Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Lots of Lessons and Fechas

Wow the weeks just go by faster and faster I feel like!  It is crazy to think that I am in my last cycle!  I guess we just have to take advantage of the little time! Shumway only has four weeks left so we have to work really really hard in this time!  But I guess we might as well get started on this email! 

Tuesday Today we honestly had a really really good day!!  We had tons and tons of lessons and we found a bunch of news and had a ton of lessons with member present! I honestly don't remember how we got so much but it was super super cool! WE also did some divisiones and they went good! We found a couple families that we hope can progress really really well!

Wednesday we  did divisiones with Pantitlan which went super good!  We had tons of fun with them! We had again a ton of success!!  We have been able to work really really hard.  We had a bunch of with member and had another ten lessons today! The coolest part was the family that we had found last week!  They are doing really really well!  They accepted the baptism invitation really well!  Hopefully we can put a fecha with them here pretty quick!  We also went to consejo de barrio and went and found a few people that we have really high hopes for! 

Thursday we went and ate breakfast with a sister and then we headed to the offices to pick up a missionary that wanted to come work with us while his comp went to the doctor and so we went and got him and it was super cool!  We didn't have much the rest of the day though which was the sad part! It is hard to do divisiones two days in a row because we run out of people to teach if all four of us are in the area! 

Friday we went with margarita but we really don't think that she is going to progress all that well which is sad.  WE also went with Aguilar santiago and they accepted the fecha sooo well!  This was my first time meeting them and they are amazing! They have an amazing story honestly!    We also found this really cool guy that let us in his house because his nephew is a missionary and that was a cool little lesson! His wife will be a problem though because I am not sure she will let him progress!

Saturday we had to work on the changes! We got notified that people we weren't expecting were coming.  So we got all that figured out and then we went to the food which was really really good!  Then we went out and found the family ramirez which is ivan who is progressing really really well towards a fecha! But he has to go to oaxaca this week so it will be a little longer until he gets baptized but we just need to teach him some things and then we are good!!  He has most of the things but not all the teaching! The commandments but that will be easy since his wife is a member!  Then in the night we had music and english classes which we had tons of success!  WE got tons of people there and had about six investigators which was super cool!  Then at church we had lots of people show up and they had fechas which was good!!  

I love you guys!  have a great week!  Enjoy the emails while they last because they are going to get shorter and shorter! 


Elder orchard

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