Monday, March 28, 2016

Last Day in the Office

Easter Sunday...last day in his ward of 10 months.

Hey all sorry this week will be a little bit shorter because I have tons of stuff that has to be done getting ready for changes and all that stuff! So we had a pretty good week! We were able to go and find some of our old investigators. We had a little bit of success with that and so it was good!  We were able to go back with Julio and his family and that was good it looks like he is really ready to change this time and he has really seen tons of changes!  He is doing his homework and all that stuff!  It is nice that he is reading!  He also was able to get work off for every Sunday so that way he can go to church! That was awesome!  He is showing a lot of faith and it is awesome!  

Apart from that we have been working with a couple other families that have fechas and that are progressing really well!  Tania and Santiago are just going along like a stud!  They are working hard and they are just reading! We went to the Primary and they asked all the little kids who Lehi was and all the kids were like who?  The only two kids who knew who Lehi was were Santiago and Leondardo!  It was super cool! They are just progressing really well and we really love them!  

The Camachos are also really good! They are really amazing and we are grateful that we have been able to meet with them and be able to teach them!  They are going to church regularly and last week they actually started to have meetings with the Bishop so that they can get their temple recommends again!  I wanted to cry when I heard that because I was just so happy!!

Hmm this week was really really weird because I knew the whole week that I was going to have changes and so it was weird because I never thought it would come!  I have been here for ten months and it became a ward that I grew to love and I felt like it was my ward at home!  It was really weird.  I was pretty sad saying goodbye to all the people and it was weird to eat for the last time.  It will be good but it was really really weird! I loved all the people here and it kind of felt like I was leaving my house again!  We went to say goodbye to a family and their five year old daughter just ran up to me crying and hugged my legs and said Elder Orchard why do you have to leave?  It broke my heart!  It honestly did!  But I am ready now to get out to my next area and start to work hard and find people and create the same relationships that I have made here! 

The Baptisms went well! We had one on Saturday and Elder Olson Baptized it was good the font was empty when we got to the church in the morning and we thought that we would have to empty it but it was already clean! It was great!

Then on Sunday we figured that there was no way that the water would empty! So we didn't worry about it! Well it turns out everything went wrong! First off we didn't have a child size overall and so it was bad! Then apart from that the water was completely empty! Pobrecita she got baptized in cold water! And to top it all off not many people went to the baptism and it was really sad!  But it went good and we were really blessed for the baptisms that we have had here!  It has been fun but now Elder Olson is going to train and then I am leaving to Ixtapaluca and so I am pretty excited to see what the next six months have in store for me! I know I will find tons of people that are ready and I will be able to make great relationships with them! 

Sorry this week was kind of short and was really random next week will be better don't worry! I will have taken tons of pictures and have tons of great stories so I am excited! Have an amazing week!  I love you guys!


Elder Orchard

(Elder Orchard sent these pictures without any explanation.  I am certain these are some of the families he has grown to love!  I know of few of them so I have added their names.)
Camacho Family

Sergio Macedo and Lizzy Lix

Sister Nebeker sent me this information:  "The guy he's standing with is the guy that's been cutting their hair. They love him! He's an inactive member from another ward."

From left to right, Elder Orchard in the middle, Daniel and Elder Olson

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  1. Hahahhahaha that picture!!!! I will miss him so much!! I've seen his progress since first day with us! He is so teachable and caring!! And he's so funny!! 😁❤ I'm Daniel by the way hahaha😊