Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Coolest Analogy

Elder Shumway and Elder Orchard.  If I am not mistaken, Elder Shumway is the tallest Elder in the mission:)

Hard at work...

...or hardly working??

Wow this week was sure something else!!  We worked really hard and we were really really blessed!  We were able to see lots of things that we had been waiting for!  I think one of the biggest miracles of the week was we had a wedding!  Kinda crazy right!  It was super fun to get them there and FINALLY get them married! They have been debating it for about three years now and so we finally have got it done! Be looking for a baptism of her here really soon!

Tuesday We did divisiones with someone that was going home so we were able to take care of him and get all of our work done!  That was really needed and nice!  We were able to find a new little family too that we hope can progress!!  I also had gone to an appointment on Monday night and found a new family which was good!  but apart from that it was a pretty chill day!  We also had mentioned getting the family married on Saturday but there wasn't really any bite there on that! 

Wednesday we had a very eventful day!!  We worked pretty hard and saw a lot of blessings!  We had our families that are doing well!!  We also had all sorts of fun on Divisions again with someone else!  Also here is a funny little story from the week we were teaching this family and I had mentioned that one day when the son gets married and I don't really even remember what I had said after but he was like no not me I am never going to get married!!  If I ever become king that is going to be the first thing that I change! Nobody else will ever get married!  It was pretty cute!  Then we went with a few other people we are hoping can progress better!  We also went and had some tacos that were five tacos for ten pesos, and I still ask why I have diarrhea?

Thursday we started our crazy times!  We started capacitating the people that are in or just finishing their training!  It went really well!  We had some really really grate missionaries there!  We also had the food just at our house that day and it was a really really slow day honestly!!  I don't really remember everything that we did but it was really pretty lame!  We didn't have tons of success with finding the people and all that stuff

Friday we had a pretty good day! We went to the interviews and that was alright! We had a lot of people help us teach and they took way more time than we wanted them to so that was kinda crappy!  We also just didn't know how to help everyone the best way there!  But then in the afternoon it went really really well!  WE were able to see some families that went to church! We also were able to find some news and teach a family we are really really hoping can progress! They are contacts that are really doing well! They read and pray and all that stuff!  but they have had a family member that is in the hospital and they are taking care of them on the weekends since they work so that has been really hard! But they just got out and now we are hoping they will be able to go to church and really progress! 

Saturday was a really really good day!  We had such a crazy crazy experience!  We had to go and take some stuff out to a house in Ixtapaluca and we dropped some beds and such for some special changes then we had the wedding! Well they just called us on Friday night and said Elders we are ready to get married!  It was really really cool! So we took them out to the judge and got them married really really fast!  Then we came back and went to our food and got all that stuff taken care of and went and started teaching the people we had lessons with! Then we went to English class which went good kind of! and then we went and saw Enrique! We learned something really really cool! We were talking about the plan of Salvation and everything and so we got to Adam and Eve and how it was necessary for them to eat the fruit and he was like yeah that makes all sorts of sense! It is like a child in the womb of the mother! There it is comfortable and it gets all the food it needs! Life isn't difficult and they don't learn all that much! They get to a point in their progress that they just can't be there anymore! It is better for them to leave and be able to grow a whole lot more! It was the coolest analogy I had ever heard! It totally worked too and we were just like wow I learned so much more from you than you learned from us today! It was a super super cool experience! Then he said I have heard a little bit in the church about the priesthood and blessing and I was wondering if you guys could give my wife a blessing so she can be more patient in work and get blessed by God! It was super super cool! They are awesome! He is definitely a future bishop!  Then we ate tostadas de tinga which were so good!  I am really really going to miss Mexican food! Hopefully people at home will invite me over to eat! 

well have an awesome week! I will talk to you again next week! I got the pictures uploaded so hopefully you understand them!


Elder Orchard

Elder Shumway

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