Monday, September 14, 2015

The Temple Dedication

This week was kind of crazy!  We have had a crazy time! 
Tuesday I was feeling really sick and so we just stayed in the house and got better!  Not really anything to report on that!  

Wednesday just a normal day of work!  We went and saw the Family Alva and they are doing good!  We put their fecha for next Saturday!  They are doing good and we are just hoping they will be good converts!  We have worked for a long long time with them and so hopefully things are good!  Griselda is still being kind of difficult but we think she will still get baptized on Saturday and if not then we will just baptize everyone but her!

Thursday I don't remember really but I am sure that it was a really good work day!

Friday we went to Polanco and it was also Olson's birthday so he bought a suit and we picked up green cards and such! It was a good day but we just hung out there while we waited for everything!  It was really good we had fun and he had a good birthday so that was awesome!

Saturday we went and worked and we visited a ton of people!  We went and saw the cultural event (for the temple dedication) and that was really really good!  One of our counselors was in it and he did really good! Then we kind of just got ready for the temple dedication!  Laura loved the event and she is excited to go to the dedication tomorrow!

Sunday was the temple dedication, that was great.  Elder Holland came and President Eyring and they both did a great job!  We only went to two of the three sessions because we went to eat and couldn't make it back in time!  So that was kind of crappy!  But we had a cita with someone that came to the church Saturday night and we ended up finding some cool news! It is a family and the guy has had tons of problems and so we are trying to help him.  We have an appointment on Thursday and so hopefully he has read and done everything we need him to do!

I love you guys have a good week!


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