Saturday, February 20, 2016

Moving Day in a Taxi

Alright well sorry I am super late!  My companion got super sick on Sunday night! He had a 102 degree fever and on Monday when he woke up it still hadn't broke and so we had to go to the hospital and we just barely got released yesterday! I figured since that happened I won't have much to write about next week and so I am just going to combine it all right now!  It seems like a lot has happened since I talked to you guys last!  A couple new promising investigators and a baptism!  So here we go!

Tuesday we had a very very long day!  We had big plans to have two different family nights but one of them canceled on us and so we had to fill the time with a lot of contacts and trying to find less actives and all of that didn't really work out for us!  We walked and walked! We contacted in the street! We knocked doors! We went with everyone we could think of! Even active members and nobody was home!  So then we went with the young men to try and find some young men and that didn't work either! We ended up walking around the whole day with nothing! Then it was finally time for the other family night and we were excited to finally get into a house!  So we got there and they had invited a friend to listen to us again! It was awesome to see how we had hoped this activity would work! It was a blessing and we were so grateful to be able to see everything we had done finally go right!  So we talked with the friend after and set up an appointment to go back and teach them! She had even said that she had always wanted to go into the church but she didn't think she would be allowed in!  We are excited to be able to teach her!

Wednesday was more of the same!  We had the food with the Family Macedo and that was awesome I love eating with them!  So we did that and then we headed out to find more people but that was never really that successful!  So then we ended up going back to the family Macedo house so that way we could have the family night with them and it was probably one of the best lessons I have ever had in my mission! You could really feel the spirit and it was awesome!  The mom was there and she hasn't gone to church very frequently and she just broke down and let us know everything that was going on and it was awesome to be able to have the spirit guide us through our planning and through the lesson!

Thursday was a day where we didn't leave the offices.  Elder Olson had to go to Polanco and so I stayed for a capacitation that we had! Turned out the person who gave it was related to someone that lives in our neighborhood!  So that was pretty cool!  

Friday was really the crazy day of the week!  With changes coming up on Monday we had to open up two houses and get everything furnished so that was our task today!  President wasn't able to help and so we paid someone from our ward to drive us around and get everything done in his van!  Well we get the van all loaded up and we take off and then the van end ups dying on us!  It just stopped working out of nowhere! So we get it towed to a mechanic shop and we paid someone else there off the street to help us with the first of two trips and we decided we will figure out what we do from there!  Well we get the trip done and then we head back in Betos Taxi and decide we will just take two really really long trips to get everything done!  So that is what we did! I don't think a taxi has ever been so full before! We ended up getting everything done and we got home at 12 at night!  It was a very very long day but it all had to get done on that day because we had our baptism on Saturday!  So it ended up being a super crazy time!  It was fun though I hope you enjoy the pictures we sent of our trips!!  

Saturday was a really relaxing day!  We got our work done and then just the normal we went and cleaned the font and got everything ready for our baptism! Lucky the young men had an activity so that way they were there! The baptism went pretty good!  I didn't think we would end up having enough water for it but somehow we pulled it off!!  It was a good day!

Sunday just the normal changes thing to get things all done! 

Monday was changes day but the Pope was also here in Mexico and so that made traffic crazy!
I got this picture from Sister Stutznegger and not from Douglas.  I don't believe he was there.  This is what she wrote about it:  "El Papa" is visiting Mexico City - quite the sight! Our missionaries have all walked this plaza in downtown Mexico City. This plaza - Zocolo - is about 3 miles away from our mission office.
We ended up getting everything figured out for the news they got here but Elder Olson was super sick! He had a 102 degree fever and so that was scary but the good news is one of the assistants is a doctor and so that helped us a lot but we ended up taking him to the hospital and we stayed there until Thursday morning.  Then in the afternoon we had to do special changes for some dumb missionaries and so we had to run beds around for a trio and change the mattresses for people that have bed bugs and so that was the whole day on Thursday for us! Again with the taxi! The police stopped us twice this time though but with a little bribing with money we were able to go along without any problems!
Friday we had tons office stuff that we hadn't done all week! It was pretty stressful!  But we got it done then I went to the doctor and we stayed at Presidents house!

Turns out on Thursday I will have a colonoscopy so that is the only new news we have from the doctor!  Sounds like a whole lot of fun doesn't it!  Well I think that is kind of my quick two week letter hopefully it makes a little bit of sense!  I hope you all have a good week and I love you!

Elder Orchard 

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