Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A New Comp, Mission Interviews and Chapultepec

This week was pretty slow for us! It was really hard to get everything done! Right now because of the interviews we are basically working from about 4 on but the problem is we have lots of things we need to do! We really need to start to find some more people but we have so many people that it is hard to do all the visits that we need to get done and find new people and find time to do some good contacts! It started to get hard but I guess it is good I know we will see lots of great blessings!  It was super super cool to be able to see the ways that the Lord would bless us when we would work hard!!  We also had a lot of fun! I was able to get a new comp! We will be in a trio for a week until Elder Shumway heads home! It will be super fun! We are exhausted tired because of how much work we have been doing but hey I am getting close to the end! We are at the point where it is just work now rest later so that is good! 

Tuesday started out in Ixtapaluca we went there for the interviews! They went really really good and we were able to capacitate all about the 8 fundamentals of preach my gospel! The coolest part is when we capacitate on this stuff it helps us know what we can do better in our own work!  So we did that and then we went out and found some new people to teach! They are a reference that we got and it was super super cool! They have the potential to really really progress!  Then we saw some people that we were hoping would go to church but they didn't end up making it there! 

Wednesday we went out to Ixtapaluca 2 Which is probably the best zone in the mission right now as of work! They find tons of news and have lots of fechas really really consistently! Well the zone leaders did a really really good job with their part of the capacitation!  We were really excited about all of the things that they did there! Then we came and saw a few investigators and headed home to get ready for the next day when we would get a new comp and have another day of interviews!  

Thursday we got the special changes done to be able to get everything figured out! I have to teach the new assistant the area and the mission because he really doesn't know all that much of here!  He has only been in two zones in the year that he has had here! So we are working hard to know people and do divisions! Then we went and saw two of the families that we have that are really progressing really well!!  We saw them and they are just killing it!  they are reading and say they are going to go to church this week and so we have been really really pleased with what they have been doing! And we saw the Family Aguilar santiago which is looking like they will be my last baptism here in the mission if everything goes as planned! They are doing really really well!  They have been really really chosen since we first found them and the things are just kinda being put into place since we found them! 

Friday was a really good day! We saw the other people that we had had lots of hope for and so that was really cool!  They are doing good but sadly they didn't make it to church this week! Her case is pretty hard because her husband has to get divorced before she can get married and so that has been really really hard for us! She also just hasn't progressed all that well! She seems excited and reads and stuff but it has been really hard for her to progress and go to church and all that stuff! 

Saturday we went to chapultepec which was alright! I was expecting to see a little more but ya know museums aren't really my thing!  But it was alright! 

We saw some pretty cool things so that is okay!  Then we went and had tacos with the Nebekers at a good taco place here by the offices and so that was really fun! 

All in all it was a pretty good week!  We worked hard and we are hoping we can see some more blessings and lessons this week! But we will just be working hard and whatever happens we will be happy! 

have a great week!

Elder orchard

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