Wednesday, July 27, 2016

An Amazing Temple Trip

Alright well this week flew by just like every week!!  I didn't take any pictures sorry but it is okay!  It was a really good week we tried to work hard and we saw tons of benefits!  We contacted a bunch the second half of last week and so we were able to see the blessings the first part of this week!!

Tuesday we were on Divisions with the Zone leaders from Los Reyes.  We had lots of good plans to find some people and our goal was to contact a lot with them!  They kind of struggle contacting so we were really really focused on helping them with that!  So we headed out and we sure were able to kill it!!  We had a really good day! My comp ended up finding 8 news and so he killed it and I was able to put a fecha that we were really stoked about! He was a guy that has had an amazing change and would love to get baptized now! He has come a long way!!  Here in a few more weeks and he should be baptized!

Wednesday we were able to find another seven news! It was a super rewarding day! We have been working as hard as we possible can and we are seeing all sorts of benefits!  we were also able to get some good contacts done and all sorts of good stuff like that before heading into the offices so that we could go to the temple with the people that are finishing their mission!  It was fun to see all the people that I have been with for so long So that was good!

Thursday we went to the temple.  It was such a good experience!

I felt the spirit really strong and had an amazing time there!  It really helped us to keep working so hard!!  Then we went to lunch and that was good! We went to a buffet and so that was good for me to gain a bunch of weight again!

Then we went and had a testimony meeting which went really good!  All in all was a really spiritual day!

Friday we had mission council and that went good! Pres had to leave half way through and so we were in charge for most of the time! We were really able to talk about all sorts of good things that our mission needs! We really need to find more news as a mission and so we talked a lot about that and we have put some goals to try and find a lot more people here in the next little bit of time that we have!  We are hoping to see lots of changes here! We are working hard and hope the missionaries can see that! We were also able to put another fecha today!  

Saturday we had another amazing day! We were able to start off by putting two fechas with a family that we had found last week!  We have had some amazing lessons the past little while! We have seen our area change from not having anything to having a little more than before! WE also had some english classes and found a super cool Family! The only problem is at one point in the lesson the mom looked at her husband and then just started yelling that he was satan and so it was super awkward! Other than that though everything was good!  Wish it could have turned out better than that but sometimes it doesn't! 

Things are looking really good here though! I am super happy and we are just working hard trying to see some blessings!  We have sure seen a bunch but we know that there are many many more people here in our area that we need to help!  One cool thing from this week is we had everything fall one morning and my comp felt impressed to go with a family that we had contacted!  Well we had just contacted the boy one Friday he said we could go on Saturday but then we couldn't find him again! Well he felt impressed to go I said I trust you lets do it and also got some spiritual confirmation! The likelihood of everything working out was really really slim!  It was a 13 year old boy that we had contacted and the chance that his parents will let him was just too bad!  We get there and the grandma comes to the door and says oh come in! It was a cool lesson and they are planning on presenting us to their family this week to meet the rest of them! They seem chosen but I guess we will see how it goes from here!!

Have a great week! 


Elder Orchard

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