Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Surprise Message

Every now and then I get a surprise message and/or picture from Sister Stutznegger.  It always makes me SO happy to get a mid week peek of my boy:).  Her latest message really touched me.

Sister Stutznegger:  Elder Orchard was in the office today.  His comp had to go to immigration.  He is doing so well!  He really adds to this mission!

Me:  Sister S, you really are the best!  Your thoughtfulness for us moms who love that extra word, and occasional picture is SO appreciated!  He does seem so happy and we know he is in great hands!  Thank you:)

Sister Stutznegger:  He reminded me today to always count the "Orchard factor" when counting our net gains and losses (those coming in minus those going home).  He reminded me that it could happen at anytime-we both were laughing so hard!  Keith told him that he refused to use the "Orchard factor" so that meant he just didn't ever get to go home.  We all were having a great laugh!  He really has gotten into our hearts pretty quickly!

Doug has the BEST in the Stutzneggers and I am so grateful for their sacrifice to serve at this time of their lives.

I asked Douglas what he did while he was in the office.  His response:  I read a little in the Book of Mormon, took down the Christmas tree and helped the President move some things.

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