Monday, March 23, 2015

We Are Already Starting to See Some Improvements

So this week was transfers week!  The good news is that I am still here!!  No surprise since they told me I wouldn't leave and because I am still training Elder Preciado!  However I did go to pick up the old assistant and bring him here!!  It is awesome being able to work in the same ward as him!!  I am already learning so much!  I take every chance to try and pick his brain!!  We are already starting to see some improvements!!  It is a complete change because the last companionship here didn't really work all that hard and so now that we have to sets of missionaries working hard we are starting to see some good changes!  The members are starting to want to help and we have really began to see everything change! We are FINALLY recieving some referenses or however you spell that sorry! I was terrible at spelling before and now I Speak less then 30 percent english during the week and so I am struggling writing home!  But that is good right?  Anyways we have already in just one short week have started to see changes in the ward!!  Except I ate chicharon again this week! That is the death of all american missionaries!  It is tough!!  I will try and get a picture of it next time we eat it!  Chicharon means gut ache and diarreah within about thirty minutes of the food!

Alright as far as really cool stories for this week we don't have much!  We are really struggling finding people to teach and finding people that are wanting to progress!  So this is where we are at right now!!  However there is one guy whose name is roberto!  He is the guy from the seafood!  Well he is basically a forever investigador however this week he came to church!!  Thanks to preach My Gospel we were able to commit him to coming to church!  I absolutly love Preach My Gospel!  I am so blessed to have President Stutznegger here!  He is putting a really big emphasis on PMG and so we have a lot of time to study!!  Well thanks to the principles that I learned in Preach My Gospel I commited him to coming to church!!  
Elder Smith who just went home
So we are having some success but we also have some things happen that I just can't believe!!  The other day we went to a Less active families house for an appointment that we had planned and called and confirmed!  So we show up and I knock on the door and we wait.  then I knock again!  Then I yell water to see if maybe something else will get them out of their house!  Well nothing!  (This family has a history of hiding from us).  So finally I went and knocked on the window and waited and waited.  Well part of the curtain was open and I could see in the house and all of them were just sitting at the table silently waiting for us to leave!  I was a little frustrated and so I yelled through the window, It is okay we will just come by a different day!  Have a good day!  That is somehting that happens a lot that I am kind of sick of!!  One thing that is funny however is that we have a little time system haha!  With the other missionaries when we establish somehing we establish it in american or mexican time.  If it is american time we establish it and that is it!  If it is mexican time we plan it thirty minutes in advance!  It is sad but it is very true that that is how people are!  
View of the city from the roof

This weeks word is Estrenar! It means like to break in or to make a debut!  Estamos estenando Elder Mafi aqui en paraiso!  We are breaking in Elder Mafi in ward paradise.
have a good week and I will talk to you all again next week!!  
Elder Orchard

Service project we did painting a house...again

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