Thursday, March 3, 2016

Definitely the Worst 24 Hours of My Life

First off sorry I am a day late!  We had a pretty crazy day yesterday and a crazy day today!  Part of the office experience!  Well this week has been quite different from anything that you have heard from me!  I guess the biggest highlight of the week was my colonoscopy!  Even then I would say it was more of a low light! Olson would probably tell you all it was a highlight! It was something else that is for sure! They let me keep the video though don't worry we will watch it when I get home! 

Tuesday was the day that Sister Stutz got home and so we went and picked her up at the airport and so that was good to get her back!

I guess the week before at changes and after she left it was pretty crazy and so everyone was really happy she made it back and was okay! Then we went and saw the Family Camacho and that was really nice!  We had a good little lessons with them! Hopefully they can keep going to church! It has been awesome to see their progress and everything they have been able to do!

Wednesday today was the day that will forever and always go down in history as the worse day of my life!  I can't even begin to describe how bad it was! Hopefully the description I can give will do it justice!  So we get to the hospital and everything went good they took some blood they got an IV hooked up and we just kind of hung out at the hospital for a few hours until I was ready to start my preparation.  So six hits and the nurse comes in with the stuff.  I have to drink four liters of water in four hours and then spend the rest of the night with diarrhea.  So I started going and it tasted awful!  I didn't know something could taste so bad! So I end up finishing right in line with the time with the first liter but then as I start the second liter I get super super nauseous and I felt like I was going to puke.  The doctor brought me some medicine for the nauseousness and I jumped back into my preparation.  I get a little bit down and then it hits me that this medicine has done nothing for me and I just start puking.  Luckily I had gotten the garbage because I knew that I was going to puke!  Well by this point I am like three of the four hours in and I have not gotten anywhere near where i needed to be!  Finally the time is up and I hadn't even finished because I started puking everything I drank up! My stomach was empty!  So the nurse comes in and she is like okay you have until 2:30 am to get it finished then we have to stop.  I just keep pushing on but then all of a sudden the preparation starts working.  So I just am instantly glued to the toilet seat!  At one point Elder Olson says ¨Why are you washing your hands?¨  It was at this point that we started playing the game sink or butt.  After about two rounds it wasn't all that funny though!  It got too easy.  So there I am on the toilet and I keep drinking the preparation and all of a sudden I feel like I am going to puke again! And it happens so I guess I can say I have officially double dragon-ed! (puking and pooping at exactly the same time). So then 2:30 rolls around and I had almost drank two liters of the prep.  That is half of what I was suppose to drink.  So I finally end up falling asleep. 

Thursday is part two of the worst day ever.  I woke up bright and early to go to the bathroom!  And stayed there a pretty good chunk of the morning.  The doctor comes in and says I don't know if this will work exactly how we want it to.  Hopefully you are really welly cleaned out but to make sure we are going to give you an enema.  Elder Olson wasn't really paying attention at this point and so he was watching the tv and he said all he heard was volteate(roll over) and he said he thought oh they are going to give me a butt shot.  Then everything clicked in his head and he said he will never forget my face and the experience.  Then they ended up carrying me down to the room and putting me asleep so they could do the test.  Next thing I remembered was talking to the nurse about all sorts of stuff!  She constantly was coming in saying.  Doooglas respira. It really just was not my day!  But at this point it had ended so that was good! After this we went back to Presidents house and we watched Brave with Sister Stutz.  The day ended better than it started but it was definitely the worse 24 hours of my life!  (For those still reading, the test results came back normal.  We are now waiting on the biopsy results but there is no reason to believe those won't be normal as well.)

Friday was back to work.  In the morning Julio had called us. He was wondering when we could go back to his house again.  So we decided to go out and see him.  Turns out he hadn't gotten back from work and so we never even talked to him but we put an appointment to go back the next day and then it was time for us to go home so Elder Olson could work on doing some migracion stuff we hadn't had the chance to do since for the past two weeks we have just been sick!  

Saturday we had a super busy schedule!  We had tons of appointments that had to be done and two family nights.  We were ready to work hard! We had everything planned and so that way at night we could do divisions for the family nights and Julio.  Well we did all the visits we needed and it all went exactly as planned! So then we did divisions for the family night.  I went with a member and Elder Olson went with Elder and Sister Nebeker. So Daniel and I took off to Julio. Well there was nobody there.  We didn't have any back up plan because I failed that day at planning.  So we started going with some of the less actives that we had that lived close! Literally nobody was home! We just walked and knocked and talked with people and it was a rough night for us! We finally said forget it we are just going to join the family night.  So we went and had just enough time to eat Tostadas de Tinga before we had to go home! I ended up being a really good night!
FHE at Angie's house.

FHE with the Bishop's family.  He has been the bishop for 8 years!

Sunday was just a normal day with a family night at 7:30 which makes it a little awkward and hard for us! But we had a good day! People actually came to church! The Family Camacho was there and we had a few other less actives we were waiting for show up!  All in all it was a really good week! Besides the middle days we felt good! 

Alright so this weeks little spiritual thought comes from one of my study sessions.  I was studying about the importance of the spirit in our teaching and I was able to find a cool scripture in the bible to talk a little bit about how people can tell a difference between when we have the spirit and when we don't!  A few months ago we were teaching a family and they didn't want to change religions because she said she has just felt the spirit so much in her Christian church.  It like knocks her down and people are screaming and going crazy and crying.  Her husband said, "That is what a rock concert is like as well.  But when the Elders come you can feel a difference" and he started to explain a little bit about peace and love and how the spirit feels.  Well I was able to find an amazing scripture this week that talks a little about this it is found in Mathew 7:28-29:

And it came to pass, when Jesus had ended these sayings, the people were astonished at his doctrine:

29 For he taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes.

When we have the spirit and the Authority like it says here people will be able to experience a difference!  I am so grateful for the spirit here as a missionary! Without the spirit we couldn't have success as missionaries! In the teaching it is what the people can do to be able to feel a difference in what we say, to feel that the church is true! Without the spirit we are just two kids knocking on doors!

I love you guys! Have a great week!

Elder Orchard

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