Thursday, April 7, 2016

A Dream Missionary Day

Wow well this week was super super busy!!  Elder Lopez and I have been working super super hard and we have been able to see the results!!  

Monday was the day that all the news were there!  It was pretty stressful because I had to do the whole packing thing and I made hamburgers and I just felt like I was't going to get done in time but somehow we got it all done and everything went spendid!  Then it was just hanging out with the news and getting to know them and all that good stuff it was super fun!!  

Tuesday was changes day so we were up early getting everything done and ready all in time for the last changes I would have in the office!!  
His last official office business!

I don't know the history of this picture but I know it isn't his new companion, Elder Lopez, because he told us his comp is a native.

Elder Olson on the right.  Elder Orchard in the back left corner.  I like getting little random glimpses of him:)

Another random shot of Elder Orchard strolling up the sidewalk on the right!

Sister Stutznegger wrote:  Elder Orchard will be serving as a Zone Leader starting tomorrow.  Elder Orchard has yet to mention that to us but it is nice to know!
It was pretty weird to think that but it was cool!  so we got to changes and I just waited there with everyone else who was going to Ixtapaluca so we could get in the combi (taxi) that would take us out to our area with our companions!  Everything went as planned and so then I had a little emotional goodbye with Olson and then it was out to see what was in store!!  So I got to the stake center and met up with Elder Lopez and it was to figuring out how we were going to get home and all this stuff!  then we got to the house and we went out and just started working like normal!!  Got to meet a few people and tried to start finding more people to teach! The area is awesome and we have had a lot of success and now it was just to try and keep it!!  It ended up being a good day!

Wednesday was a solid day! we didn't have many plans and so we just went out and started to find people contacting people and less actives and we ended up having a lot of success!  we found a new family to teach that has a lot of potential to progress!!  We taught them the restoration and everything was good there!  Again another good day!!  Elder Lopez had then prepared me that tomorrow wouldn't be the best because that is kind of how things work here in this area!  

Thursday we had weekly planning in the morning which was nice to be able to actually do again!!  I was able to get to know a lot of the investigators and the fechas we had to be able to maybe know how to help them!  then like normal we went out and worked hard to see what the Lord would bless us with!  We found a couple more news and have had amazing lessons together!!  My comp is an amazing missionary he really gets how to teach and all that good stuff so it is awesome I feel like I am learning a lot!

Friday was really the last day that we had to work with the conference. our stake center is really really far away and so it is not all that easy to just head and work between sessions so we knew we had to work really hard today to be able to make up for it!  and oh we did!   We had a lot of lessons and we found news and did basically a dream missionary day!  it was super cool!  we also had a less active call us and say elders I haven't been able to go to church but will you come visit me?  we said of course and we put the appointment.  well we got there and he has like well I invited some friends is that okay?  Of course so we taught his friends and they loved it!  We are going to take them to conference tomorrow!!

Saturday was conference and I really really liked it!  I learned a lot!  we had been doing something called how to begin baptizing and it is the restoration but we focus a lot on the priesthood and the authority that God gives to his profets and messengers and there were tons of talks that talked about that it was something I was really looking for help on!  And there I was getting the answers I needed!  it was super cool!!  And the people we were waiting for came and so that was super cool as well!!  We also got things ready for a baptism that we are going to have next week so we are excited for that!!

Alright well it was super nice to be able to actually study this week!!  I had to give a little capacitacion on commitments but one thing I learned was that when we need to invite people to repent and we do that by leaving them commitments to be able to follow.  if they do the thing they will get closer to christ and if not we will know they aren't ready!  Well I think the same kind of goes for us as people that are already members.  sometimes we have some things the spirit tells us that we could do better  or change and if we do it we will be blessed.  but if not we are just like my investigators that don't do anything we are just losing out on blessings!  

I hope you all have a great week!  i love you!


elder orchard

I took this from Sister Stutznegger's Facebook page.  I thought it needed to be included!  "Need a truck...and I don't mean the big white one! Got to give it to these resourceful Mexicans!"

My area is completely different than anything that I have experienced here in Mexico!

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