Monday, February 23, 2015

I Turned 6 Months Old This Week

Well another week has come and gone!  And well I have some news to break to everyone!  I haven't been exactly honest with everyone in the fact that I turned six months old this week!!  I don't want everyone planning out the day I come home but I am officially a quarter of the way done!!  Crazy to think right!!  So we had a mini party with me and Elder Preciado!!  I have videos but you can't get those so sooner or later I will send those to you.  That was the big thing of the week!  Ï turned 6!!

The 6 month tie burning ceremony.

Now as far as the work side!  We found a couple "news" this week!  One was crazy and so we aren't going to go back!  And then the other has got some real potential. He likes to read and he already told his mom off after she said that he should go to the Catholic church!!  He told her, "look, wherever God calls me is where I am going to go!"   Well he is like 60 but he still has to talk to his mom about that.  It is a huge thing here.  You're seventy years old but you still ask your ninety year old mom if you can change religions.  I don't know, something I don't understand.  

Now that I am kind of getting a grip on the language I am also starting to learn all the cuss words.  Mainly because it is what people yell at us!! And let me tell you, they have about a million and five ways to cuss you out here!!  I can't think of the word in English but they are very grosero is what it would be in Spanish!!  That knock that everyone does in the states like the du du du du du, pause duh duh that is also a way to cuss here!  So when you drive,that is all you hear!!  In the states there are like ten cuss words and ya but here I learn a new one every day!!  

Alright well the plan this week is to contact the crap out of it!!  I thnk we will do like 60 contacts!!  And we are just going to try and destroy it this week!!  I mean it is going to be a lot of work but I know that we can see the Lord's hand in his work!  Because really this is his work!  If you guys have time everyone start studying preach my gospel.  It is such a cool book!!  You can learn so much.  
This weeks word is grosero.  Las personas aca son bien grosero!  The people here have big potty mouths!

I love you!
Elder Orchard

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