Monday, March 9, 2015

This Week Wasn't Terrible

Coconut I bought this week.  It was good.

This week wasn't terrible!  We have really been trying to find some people to teach and so we do a lot of contacts!  I am getting pretty decent at them and I just like to have a little bit of fun with all of them!  Some of my go to questions once they reject the contact:

Do you have time for God?
Do you think that God is Catholic?
How many Churches did Christ establish here? But how many are there?  Do you know how to know which is the right one?

Just a few little things that I like to do!  I mean we have to have a little fun!  But my favorite that I got like five kids on this week!  The kids come to the door and they are like my parents aren't home!  Oh that is okay but hey will you ask them when they will come back?  yeah sure! Then they run and ask their parents and it is always a good time!  

Cute kid helping a guy move paint on a Nacho Libre bike but his pants kept falling down!

Not many success stories as far as working this week but we did find some cool people that might have potential to progress!!  So this week I wanted to talk about the food because we had quite an interesting experience this week with food! 

So Tuesday was my first time eating chicharon y salsa verde! Chicharon is pig skin and it is kind of gross! Chicharon normal isn't bad kind of just like a chip but in salsa verde the best way I can describe it is like boogers!  It is bad!!  So then it was like okay that is fine!  I mean it happens and sometimes our food isn't the best!  So then we were suppose to eat with the bishops wife!  Well they have cameras outside of their house and so we sat there and rang and rang the doorbell so we finally call and she basicaly said you guys were suppose to come the week before (not true) so the food has ran out sorry elders!  I was kind of upset with here but I guess it is okay!  And then even later in the week we ate with someone who has the nickname the Sister Spicy because she always cooks us food that is so spicy!  Her food is almost the only type that makes me wanna cry at times!  It is really realy really hot!  Like you go to the bathroom and it is terrible!  It feels like someone has just set the inside of your body on fire!

Alright now a cool food thing!  It is called two for one tacos friday nights!  However many you buy gets doubled!  So for three dollars you can get a coke and ten tacos!  The deal of the century!  Every friday we go!  No wonder my pants are ripping on me!! 
Tacos 2X1

Needless to say we haven't had the best food experiences this last week but this week should be better!!  We are going to eat huaraches with the members tomorrow so I am so ready for that!

Now to answer your questions!  We teach usually around 30 lessons a week!  The goal is 40 but this week we taught 35 and that is a usual week!  But no not really anyone that has started to just blow us away!  We need to find people this week so we can baptize again before my kid's training is over!  But other than that nothing exciting to report sorry!!  

This weeks word is Comida or food  La comida esta samana fue un poquito chafa!  (According to google translate:  The food this week was a bit crappy.)

I love you have a good week!

Elder Orchard

Chile that was so good.  It had cheese in it and it was really good!

Pina colada that was amazing!!

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