Monday, February 16, 2015

We Finally Baptized!!

Yes so this week we finally baptized!!  It was awesome!!  Super cool experience!!  And yes I baptized!!  It was actually kind of funny though because we get done and I was like brother how do you feel?   He told me I was really surprised and I was like why were you surprised?  He was like I didn't know you were going to dunk me all the way!  I just kind of laughed and it was really funny because I literally told him right as we got in the water and at least six times Saturday that hey we need to dunk you all the way under so I just was laughing!!  I am glad nothing went terribly wrong.  Then it was kind of cool they actually confirmed him a member in the stake conference.  That was also really cool.  All in all just an awesome experience!!  
Elder Lund, Alvaro and me

YAY!! He got baptized:)

Elder Precadio, Alvaro and me
No idea what this is but it came out of the baptismal font.

Our greenish water we baptize in.

Other than that this week was full of all sorts of good times starting from Tuesday.  I put on a pair of pants and so we went on preaching throughout the day!  Finally, I stop at a papeleria (stationary) to look at some pens and buy some supplies that I needed!  Well I bend down to look at something closer and I just hear my pants rip!  So no big deal.  I went and changed and everything was all good!  Well then later that night we went by with Javier.  Well I bent down again for something and boom!  Another pair of pants ripped!  Needless to say I have put on a little bit of weight and it is all in my butt!!  Okay maybe not all but a lot of it is!!  I guess I need to lay off the tacos and elotes (corn)!!

So we are now kind of at a struggle as far as investigators go.  We have like three or four that aren't progressing and so we need to contact.  We did like fifty last week and only two accepted but then after we went back they weren't home so we are kind of in a rock and a hard place because they are getting on us for not having lessons with a member present but we don't even have any investigators.   So we are working hard with this.

So this week I was able to find a member to prest (?) us some baseball gloves!  So me and Elder Smith played catch today for the first time in forever.  It felt so good to throw the ball again!!  I am going to be sore tomorrow though.
We found some baseball stuff!

This week there are going to be two spanish words because I am pretty sure I forgot one last week and I got two good ones!  

First is romper the verb to break!  Mis pantalones se me rompieron!  My pants ripped!

The second has to do with spicy because this week we ate with the hermana picosa or the Sister Spicy because all she cooks is spicy!  Well the next day I didn't feel good.  When I went to the bathroom mi trasero estuvo ardiendo or my butt was on fire!  It was more spicy coming out than it was coming in!

I love you all.  Have a great week!
Elder Orchard

Levi Thompson and Douglas grew up together in the same neighborhood.  Elder Thompson is serving in the Mexico City West mission.  They arranged by email to meet in Centro today.  Douglas said it was great to see him but they only had a very short time to catch up and get back to their responsibilities.  I think this makes our large world just a little bit smaller.  They both look so happy:)

Playing with my trompo

Huaraches, one of my favorite foods!

The cool jacket I bought for 100 pesos.

The socks we mailed to Douglas to help him celebrate the Cowboys winning the Superbowl.  Maybe he will have more use for them next year.  He reported getting his package and nothing was confiscated! was a lot of stress mailing it!  I was only allowed to put 1 lb of candy and chocolate or I had to declare the sugar content.  All clothing has to be new with the original tags still attatched.
Ties I bought today.

New watch...100 pesos.

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