Monday, January 19, 2015

I Sure Don't Miss the Cold or the Snow

A tianguis (street shopping)
This week was a good week!!  We found a new really cool guy!  His name is Alvaro and he is an absolute stud!!  He is like seventy years old and has a hard time talking.  He sounds like the smoker commercials and so I struggle to understand sometimes!! But regardless, he is a stud!!  He stopped us on the street and asked where the cult meets!  Then he said he was new in the area and he was looking for a temple to go to.  So we went in and taught him and he was just a stud!!  He already can find the scriptures on his own and we have members that can't do that!  He came to church with us and he is just a really cool guy!!  He was like contributing to the class and everything!  He is such a cool guy!!  I think we are going to take him to the temple this week.  He is going to get baptized on the 15 of February I think is the date that we put for him! 

Now a funny story!  Elder Lund has some cards that he gives to people that have his info like email address and all that good stuff!  Well it has his home phone number on it too! Well a couple weeks ago he gave one to Javier.  Well I ended up leaving my camera at his house on accident!   And so Javier, being the great kid that he is, decided that he was going to call us and let us know so we weren't worrying!  Well he ended up calling Elder Lund's home phone and Javier was telling us that he called and someone answered and so he said ¨bueno elderes?¨ Then the person on the other end started talking and he knew it wasn't Spanish and he thought it was English so he hung up.  Then he started thinking, I think Elder Lund made those at his house, so how would he have known what number he would get in this area!?  It was so so so funny when he told us this story!  We were both just cracking up!!

So then that same night Javier told us about how he just finished the Book of Mormon.  So Elder Lund says, "okay, Javier, if you can tell me the three groups of people that came to the Americas that it talks about in the Book of Mormon I will buy you a hamburger combo meal at this place by his house!  So Javier says "the Jaradites the Nefites and the Lamanites?  No, not Lamanites it was the Mulekites!"  And WE just looked at each other in astonishment!  I couldn't have answered that until I was a missionary and he just answered it like that!! This kid is so cool!!

Other than that we have just been working hard with trying to find some people!  There are tons of people that we have but they aren't fully interested so we are trying to narrow it down to the people who really want it and are working hard to finally get that first baptism!!  

Me and Elder Lund next to graffiti

Russell told Douglas about speaking in the YSA ward conference yesterday and how sick he was of the cold weather.  Douglas' response:

I have been lucky.  It is nice having four missionaries in the ward because that way we don't speak as much!  I am sure that I will be the next missionary to speak, though.  The weather here is awesome!!  I love it...I really lucked out.  Sometimes in the night I need a jacket but other than that things are good as far as the weather.  I sure don't miss the cold or the snow!!

The Spanish word for the week is chistoso.  This means funny like as in this story is funny!  Tengo un historia muy chistoso. 

I love you guys!!  Have a good week!

Elder Orchard

who knows why but they paint the trees white

more graffiti

me on the Nacho Libre bike

typical Mexican street

A street in our area.  Good luck saying that!  Remember...the "h" is silent

Elder Lund's contraption to boil potatoes

We rearranged our room!

Elder Brown, Elder Lund and me with our tromps at church.  They are a Mexican toy you buy for like 8 pesos.

more tianguis

This sweet Virgin Mary light up thing I am going to buy next Christmas!

A BBQ we had

My new Nacho Libre mask I bought

My new shoes

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