared and he was like right there is my district leader and a little more ahead are my zone leaders.  He just was scared and hurried and made himself not responsible jajaja well so the cop calls my comp over and was like you are one of the zone leaders?  Yeah alright well take this and go buy yourself something to drink it is really hot outside and he handed  us 200 pesos and we were so stoked.  We thought about not sharing because he threw us under the bus so fast but we decided we had to and so we did it was super super cool though that was really one of the first times that has happened to me and it was really really cool! Instead of the cops taking our money they gave us some!  It was cool!!

Wednesday was division day and so I left the area to go with my grandson and see how he was doing! It was a good day we were able to find some people that could progress and we had success we were able to put a fecha with one of his investigators which was super super cool!  And it was fun to spend time with my family!  In our area Elder Lopez had tons of success which was really cool!  It is always cool to help them see how to work and all that stuff.

Thursday we planned with the companionship to make sure that they were doing things the way they should be done and then we went out and started working!  We had a good day and went to see all the fechas we have so it was a super productive day!

Friday there was a ward dance and so we took a bunch of investigators there to have fun and we presented them to some of the members and then we went and worked!  We were able to put a couple fechas with a family that we hoped would go to church! They are really really good and they are really chosen but sometimes they just put too many excuses! But it ended up being another good day!

Saturday was our baptism and we strategically planned an activity so that way the ward would go to the baptisms!  So we were inviting people to that and we get this phone call from the mother of the kid we are going to baptize and she says elders do you think we could change the baptism to next week?  It is that some of my family can't make it until next week.  Keep in mind we have already changed this kids baptism twice and so I tried to talk my way out of it but we changed it to this week so that way they could come but we told her that it was this week or never.  So she agreed and everything was good!  So then we got to our activity and it was super cool! People came and it was a success and then they all stayed and it would have been great!  But it worked out alright!  

Sunday almost everyone came to church that we were hoping would go!  Except viridiana and her mom but it was alright we had the other people we were waiting for so that was good! It was a really really successful week all in all we put a ton of fechas found a new family and had a lot of people in church and so I am just loving life out here in my area! Hopefully I will finish my mission here!!

I love you guys have a great week! 


Elder Orchard

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