Monday, December 1, 2014

If They Have the Guts to Live in a Pink House Then They Have the Guts to Listen to Us!

Yeah I did remember that it was Thanksgiving!  We have all Americans in our ward and so we celebrated by going and getting some tortas!!  You can´t really buy much of a turkey and stuff for that here!!  It was actually really crappy because we went to our Thursday lunch appointment on Wednesday because we switched things up on accident so we ate two lunches on Wednesday back to back talk about being fat!!  We try and keep up on all of the stats of whats going on in the sports world but it is just too hard!!  That stinks that the Cowboys got killed!!  Well I knew our true colors would show through eventually!!
Alright so I am going to apologize in advance for this crappy letter!!  Well Tuesday started off pretty fantastic!!  We started knocking doors and Elder Lund and I decided that we were going to knock all the pink houses we could find because,"if they have the guts to live in a pink house then they have the guts to listen to us!"  so we got a few lessons scheduled out of that but then we knocked on a different door and Jesus answered!! We explained who we were and what we were doing there and it turns out that he invited us in to share the restoration on the spot!!  That never happens here and so me and Elder Lund were kind of excited!!  So we shared the lesson and at the end he just went on and put Jesus to a fecha for the 28th of december!!  It was literally like the coolest experience ever!!  So after we did like six mexican hand shakes we went off to three lessons in a row with investigators!!  At the end of the day we taught 9 lessons and had tons of new investigators!!  Well that turned out to be about the only exciting day for the rest of the week!!  We didn´t teach any investigators after that day and we finished the week with 24 lessons!  Worse than all of that however was just that the week was boring!!  We try to teach our investigators three times a week but they just flaked out on us for the rest of the week!!  All in all it was a bad week!! So we went to an area we don´t usually go to very often and we found that cool pink house!!

So of course we knocked it but nobody was home!!  They were a big catholic family though because they had a huge Mary and huge Judas statue in their patio so we left them that folleto. Then to make it all worse none of them even came to church on Sunday!!  So we are done with that week now and we just won´t talk about it again!!  We are hopeful that we can have a better week this week and we are going to work hard to find some new investigators!!
Our goal is to baptize every week before second transfer!!  We have got it set up to where we have the first two weeks with a baptism and so we just need to get the next five!!  This transfer is going to be seven weeks instead of six because President Stutznegger is sending this transfers missionaries home a week early for Christmas!!
Okay so on Saturday we went to the temple as a stake and that was really cool!  We had one investigator come but we don´t think she is there for the church we are pretty sure she just comes for the missionaries!!  That about is it for what happened last week!!
Today we went to central de abasto and that was bien padre!!  We spent 38 dollars and got so much food!!  The coolest part is that it is all brought in fresh every least thats what they tell us!!  WE are going to be eating like kings for the month!!  It is like costco but like 100 times bigger at least!!  It takes about ten minutes to drive throught the middle of it!!

We are looking forward to a great week this week filled with lots of lessons and lots of fun and hopefully some new investigators!!  It is crazy to think that my birthday is already this week!!  We will probably play dodgeball with the youth on Saturday and have them bring their non member friends so I will at least get to do something fun!!
Okay so here is a little food for thought I thought you and Dad would enjoy.  This is something we learned from Elder Piper who is in the Mexico area seventy presidency or something like that!  Anyways he said that a fast isn´t complete unless you pay a fast offering with it.  I thought you might like that since you and dad have been focusing on fasting for a little while now.
Alright well thats all I have for this week!!  I love you and hope everything is going great!!
Elder Orchard
The picture I received from Sister Stutznegger this week

And why not include this great pic!

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