Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What Happened to the Two Years I Was Supposed to Have Here?

Wow I don't really know quite what to say!  I don't think there are really any words that can describe the way I feel right now!  All week people have asked me how I feel and I just say normal! It really doesn't feel all that much different!  I guess we will find out here in a couple of days how I feel!  It has all just been so weird! It was good that I was just working hard all week and so I never really had time to sit down and say wow I am going home!  We didn't get much time to work in the area but we sure did get a lot of work done!  Time just flew by way too fast honestly!  It is pretty crazy to think that on Wednesday I will be seeing you guys again!!  I don't really know what to think! Hopefully I didn't forget too much English in my time gone!!  Things this week were pretty normal honestly! It was some hard work but we saw a lot more blessings again!!  We found this awesome new family and there are like a gazillion of them!  Okay just 11 but still that is a whole bunch!  I ripped my last pair of pants on the last day!  I think that brings my total up to every pair except one!  I gave a talk that they gave me zero notice about!  And I ate a whole bunch of good food!!  Had to finish strong right!!

Tuesday was a long day! We had interviews out in Los Reyes and it took us a little while to get there! This is also our biggest zone and so we were there until about 3 ish! Then we went and ate with pres at burger king! 

Sent dad the picture for his birthday and we headed out to Ixtapaluca to do an interview.  While we were out there we had to get all the stuff ready for a sister to go home which meant picking up her bags.  the only problem is the sisters that had to let us in didn't answer their phone and so we just waited for hours Elder Alverio and I had to just leave we got sent home in an uber and we went and worked for a little bit! Most of the ward had invited us over to eat but we just couldn't go with everyone! We taught the family cervantez and that was super good! They are progressing really well we have seen lots of cool things with them!  They read everything we leave and they pray like champs and they love going to church! The only problem is they can only go every other week and so that has really kind of hurt us a little bit! She has to work every other Sunday but I know that she will soon be baptized and be an amazing member of the church! 

Wednesday was a fun day we went to capacitate the trainers and the people that have six weeks and that was alright! We were really impressed about the trainers but the six weekers I thought could have done a little better!  They are great kids but they could have used a little bit of work! But they still have six more weeks to be able to be amazing missionaries!!  Then we had lots of appointments today to go out and have a successful day! We contacted quite a bit which was nice! gotta try and leave some things in the area so that way the next assistant doesn't hate me! This was the day that we found the huge family! Last week when we contacted the grandma she said come over I will give you pozole since Elder Orchard is leaving and you can talk with my daughter that had talked to missionaries before!  We obviously were stoked because pozole and possible news!  Well we get there and there wasn't pozole!  Sad moment! they had made tacos dorados instead! Still good but not the same! And what was suppose to be two news turned into ten!  I don't know how but there are ten people that live in that little house! And every single one of them is super super chosen!!  They will be a fun family to work with that is for sure!  We put a cita to go back on Saturday! Then we ran to the consejo de barrio which went pretty well!  Then we headed to the offices because we were going to go to the temple the next day early and we had to get there to be ready! 

Thursday was temple day!!  It was fun! My last time going to the temple here in Mexico!!  It was super cool!  I love this temple!!  I have been able to see so many cool things here!!  Like the Family Macedo sealing!  The open house and dedication! So many spiritual experiences in this temple!!  It was cool to be there for the last time! It was all so weird!  It was kinda sad but amazing all at the same time! 

Then I came back to the offices and had my final interview with Pres! It was super sad! I honestly had been dreading it!  I am sure going to miss him!!  He is an amazing man! I have been able to learn sooo much from him in these two years that I have been here! It has been amazing to be able to work so close to him for more than half of my mission!  There will always be a special place in my heart for him!  Then we ran to the tianguis juntos and we headed off to our area to get a couple citas done!!  We went with alejandra and taught her! She is awesome! I am so happy that we could get her married! It was a great success for us honestly! we sure got blessed with that!  Then we went with one of my favorite families from the ward! They gave us pizza which was good! Then we just kinda chatted and such then called it a day and went home!  It was nice!

Friday we worked all day we had tons of plans but not many of them came through!  WE were able to find another new but I am not sure she will progress all that well! It was funny though because she was kinda deaf and so we were litterally like yelling the whole time and it was realy weird!  Kinda hard to have the spirit when we are just yelling at this lady!  jajaj It was funny none the less!  Then we went with a cool family that made us quesadillas! They were so good! I love Mexican food! I was so nervous before the mission as to if I was going to like it or not! And 20 pounds later I think it was pretty good!! 

Saturday we had to take beds out to a house that we are going to open this cycle! So we met up with beto and started to get things takin to all the places! It was a good day we finished pretty fast honestly!  Then we headed back to our food and had a cita with the family valencia the news that we found! Taught them about the book of mormon and they loved it!!  A whole lot! They will totally read it and progress pretty well!! This was also the day that I ripped my pants!  It was not all that fun but we won the game of street soccer so that is all that matters!!  Then we went with another great family and they gave us mole! i love mole! It is dangerous but always soo soo good!! 

Sunday was church and ward council again but with a seventy so that was cool! WE got a whole lot done that is for sure! It was super productive!  WE went to the food and then came to the office and reported and all that good stuff!!  I guess you can say now at this point my mission is done!  The next few days are just capacitating the news and then having the goodbye dinner!  So I guess this is about it!!

I don't really know what to say!!  This is kinda my last whorah space to have!!  I guess here is what I can share, Ever since you get to the mission you talk about the day you go home! Whenever you get to a new area you tell the members you have a little more time than you actually do so that way they think that you are older in the mission than you actually are! I mean you practically are just sitting here saying only 23 months and two weeks to go!!  But when you get to this point you don't want things to end! You think back and say what happened to the two years that I was suppose to have here!  You think about everything that has happened and you realize that it has all past!! I kinda am at the point where most of the memories I have are in the mission and it is hard to even think about life after the mission!!  However I know that everything that I have been able to see in the past two years will be a huge blessing in my life!! I know that Missionary work is so important and I have been able to learn so much about the gospel and about myself these past two years!  I know that the book of mormon is true and that it changes lives!  I know that when we keep the commandments we are happy and blessed in all things!  Temporally and spiritually!  I know that if we want to get closer to God and Jesus we can do it! It isn't hard and it is something we all can do!!  They love us! Christ came here to this earth to suffer for us and show us the pathway back to heaven!  He loves us! He will always love us!  I know that He lives! God loves us and wants us to be happy! He would do everything for us! He hears our prayers and blesses us with all that we need! Thank you so much for all the support that you have all shown me in these past two years!  Thanks for always being there when I needed you!  The church is true!  I know that it is!!  I will see you all on Wednesday!


Elder Orchard

On Monday, Elder Orchard and his companion along with the Nebekkers went to the Mexico City MTC to pick up the "news".  They took them back to the mission office for some training and out to pizza for dinner.

Enriquez family