Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Man Stuff, Cinnabons and Some Great Teaching Moments

Well this week was pretty crazy!  We had made tons of new plans to go and find all these new people and all these families!  Well needless to say all the goals we put were pretty good but it was hard to be able to get all of them fulfilled.  We came up short on a few but honestly had a super super successful week!  First off we were able to find four news and put two fechas! That was awesome for us!  We are super excited for it! It was a super hard week but we made it through it. 

Tuesday was an interesting day.  We woke up and got everything in the morning done.  Well while we were showering we ended up getting a total of about 6 missed calls from sister Stutz. (For the rest of the day and the entire night Elder Orchard and Elder Olson were on special assignment.)

Wednesday well at this point we finally got to sleep at about 8 in the morning after we made it back to Presidents house because he had a meeting with the area presidency so we were going to wait for him at his house and Elder Olson Sister Stutz and I went up and slept for about three hours.  But a good note at this point the Mexico City airport now has cinnabons! you better believe that we ate them! They were just as good as I remembered them! It was awesome!  So then we went home and worked on getting another flight booked for another sister who had to go home and Pres had some interviews to do and so we got everything headed out to go and teach the Family Garibay which went really well.  We put a Fecha for the 24th of April with them Tania and her son Santiago will be getting baptized together and they are super excited!  Santiago who is 8 says that it is urgent that he gets baptized it was so cute and it was a super good lesson we had with them! Then we went with the Family Macedo to eat and have a family night and then we went home and went to bed at 8:30 because we just couldn't stay awake anymore!

Thursday was a really really lame day! We need to find a house now that we won't have secretaries and so we spent all day today looking for a house and we found nobody! Then we went to Priesthood Executive comitee and nobody else showed up and so we went for tacos with Daniel it ended up being a really really slow day as far as work went.

Friday we went and ate with Pres and the office staff which was nice then we went and had a lesson with some member that and then looked for a bunch of other people and we couldn't find anybody in their house!  We also started to do man stuff hanging things on the wall drilling all sorts of man things!  and yea that is about all that happened!  

Saturday we woke up and cleaned the storage room in the basement! This took forever it took about five hours to get done! It was exhausting!  We had to completely take everything out and put it in so that way it would all fit! Well we got it done! I took pictures but I forgot to take a starting picture! I just got one of when we were half way through! 

I looks great now and we are glad that we could get it done! It was something that needed to happen!  So once we finished here we went to eat.  The sister we ate with was having her three year old sons birthday party so she order a taquero and it was amazing! We ate so many tacos! And better than anything else is that we didn't get sick!  Then we went out to see the Family Garibay they are doing good and their kids are so great! At church they just love to learn and sit and sing it is awesome!  We taught the plan of salvation and the little kid leonardo was like so let me get this straight Satan wants us to be miserable because he is miserable and if we follow Jesus and keep the commandments we can be happy? It was probably my favorite teaching moment so far!  The little six year old understood exactly what the plan of salvation was!  And then they were talking about how the kids like to teach their dad when he gets home from work exactly about what they learned! it was super cool!  So we finished there and we had recieved a reference for a family that lived right there close so we decided that we needed to go and contact it!  We ended up finding a new family that has some potential! It was super cool to see the Spirit work in them! They weren't really all that interested but they let us share our message and then after they wanted to learn more it was super super cool!  You could feel the spirit really strong in the lesson!

Sunday everybody went to church that we were waiting for! It was awesome!  And the Camachos came which was super super cool! We weren't able to go and see them this week and so now that they just came on there own was super awesome!  Hopefully we can put a fecha with Silvana soon.  We also have one other little girl that we are going to put a fecha with probably this week hopefully tomorrow!  If everything goes right!  So we had a total of five investigators in the church! Three with Fecha and we have a baptism set up right now for my last week here! That will be super awesome!  Hopefully we can get one for this week and help some people get progressing before I leave! It is going to be super weird when I am not here anymore and have a new area! I think that this will be my last area that I am getting ready to go to!

Alright well this week I was reading a book called the power of Everyday Missionaries and it was super cool what I was reading and it was talking about blessings we get as members and missionaries who share the gospel with people that I thought was super cool! It comes in Doctrine and Covenants seccion 68 verse 5-6 and it says

5 Behold, this is the promise of the Lord unto you, O ye my servants.

 6 Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come

I really like the way it talks about how we need to just take the fear out of our lives to be able to share the gospel and the Lord promises that he will be with us and he will put the words in our mouth that we need! He won't let us stand there alone he will be there with us! I remember a little while ago we received a reference and we got there and it was a restaurant and so we didn't really want to contact them.  Part of that I would say was from the fear we had but we said we just have to do it and we will be blessed! So we walked in and asked if the lady was there and we got rejected super hard!  However I was grateful for this outcome because contacting and getting rejected was better than not contacting it and missing out on somebody that the lord has been preparing!  I am grateful for the short time I have to be here on a mission!  I have been able to grow and love the Savior in this time and it has been amazing to be able to see other people change their lives like I have been able to see!  Have an amazing week and don't be afraid to Open Your Mouths!!

Elder Orchard

There was no explanation with this food picture.  Perhaps he wanted me to see that he ate a salad??

(Some pictures I was surprised with on Facebook this week.  I love being connected to those sweet people in Mexico who are taking care of my son!)

Great!!! The missionaries of the church of Jesus Christ of saints of the last few days. If you had the opportunity to welcome you to his house and hear them would change his life!!! They carry a message of love, faith, hope, and you will know better to Jesus Christ and the nature of God.

Translated from Spanish  (Taken from Sergio Macedo's Facebook page)

We love having comida (dinner) with Hermana Marcela every Sunday. We have been treated to a delicious, authentic meal each week. She always has homemade soup and fresh tortillas. Today she was happy because her son came to church and joined us for dinner. There's a special place in heaven for women like her.  (From Sister Nebeker's Facebook page)

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