Monday, January 26, 2015

Chispas! I Am Going to Get Robbed!

I found some snow cones and even rode the bike for them!

Alright well this week wasn't terrible!!  We found another new guy and he is pretty cool!!  So we have Alvaro(who is a champ) and this guy named Julio and his two kids!!  Things are slowly starting to progress here!  We are slowly starting to see the blessings of hard work!  We are finding the people that are ready to hear us and we have finally got really cool people!!
Me and Elder Lund at church
Alright so about this Alvaro fella.  He is a boss!!  He asked for a talk from President Monson so that he could hear what the prophet has to say!  So he is currently writing a review for us so that way we will know that he read it!  He is so excited to get baptized on the 15th!!  He is inviting everyone to go from the ward which is good!!  We are so excited that he is so cool and so ready for everything!!  He is filling out the extra study sections of the pamphlets and he is going to be a great member!  

Funny story from this week!  Julio is a contact that we did about a month ago going to buy some tacos!  Well we started walking down the street and there was this guy wearing a hoodie with the hood over his head and a backpack! Then he crossed the street after he saw us and so me and Elder Lund were freaking out a little and thought we were going to get robbed!  He ends up just talking to us while we were going down for tacos and then left! He told us about how his mom is a member but he has never talked to missionaries before!  So then that was it and I just thought "well that was scary... glad that turned out good"!!!  Well then earlier this week we got out of a lesson and this guy yells from across the street,  ¨Hey, speaka Spanish?¨ And he gets out of his car and starts walking fast towards us!  It was also night and so I thought to myself ¨Chispas! I am going to get robbed¨.  Well it ended up being this Julio guy again and we set up an appointment to teach him!  It was kind of funny though because the first two times we met him we totally thought we were going to get robbed!!  

Alright so the word of the week is embarazado.   Estoy embarazado.  I am pregnant!

Have a great week and find a way to go out and help the missionaries!!
Me and Elder Norr on divisions this week.  This is the Elder that was supposed to be my father (trainer) until I hurt my knee in the MTC.
Elder Orchard

P.S.  Guess what?  I just talked to (emailed...I will get his number next week) Levi Thompson (a friend from the 9th ward serving in the Mexico City West mission) and we are going to try and go to Center together here in a couple weeks!!  That will be fun!  I will be sure to get some good pics!  They have to baptize three people before they can get permission though.  Glad our Mission President isn't like that!

Me and Elder Guerrero from the Dominican Republic


Some guy on the roof doing who knows what?!

Espiritu Santo street (Holy Ghost for all you English speakers)

We went on a hike today.

A cross with Mary holding the baby Jesus at the top of our hike.

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