Monday, October 5, 2015

Never a Dull Moment

Tuesday we sit down and start studying and we get a call that we need to buy some plane tickets.  So we get on that and we had to end up being in the offices for when the missionaries got here.  So we went to the food then came home to wait for them to get here!  Turns out there is another missionary that is having a lot of problems with his back and he ended up staying here too.  We just started what feels like another crazy week!

Wednesday we had to go and clean out a house.

Apart from this Pres had to do an interview, take missionaries to the airport and a few other things!  Then we went out to do all sorts of stuff with Pres and we have been running around dropping things off to missionaries and cleaning out houses and all sorts of stuff like that!  We also got up at 3:30 to wake up the missionaries going home and it was a long day at the start of another long week!

Thursday I took  a missionary to the temple to go and see his brother that is just getting back from his mission!  It was cool for him to be able to go see him and hang out with them for a little while!  We came back and then I went with Elder Brown to go and do a baptismal interview!

Friday!  Mine and Olson's first day to go and work in the area!  We had tons of people in the offices for all sorts of things!  Interviews and sick missionaries and all sorts of stuff!  So then after all of that happened we went out to go and work which was awesome!  We ended up finding a new and we are hoping things can be better with her!  The Family Alva, well we won't be able to see them for a few more days so that is sad.   They went on vacation.  We are excited for conference tomorrow and seeing what will all happen!  Hopefully we can have lots of people come here in the next few days so that way we can find some more news and have people in church!

Saturday we just went to the conference and had a good day there! We watched it in English which was nice.  We just hung out at the stake center all day except for the food.

Sunday same thing just hung out at conference and it was good!  My Favorite conference talk was probably Elder Christofferson's talk he did really good and it was something that we are trying to get one of our investigators to understand so it was a really good talk I thought. 

This week we already have an appointment with the Family Alva and we are excited for that. Hopefully we can get them baptized this week that would be the goal!  We will see how it goes though!  
I love you have a good week!

Elder Orchard

I'm guessing Elder Orchard sent this picture to remind his mother how much she HATES GRASSHOPPERS!

A little lost in translation:)

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