Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cleared and Ready to Go

Great news!  After 10 sessions of therapy, Douglas passed his functionality test with flying colors.  His knee is strong and he is physically cleared, with no restrictions, to return to missionary service.  He has been walking 4-6 miles per day and passed the missionary department road test as well.  On Thursday, October 30th he turned his papers back in.  And then we waited.

On Monday afternoon we got notice that he would leave on Monday, November 10th on a 7:10 am flight.  That is his mission transfer day and he will meet his mission president with 19 other Elders.  Later that evening we were all together having family home evening when I got a call from a very strange number.  How excited I was to hear a man on the other end say, "Is this Sister Orchard?  This is President Stutznegger!"  It was so wonderful to speak to him and know that he is prepared to take care of my son for the next few years.  I asked him if there was anything I could send with Douglas since he was leaving from home and I had the unique opportunity to slip something into his bags.  He said Sister Stutznegger would be so delighted with some brown sugar and he would be grateful for a Big Hunk candy bar!  This has been a crazy journey but I am grateful Douglas is willing to exercise faith and go and serve.  I know he will be blessed and learn things he could learn no other way.

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