Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I Got To Throw Around A Baseball!

Well this week is now over!  Sorry that it didn't really work all that well last night!  (My very short Mother's Day phone call)  But I am doing good!! I am just getting on to write really fast since today is technically P day but we had changes and so I haven't had much free time!  Elder Lopez is now gone and so that is kind of sad but Elder Vite is a stud and we are really really excited to work really hard this cycle together!

Last Monday we went to the Guarda!  It is a ranch that the church owns here and so we went and had our district meeting there since it is in our stake. It was super fun we went and played capture the flag and basketball and soccer and football I even got to throw around a baseball for a little bit! It was honestly super fun!  We will hopefully do it again!  

Tuesday we had a normal work day.  We went with the Family Trejo and got everything ready for their baptism! The sad thing is we also found out that we had another fecha fall from last week! The guy we were going to baptize was hitting his wife and turns out he is kind of a big druggie and so it is a good thing we didn't baptize him!  I don't know why they always touch me to teach them but it kind of seems to happen a lot!  But other than that things are all good!  We got their baptism all planned and they were really excited!  

Wednesday we ran around trying to find some new people and get some more teaching pool!  We didn't have tons of success but we are sure that this week coming up we will have tons!  We are just working hard and trying to get the blessings from it!!  We also headed out to the offices to be able and take things to the new house we are opening in our area. We are going to have eight misisonaries in our ward and so we had to get things ready to be part of the moving crew!  It wasn't the same as the O boys but it was still a typical office stay.

Thursday we woke up at four in the morning to be able to get everything done with the house.  The problem here was that the car we were using could only drive until ten and we would have to take two trips.  It was the typical put a full house in the taxi and lets go thing we have gotten so good at.  But like I said if we were out past 10 in the morning they would take away the car and we would be in a hole world of trouble.  So we just hurried and got it done.  Then we headed back to the house and got ready for the day and went out and worked.  It was a good day but we were sure tired!  I slept like a baby though that night!

Friday we had the baptism interviews and so it was getting ready for all of that and getting the baptism clothes and everything planned.  They passed like we had hoped.  We also made Ice cream with some members since Lopez was getting ready to go home!  Then we got everything done! I don't really remember it was a lot of saying goodbyes to people!

Saturday we went to the offices. Lopez had his interview and so we were there for a little while. I also got a card from Japan.  Then we got done and headed out to our baptism.  Everything went good and then we headed to the last family night!  It was a really good day and we were blessed with this family!  THey are awesome and they will be forever remembered!

That was a short email but that is kind of how they all have been lately!  I will try better next week!  I love you have a great week!!

Elder Orchard

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