Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fasting Miracles

Having fun with President Stutznegger!
Wow this week was something special!!  We saw one really cool miracle this week!  I mean it all kind of just started on Monday!  We left the offices and went to a meeting out in Ixtapaluca which are always fun!! But the real story is that we had three appointments on Monday night!  It was going to be at 7, 8 and 8:30 but then the one from 7 changed and so we had to find someone to do divisions with! So we called everyone! It was such a show trying to find someone that could go with us!  So after about 30 minutes of looking we finally found someone that could go with us! So we sent Elder Shumway with the Joven (young man) and we left!  Well I call Shumway and he was  like yeah we are done I will see you at the Joven's house!  so we get there and he calls and he is like change of plans just meet me at our house! So we get there and we are waiting and waiting and he just comes walking in by himself and we are like dude what happened?  He was like well I am talking to Fernando and he was like oh yeah this is my first time with the missionaries! Well they finish the lesson and Shumway was saying goodbye and the joven totally just left him and so Shumway walked home by himself!!  Now that is just funny to think about but that is totally Shumway! he just doesn't really care about anything he just kinda goes with the flow and whatever happens happens!!  jaja I mean he left with a little suitcase on tuesday and we didn't see him until friday morning because he just was the traveling assistant out there roaming the whole time!! Just pretty funny!  Great kid but he was funny!  
3 out of these 4 Elder's are going home within weeks of each other.  A little Italian soda farewell get together.

Goodbye Elder Shumway
Well I don't have much time so I will just tell another little story and then call it a day!  But on Sunday enrique didn't go to church and we went and saw him and we talked a lot about fasting and stuff like that it was good! Well he decided he needed to fast to be able to find a JOb! He needed a little extra help to overcome that!  To get a job! So he fasted! Well they called him back about a job right as he ended his fast!  So that was cool! BUt here it wasn't just that he got the job they just said that he had to go back for interviews and such so he did that then on thursday during his baptisimal interview they called and said that he was hired! His testimony was made so strong and he just continued with everything he had been doing and he was finally baptized! It was super cool! It was an amazing experience since the first time we contacted him to his baptism five weeks Later!! It was something I will never forget!!

Well that is about it for this week! SOrry I cut it short we have been working on changes and all sorts of stuff today!!  Have a great week!!  Love you guys!

Elder Orchard
Will they make it 2 more weeks?

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  1. Those shoes are awesome! McKay could use a pair for his mission if you care to part with them. -Brian D