Monday, March 7, 2016

The MTC, the Embassy and the Airport All in One Week

Alright well this week was pretty crazy busy! And somehow we were able to get all sorts of stuff done! We had 20 lessons which is a really good week for us especially when you consider what happened and everything we had to do!  It was pretty cray cray!

Monday we went to the MTC to pick up a credit card for one of the missionaries who went to the Provo MTC but he was assigned to the Mexico MTC and so they sent his card down here instead of up there.  So we headed out with Daniel because he was showing us how to get there.  We left at 7 and we did good time and made it there by 8:30.  It was a lot of Metro riding but it was against traffic luckily so it wasn't as crowded as it could have been.  So we got there and the lady that I went to pick it up from wasn't there and so we headed out to Daniels class.  He had told us he wants his kids to speak more spanish and so he wants us to show up and pretend like we had the same time as them but we had just been applying the speak your language portion and that is how we speak so well now.  So we went and that was fun we were with them playing along but we still didn't speak super super well.  We made some errors on purpose but then it touched us to actually teach.  So we decided that we had to do it good! So we just started speaking like we speak and they were like wow how have you guys done that? Well that is when we told them and they didn't think it was super funny but Daniel did and so it was a good time! It actually ended up being really really good for us we were able to feel the spirit really strongly there! Had one of the best lessons we have actually had together!  Probably in my whole mission! So we finally got done and picked up the card and headed back for home! We ran into a bit more traffic and so it took a while to actually get home! We made it home in like 2 and a half hours! It was bad! 

Tuesday was probably one of the crazier days we have had! We were suppose to go to Zone conferences because Elder Olson had some stuff he needed signed by about half of the mission so rather than calling them in one day we decided to go out with them and get it all signed and taken care of.  Well at least that was the plan.  Monday night we got a call saying that one of the temporary missionaries we have is going to go to the embassy to get their Visa taken care of and we had to take them with all the craziness we had going on.  So at 8 in the morning we left in a taxi to go out and get the visa taken care of. Her appointment was at 10 and so we got there a little early like we needed to and everything went great. The only problem is it actually takes quite a bit of time to get the visa once everything is turned in.  So we ended up just sitting there waiting until she got it at the Costa Rican embassy.  Their couch was super comfy but we sat there for about three hours ish.  So we finally finished that and we got home and we were just getting ready to go out and get some work done, but wait there is more! We also have to take some sister missionaries to the hospital for an appointment at 6.  BUT WAIT THERE IS EVEN MORE!  We have four appointments set up and two at 7 :O Elder Olson looked at me and said how are we ever going to do this?  So we called Pres and said pres is it okay if we do divisions and if I go with a member to work and Elder Olson goes to the hospital with Beto our taxi friend.  We got permision and so we headed out to start getting work done while Elder Olson went to the Hospital and I left with Daniel to do some visits. Things went good!  We had good lessons and we felt the spirit and that was super fun!  Olson finished everything good as well and they we were able to get everything done which was a miracle.

Wednesday we had a missionary that was going home. So I woke up at 5 with him to get him all ready and everything and then headed to the airport with Sister Stutz.  We got back and then it was time for us to go to zone conference.  It was a great zone conference! 

Pres was super sick and so he couldn't go but it still was amazing! It definitely was different but it was still an awesome spirit you could feel! Elder Nebeker did an amazing job capacitating us!  So we finished with zone conference and then we went back to the office to hurry and change then head out to our area!  We had a couple with member lessons and we are working really hard trying to get a family married we just are having a little bit of difficulty with it right now with the law but hopefully we can get them married here soon!  

Thursday this was probably the coolest day of the week!  Zone conferences got cancelled because of how sick Pres was.  We were all pretty worried about him! He thought he had got pneumonia again. So we were in the offices and we were going to do financial stuff but all the church pages we used were broken except referrals and so we just kind of sat here waiting and hoping but we got an email about a reference that lives in our area.  She had filled out her information on  So we said we would go contact her that day to see how it went!  Well we get to the place that we thought was her apartment building.  We talk to the guard and he is like no she doesn't live here but there is another complex across the street maybe you will find her there.  So we walked away kind of sad knowing she wasn't going to be there.   Well we get to the building he said and they said yeah she lives here this is how you get there. We were stoked! We walked off all happy and we get to the building where she lives and we climb the five flights of stairs and we knock on her door and nothing.  So we knocked again and she opened the door and was like oh hi how are you guys.  I was like good and you?  I am good.  Finally you guys are here.  We asked her if she knew us and she said yeah.  She let us in and we started talking and it turns out her husband is a member and she wants to join the church with her kids and all sorts of cool stuff! She was super super chosen!  She asked what she had to do to be a member and when church was and where and all that stuff!  We left her some folletos and put an appointment for Saturday.  She was like where can I go to buy a book of mormon and so we also gave her one to read! It was awesome so we found a new little family to teach that are ready to hear us!  The lord has definitely been preparing them!  

Friday we had a long hard day! We dedicated ourselves to looking for a house!  and so we just walked and walked and walked and tried to visit all the people that lived close nobody was home! contacts wanted nothing to do with us and so we finally got into a members house and then that was all we had time for! We had gotten to the area a little late because Elder Olson went to Migracion and so that took a long time and it was a long day that I was glad to finish! 

Saturday we ate with one of our grandmas from the ward! She always gives us amazing food and she is great!  So we ate there and chatted with her for a good little while.  Then we went and saw a kid who had stitches to see how he was doing! It was good to visit with them.  Then we went to go see the Familia Garibay they are doing so good. They did their homework and were super ready for everything. We took them to an activity in the church and we also gave them a guided chapel tour.  It was super super cool!  Laura also went with us.  She texted us and said is it okay if I invite a friend and we said of course it is! And so we met with her too! It was a great day all in all! They said they are ready for church! 

Sunday everyone we were waiting for came to church except the family camacho.  It was a great day!  We had a great week as far as everything went! Numbers were awesome!   We were able to see lots of miracles and blessings!  It was super super cool!

This week in my studies one thing that I loved was a scripture that was shared in zone conference! There were tons that were shared and I was having a hard time picking which one I wanted to send home but I think this was the one that I could most see present in this week we had.  It is found in 
Alma 13:24

For behold, angels are declaring it unto many at this time in our land; and this is for the purpose of preparing the hearts of the children of men to receive his word at the time of his coming in his glory.

It was something that we feel we were able to experience as a companionship! Sometimes it is hard to find the people that are ready for the gospel but there are many angels that are here preparing them to be able to receive it!  I feel this way with Tania!  I know that Angels were preparing her and her family to recieve the gospel at this time!  I am grateful for the time we have as missionaries here to be able to help these people reccive the restored Gospel!
Elder Orchard

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