Wednesday, September 7, 2016

My Last Week in the Mission

Well this week was pretty crazy that is for sure!!  We are just going 200 miles an hour it feels like!!  Just finishing off strong!!  Things got a little more crazy when we found out that Pres isn't going to be here for the changes since he will be with his wife in Texas! So we are just trying to hurry and get everything all wrapped up and ready for all the craziness that is about to happen!  So we are just preparing all that we need to get done! That is why I am writing so late!!  I tried to get Sister Nebeker to write for me but she told me no! So I guess here I go! 

Tuesday we had a good day we went out to Pantitlan and we had the interviews there.  We talked about the fundamentals again and that was good! We were really satisfied with how it turned out!  We then went with some recent converts to give a blessing to her daughter! She has had tons and tons of health problems! She is pregnant and so that doesn't make it any better! Well about a week ago they said that something they saw in one of the ultra sounds wasn't right and they were really scared about the baby that there would be lots of complications and didn't know if the baby would makeit all the way the 38 weeks or whatever!  So she asked us for a blessing because she knows that we have the priesthood power and that it would really bless her! Well the coolest part of this whole thing is that she isn't even a member..... yet. She will be soon! So we gave her a blessing and the next day she went with the doctor again!   The doctor was just so shocked to see that everything was normal with her pregnancy so that was a super cool moment for her!! She was like I knew all I needed was for you guys to give me a blessing and then everything would be fine! Then we went with Alejandra!  She is progressing really really well!!  We are so stoked for everything that she has been able to do in the past little while!!  She is doing great and we hope she will be baptized soon! 

Wednesday we had interviews out in Paraiso! That was a pretty long day! We took a long time training and then when we got done we went out and got medicine for a misisonary that was feeling kinda sick and all that good stuff! Then we headed back to the offices with Elder Johnson who was going home on Thursday so he could get all packed and do all that good stuff!  So we got a pretty late start on the day! But we made it out to see the Family Aguilar Santiago! I have been pretty sad with them! They do a lot but they just haven't been able to make it to church! It is sad! If they would go they would be progressing just great but they just are using their agency to not do it!! Pretty sad! 

Thursday we went with another great family! They are so nice and they are really great honestly! They have been progressing pretty well! Except the Grandma but we finally realized a little of what she needed! She hasn't been going to church because of her husband so we are going to hit that really really hard to see if we can get her to come! So we will be working really really hard with them!  Oh and we went to the interviews out in Oriental which went pretty good!  The best news is we are almost done with them!  So we are just going to keep pushing along and see what happens!! 

Friday we didn't have any interviews or anything and so it was just a day for us to work hard and see some success! And we were really really blessed! WE did a lot of contacts that is for sure!!  But we saw tons of success!  WE got invited over this week to eat Pozole so we are super super stoked! And we saw all the people we needed to see in the day! Then we went to a family home evening that was awesome! This family kills it! I swear if everyone was the types of members these guys are the whole world would be baptized!!  They work so hard! They give us tons of references and so it has been really really fun just to work with them so much!  We also found two super super chosen people!  They kill it! They had so many great questions!! They are getting ready to move but I am sure that they are going to get baptized at some point! They were really really prepared! 

Saturday we were able to work hard as well!!  We started out trying to find ourselves a new house! We were really really unsuccessful in that though is the saddest part!  We however did find these two cool investigators touching doors!  It was super cool!  They have lots of potential!!  The food was super super dank today too so we can never complain about that!!  Then we went with Enrique who is doing really really good!  He told us this story about how he loved drinking but ever since he started listening to us he hasn't had a single problem! It was a super cool testimony builder that is for sure!  Things are going really good!

Wow I can't believe that this will be my last week in the mission! It is pretty crazy!!  I can't believe that the two years have already passed!  It has just kinda flown by!  Just got everything planned for the last week with Pres and so we are just going to be here working hard all week! All up until the last day!!  Just the way it should be!! Have an amazing week!!  Next week I will try and send you a little something but no promises since we will have 16 news and Pres. won't be here! But I will get something sent don't worry! 

Elder Orchard

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