Monday, February 2, 2015

My Plan Going Forward is Just Trust In the Lord

The weeks are crazy!!  They go by so fast.  I feel like I have been with Elder Lund for only a few weeks and now we have transfers tomorrow.  So yeah, I will be getting a new companion.  Kind of sad.  I have really enjoyed my time with Elder Lund and have learned a lot.  Hopefully, I have learned everything that I need to.  I still will learn a lot here in the next few weeks.  But now it is time to start a new chapter in my mission book.  I am like 99% sure that my next comp will not speak English which is good.  That is what I need.  My Spanish will hopefully be pretty good after these next three months!! 

Alright, you guys are pretty smart.  I threw the hint in at the bottom to see if you guys would catch on. Yes, tomorrow I am getting a new missionary and I will be training him!!  It is crazy to think I just finished my first twelve weeks and now I am going to be teaching it to a new missionary!!  It is crazy to think that I will have the first six months in my area and I am pretty excited for that.  This is a great area and the people here are great!  It is a great place to start off your mission.  And cooler then all of that we will have some baptisms for my new comp once he gets here.  We will each baptize for the first time together.  I am pretty excited to see what the future holds in store for us.  I am a little nervous considering I have never taught a single investigator all the lessons so the first little while could be a little shakey.  I am yet to teach the commandments and still haven't even finished the whole Plan of Salvation lesson yet.  It will be kind of a learning while I go experience but I am excited for it!!  I am a little nervous but excited!!  I guess that my plan going forward is just trust in the Lord!  But I am excited!!  And President Stutznegger loves me for whatever reason!  You should see the emails I get from him everyweek! 

The rest of this week was pretty good!!  We did alright as far as lessons go and we are still just trying to find lots of people who are ready.  We have found a couple of people who look promising but we just haven't had time to teach them yet.  When I reported yesterday we have five homes in teaching which is really pretty good I think!  At least this is more than I have ever had in the first three months.  Alvaro is the big one. He is progressing just fine.  He wants to go hometeaching already!  He is probably going to try and go this  week with people I think which  is really awesome.  Things are going super super great!!  Me and Elder Lund have been having a great time and really just working really hard.  We are slowly but surely starting to see the fruits of our labor.  We are hoping to find some more people before I finish training my kid.  We are going to have fun but we are going to work hard!!  

Other than Alvaro progressing there is not all the much to report as far as the week goes.  However, we did have three less active families in church this week and two of them we thought would never come to church again!!  It is awesome to see the hand of the Lord in his work!!  The only other highlight that I can really think of is that we found four new investigators this week and we have appointments set up for more this week.  I am really looking forward to see what is to come!!  

It is amazing how tired you can come home at the end of the day!  I mean we walk around a little bit and just talk to people and every day I am just exhausted.  When we get home I feel ready for bed haha!!  Like 9:30 sharp I am ready to hit the sack.  Yes that means 8:30 your time.  I guess you can say that we are quite the party animals!  

The word of the week is cambiar.  It is a verb that means to change.  Mañana voy a tener un cambio de compañeros.  Tomorrow I am going to change companions.

Have a great week!!  If you can I would start to study Preach My Gospel!  It is such a cool book and I love the time I have every day to study it!  I have learned so much!

Elder Orchard

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