Monday, January 12, 2015

It is Always Cool to Learn More About the Culture Here

Our dodgeball and soccer nights with the Young Men!  We look pretty mean and good, right?!
Alright so this week was just an average week!!  It started off with us contacting a lot just trying to find people that we could teach!!  It went alright and we found a few people but the problem was when we went back with them it seemed like they were never there!!  We did find an old investigator that looks like he will progress just fine he just hasn't had time to listen because of work!!  He is a cop and so he has to work every other day!! The only problem is that means he can only come to church every other week!!  This is why the five Sunday thing is so crappy!!  This guy is a golden investigator but he can't get baptized for at the least 10 weeks!!  

Tuesday was a big holiday here!  It is called Reyes Magos Day (3 kings day).  This is basically Christmas here so all the kids got gifts and all that good stuff!!  They also eat a bread thing that is called rosca.  They bake little babies into the bread and if when you are eating it you have a baby in your piece you have to buy everyone tamales or at least that is what the legend is.

Well back in the day when there was only like two babies in the whole thing they would bring tamales but now they put like ten in the bread just for fun!!  It is always cool to learn more about the culture here and how they do things different!!  

Well since we didn't really have any investigators we decided that we were going to try and just kill it in the less active people column this week!!  We taught 11 different less active families throughout the week!!  One little funny experience from one of the lessons we had!  We were teaching about prayer and so we started by reading in the guide to studying the scriptures(only found in the spanish scriptures) and so then I asked her "so what is prayer, Yoana?"  And she told me,  "well, I think that prayer is like when you send a message to God.  Yeah like if God had a Whats up (new app kind of like texting)  I would just send him a whats up which would be my prayer!"  I just looked at Elder Lund and wanted to start laughing it was so funny!  But I had to try and find a way to make it relate from that point on!!  It was bad!!  Then they invited the other missionaries over to eat on Saturday and Elder Brown told us that we were invited too!  Well we showed up and it turns out we weren't really invited officially...  It was really awkward!!  They answered the door and I wish you could have seen Yoana´s suprised face and the fact that she couldn't comprehend why both sets of missionaries came!!  It was priceless!!  However they did come to church after so that was good!!  

Things with Javier are hopefully going to happen soon!  We went by to have another lesson with his mom again but she cancelled on us so that sucked!!  I guess she used to do this same thing where she would say she was going to be there but then leave and so we just are going to drop in from now on!  It is a great lesson plan we have for him though!!  The goal is to just help his mom to realize how important it is and read her some scriptures from second Nefi 31 which talks about the Gospel!  His birthday is coming up on the 30th of January so we need to find something to get him for his birthday but that is kind of a struggle here!  We will probably end up getting him some cards again or something!  Hopefully we can find him a cool gift so his mom will just continue to like us!!

The word of this week is cuate.  It means like bro or dude.  
Example: Ay cuate que vamos a comer hoy?
Hey bro what are we going to eat today?

I love you guys and have a great week!! 
Les quiero,
Elder Orchard

My card in President's office that says my name is Russell Keith Orchard

Torta a la cubana we ate the week that was huge and had like five diffferent types of meat on it.  It was amazing!!!!!  You guys should open a torta place while I am gone!!

soccer highlight

typical Mexican doorbell

bugs we drank to help with your health or something

cool picture I took this week at sunset

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