Monday, March 2, 2015

I Couldn't Remember How to Pray in English

Hola Familia!

I will appologize in advance for anything that doesn't make sense and things I spell wrong.
me making seafood

Salsa de Habanero that I can eat with almost no problems
This week was a really different week for us!  We have been doing a ton and I mean a ton of contacts all week and it just seems like we are not getting any results!  It is really frustrating!!  We do all sorts of stuff and the people send us to the Gomma all the time!!  I have gotten decent and sometimes I can get people to reconsider!  The funniest was this week though!!  We knocked a door and this little girl came out and she is like what?  I was like are your parents here?  and she told me no!  So I told her, Ask them when they are going to come back!  She said okay and walked back in!  So then the dad comes out and he was like no we don't have any time for you guys we are really busy!  So then I was like Hermano no tiene tiempo para Dios? (you don't have time for God)  And he paused for a little bit and was like no we are busy and so I just told him okay have a good day and we left!  Elder Preciado was kind of freaking out I don't know if he was scared or thought it was funny!  Haha I was enjoying myself though!!

me on a bike
(Just so no one is confused, Douglas is not in a bike area.  He walks and takes public transportation.)
Another Funny Story from the week!  We had just finished the meeting we have every Saturday with our ward mission leader!  Well I was picked to say the closing prayer and they asked me to say it in English!  That was probably the hardest thing I have done in a long time!  I literally couldn't do it!  I switched into spanish after like four sentences because I litterally just couldn't remember how to do it and it sounded terrible!  One of the other elders was like that was weird I didn't like that at all!  So basically I am toast when I get back!!  I will have to learn how to speak english again!   I mean I can usually speak fine here but that is with other americans that also speak spanish so my way of talking isn't weird like Salena tells me! 
mini soccer

a party in the Sacrament room...that's how we do it in Mexico
Other than that not much happened!  We found an investigator but he already dropped us so that is really crappy!!  We will find someone this week though so I am not super worried!  I know that we are going to start to see the Lords hand in his work!  

The word of the week is cerro or hill.  hoy en la maƱana subimos un cerro.  This morning we hiked a hill.

Have a good week!!

I love you all!

Elder Orchard

Excerpt from his letter to his dad.  Russell asked him if he started reading the book he mailed to him Drawing On the Powers of Heaven:  I did start and I almost finished but I have been studying a lot of preach my gospel in the morning and at night I am exhausted so I will hopefully finish soon!  But yeah it is good!  I have really been trying to focus on my prayers and make them better!  I think it was something I always just kind of took advantage of but I have been trying to be better with those!

5 people in the back seat of a taxi

Almost everything is spelled wrong and it made me crack up laughing!! 
This is how it should be spelled: 
Bienvenidos por Favor Bajar su basura gracias

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