Monday, January 5, 2015

We Worked Really Hard and Had Some Fun

Alright so this week we had absolutely no investigators!  We dropped them all on Sunday because they really didn´t want it and weren't progressing!  So this week our goal was just to contact and contact and contact!  We found some new people so we are hoping that they can progress and actually be good!! 

Tuesday I was on divisions with Elder de Leon (companion of Elder Norr).  We worked really hard and had some fun!!  We taught twelve lessons on just that one day!  It was a great time honestly! 
Me and Elder de Leon in the moto taxi that was full of the virgin stuff

New Years was kind of slow.  We didn´t really find anyone home!  We didn´t work New Years Day so me and Elder Lund tried to stay up and celebrate the new year together!  Well, we fell asleep at like 11 with all the lights on and we kind of just failed as far as that goes!

We finally gave Javier's mom that lesson and we totally rocked it!!  We now have another lesson planned to go and give them this week to talk about what Jesus Christ has taught us and that he is our example in everything and he said come follow me!  So, discreetly talk about baptism and just planch her!  We are hoping for good things to come out of this! 
The gift that Javier gave me for Christmas with candy in it
Me and Javier playing cards on his bed
I feel like my letters have been slacking for the most part these last few weeks and so I am sorry for that!  We just haven´t had anyone progressing and so it is kind of hard to tell you cool stories!  However here is one decent story for now hopefully it is good enough!  So a few weeks ago Elder Lund was buying shoelaces and from behind us in English we hear, ¨You two are a long ways from home, where are you from? Utah?¨  Me and Elder Lund just didn´t know what to say and so I was just like uhm yeah....The guy then said,¨Okay, well I'll see you around!¨  So then the next week we were getting off a bus and we found this guy again!  So we talked to him and it turns out he lived in California for 40 years and worked for the government then came down here to get married and start a family!  So we set up an appointment to go with him and we should go see him next week with his family!  We are hoping we can have a cool story come from this!!
The note for Romel...the guy we found
The word of the week by the way is chispas.  It is like dang it, shoot or rat farts!

I love you all and hope that you will have a great week and a fantastic New Year!


Elder Orchard
Elder Ordonez from Honduras

Me and some buddies

Ponche, a traditional drink here!  It is like warm apple juice but it has fruit and some sugar cane in it!  The sugar cane is good, the drink is good but the soggy fruit at the end is nasty!

Me and Elder Lund at our favorite taco place

Us doing Tangled lanterns

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