Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I Love This Time I Have to Be A Missionary

This week felt like it took forever! Who knows why!  It was pretty weird and pretty hard to get going for some reason!  We had a pretty decent week and we have been doing good with the people we have but I tell you what it has sure been hard finding people to teach!!  We are kind of at a hard place right now!  Contacting isn't giving us really any results and so we are trying to start and put a little more importance in the members!  We also had an awesome night with Pres on Friday but I will tell you about that in a little while!!  

Monday we were in the offices in the morning and then we went out to the area for a little bit in the afternoon.  We didn't really have tons of great lessons or anything!  We just went out and did some contacting and visited a couple people!  Then we headed to our district meeting and called it a day because it was then time to go home.  

Tuesday we went and saw Abraham and taught a lesson there! He has progressed so much and you can really just see the diference that living the gospel has had in his life.  He has really been doing everything we have asked and he is progressing perfectly for his baptism!  He is really really excited for it!  He will have his interview next week.  Then we went with the Family Camacho.  They are doing good it was nice to go see and talk to them!  They committed themselves to going to our activity on Friday and so we are very very excited to see all of that!  We are excited and lots of people are saying they will go and so we are hoping for a good turnout!

Wednesday we taught a with member lesson at the food to Kathia one of the Cousins of Daniel.  We feel like we are really close to having her commit but she just is missing a little bit!  She is starting to read the Book of Mormon and we are hoping that can change her life.  It is hard because she doesn't really want us to teach her all the much because she has already listened to missionaries before. She actually really really knows a lot and so that is the hard thing.  She just hasn't really had a change of heart to be able to open up and listen and accept so we are hoping for that!

Thursday was a really rough day for us.  We had to wait for the internet to come to the Nebekers house.  So we were there and waiting and waiting and it took them sooo long to get there!  We spent a good chunk of our day there waiting for them. Then by the time we made food for us and headed out we had time for a few appointments before we went to our Priesthood meeting.  So we were just about to go and then they ended up canceling because we couldn't get keys in time to get it open and nobody from the bishopric could make it there.  So it was kind of depressing but it happened!  

Friday we went to the temple.  It was awesome to be able to get there and do a session again.  Then we ate in the cafeteria which was ehh.  Not my favorite but it took away my hunger so that is good.  Then we got home and just got everything ready to go for the activity and so we headed out to that and it was awesome!  We had an awesome turnout!  Pres gave and awesome Presentation on members and missionaries and the ward loved it!  We had all sorts of success and it was just awesome to be able to see everyone there together working as a team!  The Family Camacho was totally into the activity and everything it was amazing!  Hopefully we can start to see changes so that way the ward just gives us references so that way we can find some new people.
Daniella is only 4 but she can recite all 13 Article of Faith.  Picture compliments of Sister Nebeker.
Saturday we ate with one of our favorite ladies from the ward!  She gave us some awesome food!  Then we headed off to the temple with Abraham and a family that was a reference! They were super cool and super chosen! Then only problem is we found out after that they didn't live in our area! They live on the other side of the mission! But I am sure here soon they will get baptized! They are really great and they have lots of potential! They asked great questions and the spirit was definitely there when we were talking about the family and put on a video! It was really really cool too bad they live sooo far away!  

Sunday was pretty lame! Just the usual church and meetings and food! Then we went to our missionary correlacion meeting which was good and we had a family night which was fun! We ate good food and played a really fun game!  It was a good day!  Then we just came home and kind of crashed because we were tired!  It was a long week and we were just exhausted! 
I "borrowed" this picture from Facebook.  The person that added it said  #fhe #halftimeshow.  I'm just guessing that Elder Orchard may have gotten a peek at the Superbowl!
This weeks little thought comes from Alma 26! It seems like I quote this a lot!  But it is something that I love and is so true!  It is talking about the success that Amman and his brothers had in missionary work and it is something that I really really liked! It reads like this:

15 Yea, they were encircled about with everlasting darkness and destruction; but behold, he has brought them into his everlasting light, yea, into everlasting salvation; and they are encircled about with the matchless bounty of his love; yea, and we have been instruments in his hands of doing this great and marvelous work.

There are tons of people around us that are encircled about by this everlasting darkness!  They are looking for the Gospel and when they find it they can come into this everlasting light! It is such a joy to be able to do what this scripture says and be instruments in the hands of God! I know that us as missionaries really don't do much as far as the conversion process for other people! But when we are converted to the Gospel we can be these instruments in the lords hand!  This is not an experience that is exclusive to missionaries but a promise that goes for everyone that opens there mouth to share the gospel!  I love this time I have to be a missionary! It is crazy to think that it is winding down!  Helping people find this light is a great blessing and I am grateful that I have been able to do that with a few people down here in Mexico city!  It is a great blessing that we have to serve!

Have a great week!

Elder Orchard
Sister Nebeker with a "sweet woman that had them for dinner".  Picture compliments of Sister Nebeker.

Elder Nebeker with his trainers.  Photo credit to Sister Nebeker.

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