Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Another Great Week in the Mission

We had such a good week this week! I appologize in advance that there will not be pictures I am at the place that I can't upload.  However things are going great!  My companion is Elder Vite.  He has 8 months in the mission but he is an amazing missionary!  He really understands how to work and we have been working really hard!  We already got a miracle baptism this week and we were able to put four fechas in total.  We saw a ton of blessings and we are so grateful to be here right now and be together.  We are hoping to continue to see tons of success and just keep working hard. He is actually from Mexico City our area is a little over two hours away from his house! However the good news is he doesn't have a crazy girlfriend that comes to church to see him so I am lucky!

Monday we had the changes but we were told to go out and work at night and so we went out and started to do some contacts to get a whole new teaching pool for next cycle.  We found a few news and we were able to work hard!  

Tuesday we had a district meeting in the morning and then from there everyone went out to work.  Turns out a kid from our ward never got baptized but he goes every week!  And his parents were down to let him get baptized and so we hurried and got everything worked out so that way we could have his baptism on Sunday.  It went perfect.  Then we started divisions in the night and we had a really really productive day! WE did a lot of contacts all week because we need tons of news!  Really the whole zone does!  But we need to put the example!

Wednesday I was still on divisions and so we just went crazy with antiguos and recent converts to try and start to get some references.  What was super cool is that we were trying all last cycle to try and find a family that was a reference and we could find them ever.  But finally in the night we found them.  After more than six weeks of looking we were able to find them! it was a blessing and they have lots of niƱos magicos!!  So be ready for baptisms this cycle from them!  Other than that things went pretty slow!

Thursday I ended up taking a missionary to the hospital.  It took forever but it was good to go and see what he had! He needed it though because he has been really sick.  We have one missionary that has typhoid and another one that they had no idea since his typhoid test came back negative.  So thats what I did! I was also able to go and see Sister Stutz which was cool!  She seemed to be doing better but I think she till has a ways to go!  She has a pretty sweet battle scar though.  It matches the burn mark on my arm.  Maybe we should get matching made in Mexico tattoos.

Friday I was able to make my way back to the area and then we started to keep working! This was really the slowest day of all! It seems like nobody was in there house and so that makes it hard to do missionary work but i am not complaining  tooo much!!

Saturday we also had another really cool miracle.  We set out looking for a less active that had contacted us and she gave us her direction.  Well we looked the entire street and found nothing.  We knocked every door and nothing.  So I finally gave up and we went and did some more visits.  Well a little later we were walking and I was like what street are we on?  My comp was like Labradores.  I then said okay if there is a house number sixteen it is going to be renalda.  sure enough there was a house number sixteen.  sure enough she lives there!  It is awesome how the lord will put you in the right place at the right time!!

Sunday we were able to get many investigators in church and we put more fehas there.  it was a really good week!!  I know my spelling was super off but that is okay!  The computer is super slow so I just type and like five minutes latter it shows up and it gives me a lot of laziness to change it all so I hope you have a great week!! I will talk to you guys next week! love you all!!

Elder Orchard

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