Monday, February 9, 2015

Find A Way To Make Someone Else's Day

This week was a good week!  I am a little scared for what is coming up this week though!!  We only have one investigator and he is getting baptized on Saturday!!  Really cool but we need to kick our butts into gear this week to find some cool people. However the good news is that I still have my comp so no he didn't go home. (We read on Sister Stutznegger's blog this week that one of the brand new Elders was just too homesick and decided to go home.  We were really hoping it was not Douglas' new companion.)

I guess I should first start with my new companion since that is kind of the big news!!  His name is Elder Preciado.  
Me and Elder Preciado
Elder Preciado is from Guadalajara Mexico.  He tries to speak English so he probably does about as well as Dad's Spanish is!  Maybe a little worse!  But he tries and that is the important thing! After two years I am guessing he will be certified!  We get along pretty well so that is good!  We haven't had any problems yet.  However I have already heard about a billion times that he wants to train..haha. That is one thing that will be good.  My Spanish will be really good because the Latins really really really like to talk!  They can go on and on about as many topics that you can imagine!!  So that will be really good for my Spanish!!  He already tells me that I am really Mexican already!!  He says when I go home you won't even recognize me!  That is the point right?!  
Our generation picture.  My dad (Elder Lund), me and my son (Elder Preciado)
Okay so Alvaro Gongalez Davalos will get baptized this Saturday at two.  If anyone would like to come to his baptism you are all invited!  He is so cool and I am so so happy for him!  It will be awesome that Finally I have my first baptism!!  As a mission we have really been below par on just about everything so it wil be good to start baptizing people.  Hopefully this starts something for us.  We are going to work really hard and try to see what we can do this week.  We need a cool family of like 5!!  Thats what we are looking for!!  

Alright so this week was actually pretty hard for us.  All the appointments that we had basically fell.  We did like 30 contacts and all of them rejected us.  We knocked like 100 doors and lots of people just weren't home.  We even had a less active family hide from us!!  We were knocking on the door and they hid inside.  Then these kids came and knocked on the door and one of the kids said, " hold on come back when the misisonaries aren't here because they don't think we are here!"  It made me a little mad but it is okay!  I guess we can't make people listen to us.  I just wish that people would understand what is it like and how much the gospel can help them!! 

I have been really studying Preach My Gospel this week along with the scriptures.  One thing that I think is cool is that in Preach My Gospel it talks about what a successful missionary is and it says nothing about having good numbers!!  All it says is people that are obedient and are working to find people who are ready and stuff.  It really gave me comfort reading that.  Besides I know that we are doing what we are supposed to and that The Lord will bless us with people to teach!!  I also finished the Book of Mormon for the first time (in Spanish) like two weeks ago and so now I started again but I am doing the four color thing(Also found in preach my gospel) and this is really cool to be able to see all the things that the Book of Mormon teaches!!  

The word of the Week is a verb.  It is esconder or to hide.  Fuimos con una familia pero nos estaba escudriendo. We went with a family but they were hiding from us.

Have a great week!  Read the scriptures, pray, and remember how blessed we actually are!!  I am out here living in a cement house being poor and I am loving the time that I have here!  Find a way to make someone elses day!  Go the extra mile to be a missionary!  Because we all need to be misisonaries and you don't need a nametag that says Elder to share the gospel!  

Elder Orchard

cute little kid


new backpack

mac and cheese yesterday

I ate seafood today.  How gross, right?

(Sister Stutznegger put these up on transfer day.  We were hoping to see Elder Orchard's new companion but instead, we got these gems:))

(I know I am a little biased but I think my son is super handsome!)

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