Monday, October 19, 2015

We Hung Out With the Deads

Alright well this week was changes!  Yeah it was a crazy week!  Monday we hung out with the news and capacitated them all day! There were almost twenty of them and so the bed situation was crazy because we have our beds and like ten downstairs so we just threw matresses all over the place and such it was super crazy but everyone slept in a bed except one who slept on the couch.  Tuesday was changes and that was more crazy for us because we had to take two missionaries to the airport so we did that.  We went and taught a lesson or two that day and then came home and hung out with the deads! (I am guessing those are the Elder's going home that no longer have companions after changes.  Mission lingo!)

Wednesday we went to the airport multiple times because we had people flying out of two terminals and so that meant we had to go and help the president.  So we woke up at three to make sure the missionaries started to get up on time and then basically from then on we were up helping people and going to the airport.   We slept for like an hour between four and like five thirty before it was back on to getting things done.  When we came home for the day we just did office stuff and crashed because we were exhausted! 

Thursday we went and worked like normal and so that was good we saw one of our investigators and that went well!  Julio is doing awesome!  He is progressing and reading and understanding like a boss! He even changed his job so he can go to church on Sundays and that way he can get out of the bad habit he was in from his job so he can stop drinking and smoking and such so he is just doing good!  He is awesome!

Friday I was sick so we went to just a dinner appointment and still got a few good lessons in.  I got invited again to stay at a members house in Puerto Vallarta so I am excited to go visit them!  

Alva still hasn't gone to church so it is hard to baptize them like that.  We are going to go this week and just really lay it out on the line for them!  They say they want to get baptized but they don't go to church because they always have something more that they can do or an excuse so it is hard!  If they don't go on Sunday we are just going to drop them.  It is sad but they just haven't been progressing so it is like what do you do with them? 

Saturday we had a full work day!  We went for tacos with a member for the food and then we worked and had some awesome citas with people and we put a few fechas with Julio for the 8th of November!  Crazy we are almost to November it is flying by and almost my birthday! 

Sunday was a good day we found another new family doing an English interview with someone that couldn't speak English at all! It was funny.  He asked Elder Olson something and I was recording and he looked and was like I don't know what he said.. I was like me either and so he just said no I haven't yet! Turns out the guy asked if he liked animals it was great!  I love you guys have a good week!

Elder Orchard

Does Elder Olson cook or just take pictures of Douglas cooking?

Looks like Elder Orchard grilled up some beef jerky!

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