Friday, July 22, 2016

Some Legal Problems, A Baptism and We Overhead Plans for a Robbery!

Well this week was a pretty long week that is for sure!  We really worked really hard and we saw lots of lots of blessings! We worked really really hard that is for sure! We worked all week and we contacted a bunch!  We had some legal problems!  We had some interesting conversations!  It was great.

Tuesday we did divisiones with the zone leaders from Ixtapaluca 2.  We had a good day and we started working hard but then I got a call from President.  Well we had opened a house in Fovisste a little while ago and we are having tons of problems out there.  The dueña is accusing her of keying their car and having tons of parties and all sorts of stuff and so we had to hire some lawyers to finish the contract and according to the sister missionaries it was really bad and she was a terrible lady!  Well this day I had to go to the office twice to get things signed and talk with people since I was the one that signed the first contract!  So that ended up taking all day!  

Wednesday we went in the morning to get the contract done and take the things out of their house! Everything went over quite well!  In my opinion none of this was really that necessary and the dueña was super nice and she would have been able to fix the problems! Besides we paid a lot of money in getting them out and in paying the lawyers and getting everything resolved but I guess it happens sometimes! But we took forever cleaning the house and getting everything out and taking it to the new house! It was a whole lot of work and their house is so small that literally there was no room for anything there!  It looked like a storage garage honestly!  It was terrible!  We then went out for hamburgers with Pres and the Nebs so that was cool!  Then we went and talked with our investigators and got all that figured out with them it was a good day!  

Thursday we went and found some cool inactive guy and we started to work with him! He has part of his family and all that that aren't members and we are hoping we can get some people from him! WE also just started doing a ton of contacts and trying to find lots of people to teach! We did about twenty contacts a day and so that was rough but we were able to see some success out of it!  

Friday we started out and had a lot of good lessons and we worked hard!  and then we just went with some people that we were trying to make news and we were able to do it! 

Saturday we went out to a baptism in ixtapaluca and it was good then we just went with the contacts that we had found and we started to talk with them but really we didn't find many people that were really interested

Sunday was kind of the best day! We got super blessed and a family that we had contacted came with us to church!  It was really cool. they came and they were super stoked about it.  Also we went to a baptism and I baptized santiago which was cool again!

 I really love that family and they are doing well.  they went back to church which was really cool too and Tania should be baptized again!  

Alright so one little funny story for this week!  We were walking away from a cita and we were on a really busy road and we have two guys that definitely look like some scetchier guys right there were obviousy delinquents.  so we are there doing our thing and we start listening to what they are saying and the one guy said okay so we get into the taxi and you just stay with him there and hold him down so he doesn't leave and I will go out and collect the stuff from the people we decide to take from.  and all the plan that they had so they were planning how they were going to rob all the stuff it was pretty funny honestly!  They got it all planned out!  Gotta love Mexico!

Have a good week! 


Elder Orchard

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