Monday, December 29, 2014

One of the Coolest Moments of My Life

Alright so this week was pretty slow if I am being honest!  It felt like nobody was home and that all of the appointments that we had fell through!  We had to drop our only investigator because she was just too flakey!  She wasn´t coming to church and just wasn't keeping up with the commitments that we left her!  So this next week we are going to spend trying to find some people, preferably a family, that we can get going to church and listening to us!  Who knows why but for whatever reason nobody wanted us this week!! 

So I don't have any cool stories as far as that goes!  However I do have some pretty funny stories that I hope you will understand! 

Story number 1  We were out Christmas caroling to members on December 23rd and it was a great time and so then we decided to just knock on peoples doors.  Pre note: everyone says quien(who) when you knock on the door.  So we knock on this door and the person yells from inside quien? So we responded with Mariachi!  Then they told us no we didn't order a mariachi and we yelled it is free and then we started singing to them!  Well they didn't open the door until we were about to leave but they wanted us to come sing again and then they tried to pay us after we sang to them!  It was so funny!

Story number 2 So one way we get around is by buses called combies.  So occasionally people will get on and try and sell things and rap and all sorts of things.  Well on the 23rd of December we were going out Christmas caroling to people and so we were having fun knocking on doors of random people and singing our songs but we decided we needed to take it up a notch so we asked the combie driver if we could get on and sing a song and of course he said yes and so we sang Feliz Navidad to everyone and passed out the El Es La Dadiva (He is the gift) cards and everyone was just laughing at us and we just had so much fun!!  This was honestly one of the funnest days of my mission!! 

We also got Javier and Gerardo some gifts for Christmas and when they opened it they didn't know what to do!!  Javier told us he just wanted to cry!!  It was nothimg much just a tie and some bicycle cards but they loved it and it was so cool to see their faces light up when we gave it to them!  It was one of the coolest moments of my life to see something like that!!  

This is one of the more popular songs right now here in Mexico we hear it all the time! y fue asi por Julion Alvarez

The word of the week is bien.  It means like good but here in Mexico City it also can be used to express an extra amount.  Esta camisa esta bien chida! This shirt is REALLY cool! 

I hope you guys are all having a great time and that you will have a great week this week!!

Elder Orchard

My birthday shoes

My birthday sweater

The Honduras flag.  One of the Elders in our zone is from there so I took a picture and sent it to Eli (a friend from Cottonwood Baseball who is serving there)

Our Christmas Countdown!

Christmas morning eating waffles and I don't know.  I was just wearing this.

One of the Elders teaching me how to Salsa dance at a wedding

At lunch today they asked for a name so I gave them the name Jim since I knew they wouldn't be able to spell Douglas and they messed that up too!  My fault!  I should have said Luis or something more simple!

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