Monday, October 12, 2015

Our Investigators Are Progressing

Picking up the new missionaries at the CCM (Mexico City MTC)
Alright not much to report this week and we also have all the news here.  There are 20 people here so it is pretty cray cray.

Alright so this week we went with Alva on Tuesday and that was awesome!!  We were able to have a good lesson with them and so they are committed to get baptized on the 17th of October!  We are really happy for that and finally they are going to do it!  Also we were able to find Julio and his family again and they are good!  They went to church which was honestly a miracle he was able to get work off!  We will put a fecha with them here this week I think and it will probably be for like the 31 of October or around there!  Everything is going good here!  We are going to try and find some more cool people here this week that can progress!  I love you guys!! Have a good one!

Elder Orchard

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