Monday, September 28, 2015

Not Your Normal Week in the Mission

Elder Orchard was called by his mission president on Tuesday and asked to move into the mission home (he usually lives at the mission office) for the week to help with some mission business.  I won't discuss it because of the sensitive nature but it is a week he will most likely never forget.  He was given a variety of assignments including cooking and cleaning!  It looks like he did a pretty good job to me:)  If I were to guess, I would say he is making chicken fettucine alfredo.  It looks delicious!

Mad cooking skills most likely learned from his mother!

Not sure if Elder Olson helped cooked or was just there to assist!  For some reason this looks a little like a hospital room with that tv and all of those cords on the wall.  It looks like Elder Olson is handing tools to the dr!:)
All of his regular "missionary" schedules were abandoned while he served in whatever capacity he was asked to.  I was sent the sweetest note by his mission mom about what a blessing he was to them this past week.  How grateful I am that he is working hard and willing to do whatever he is asked.

The words of Sister Stutznegger:
We are just two.  We often have to rely on a few of our missionaries to do some “other than missionary” work.  Someone has to pay bills, arrange for VISA’s, gather referrals, and order supplies.  These missionaries split their time between both duties.  We have to rely on our Assistants to go with us to teach, make myriads of phone calls, and be examples of righteousness.  They do this along with missionary work.

This week was one that we taxed the strength of these missionaries.  Elders Olson, Orchard, Hixon, and Cuscagua – here is a shout out to you!  We love and appreciate all the time you stood by us this week.  In years to come, this week will always be one of those that we will remember!

The words of Elder Orchard:
"yeah it was a rough week we are exhausted but we are done with it and this week we will have time to go work in our area a little bit"

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